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  1. This is the message that must be repeated over and over until it is truly heard. Thank you.
  2. Yes, sounds like the demise of hopes of social mobility for the lower classes. Some sort of substantial change is inevitable over the next century.
  3. None of this would have happened without Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There were always extremists, but never an algorithm to radicalise the majority of the population (including Trump-supporter cultists and anti-Trump-supporter cultists).
  4. A good point. This is why I try hard to use gender-neutral terminology when discussing these issues. What's the difference between the hardships experienced by, say, a very overweight woman or a very underconfident man? None that I can see. Everyone is just struggling to fulfil the infinite cravings of the body-mind.
  5. Nothing lasts forever. Human systems seem to last for a few years, decades, centuries or millennia. In geologic time, even a million years is not very long. In a more practical sense, there is a lot of not-nice things in the Catholic Church, and it has sustained for 1,700 years and counting. Yet the most dysfunctional political movements of the 20th century - Maoist China, Stalinism, etc. - all lasted decades at most.
  6. Questioning the limiting beliefs and being conscious of them is a big first step. The mind always wants to recreate what is familiar from the past, even if it is dysfunctional. It is terrified of the unknown. Neale Donald Walsch once suggested that you act before you think, rather than thinking before you act. Do what you need to do before you have a chance to think about it, as the mind will only sell you a story of unworthiness that will lead to inaction.
  7. If he were treated as a talented psychologist rather than a dubious messiah, his incomplete development would not be considered a problem.
  8. Best to pursue your own direct experience. There's no point trying to satisfy the mind's curiosity with more ideas and beliefs. Leo's insight mirrors that of many masters of bygone centuries.
  9. The speed of light is the limit of any object travelling through space. Indeed, any object with mass would require an infinite amount of energy to reach the speed of light, though some can come quite close. The speed of light varies depending on the medium it is passing through, though people usually refer to a vacuum when discussing the speed of light. The universe itself does not have any such speed limit, so the rate of expansion of the universe is much faster than the speed of light, and it is accelerating due to the unknown force of dark energy. It's long-term fate is unclear. Current scientific thinking predicts a 'heat death' where all energy is expended and all life ceases. Some spiritual texts predict that at some point the universe will begin a collapse before bouncing back as a new universe, like a very large lung breathing. There's no such thing as close to infinity. Something is either infinite or it's finite.
  10. G'day all, When I was studying, my teacher mentioned a study which claimed that the happiest age of a human lifetime is 4. But in trying to find a citation, I instead came up with studies showing happiness peaks mid-teens to early 20s, then reaches a low point at 47, before gradually rebounding to what may be an all-time high between about 65-79. (I presume some of this research excludes the early childhood group.) One factor is that juvenile and senior citizen age groups both involve ample quality time with friends. This point is also raised in deathbed studies, where one of the most common regrets of people at the end of their lifetimes is working too much, rather than spending more quality time with loved ones. Jordan Peterson has cited research suggesting that people are less happy after having children (though goes on to argue everyone should have children anyway, using confounding logic). Similarly, bills, boring careers, stress, financial pressures, material pursuits and so on help explain the low point of middle-aged misery. There's also the loss of youthful beauty that most people get attached to, without the carefree mindset that the elderly eventually obtain. Keeping life simple seems to be important, as well as time with friends and the absence of worrying about survival (yes, easier said than done). What western psychologists call 'mindfulness' is mentioned as a solution also. No doubt spiritual realisation would turn this entire paradigm on its head, but it is still worth keeping this research in mind when planning for practical purposes.
  11. The reality of it is missing out on a childhood, being a 'freak show', having to live up to absurd expectations and inevitably experiencing relationship dysfunction in adulthood.
  12. Many good and mature responses in this thread. I want to respond to the above titbit because I was a professional early childhood educator. We do not push any agenda regarding gender. When there are toys to play with or costumes to wear, we allow any child to play with any toy or wear any clothes with no judgement. Sometimes boys wear dresses or whatever and we see it for what it is: nothing. If there is an agenda, it is to remove the idea that 'boys do this and girls do that'. Let people be themselves and the world will be a substantially less fucked up place. It is true, however, that the majority of educators are female (97% in my country) and some of them would at least subtly attempt to push a weird leftist agenda. But this is not a reflection on the industry itself. More importantly, the feminism you speak of is some of the worst possible poison that you could consume. Some of them have experienced severe sexual abuse and have turned to activism rather than therapy in an attempt at healing. Others were merely raised in a culture of SJW entitlement and victimhood. As Leo has pointed out, this is not a reflection of the biological process behind attraction. I once knew a guy who was quite short, but he had the personality of a honey badger. He once saw a girl he was attracted to in a fast food restaurant, and her basically went up and asked her out, not even caring that she was with her female friends and said she already had a boyfriend. Last I heard, the now married couple had had their 3rd child I think, and he'd done well in his career, too. The point is that regardless of what bullshit discussions are on the internet, nothing is more important than having the right attitude.
  13. @dflores321 Keep doing what you're doing. It can help to keep in mind the perspective of the masters. Oneness is not a fleeting experience but a profound universal fact. That means that everyone has 'made it' but most of them are too addicted to the noise of the mind to be conscious of it now. Try that instead of the stories your mind may have about realisation being so rare and difficult.
  14. I believe it. Sky-high suicide rates for trans people is a statistic that speaks for itself. This is not the argument, it is the insanity of prioritising the 1% over the 99% then expecting to win elections (yes, the right does this to, but they at least pretend that their economic theories will benefit the whole). Issues like fair living wages, opposing corrupt lobbyist groups, safe working conditions, sustainable population growth (including immigration) and clean air affect the vast majority. A proper left-wing culture would place issues like these first. Yes, the far-right is uniquely militant. No effort is made to act in good faith, as the name of the game is winning at any cost. This is partly necessary as they do represent a minority who must compensate for their numbers with sheer aggression. They do, but in the process they form a very divided culture. For example, the feminist groups would want a woman as president regardless of policies on the myriad of complex issues. (All things being equal, I'd support this, but it does defy commonsense in practice.) Such voters would not want to support any male candidate. Again, we have a situation where the left has divorced itself from being sensible and reasonable, being too at war with itself to be compelling to an average person. Those who voted for Trump in the hope of bitch-slapping the left into being sane again have a valid grievance that sadly has still not been properly recognised by the mainstream.
  15. Keep in mind that the world is changing. I am noticing new meat-substitute products on the market all the time which has added heaps more variety to my diet, and future technologies like lab-grown meat is also on the way. The issues of animal cruelty and bovine methane emissions will mercifully be a thing of the past one day, but the next few decades will be a time of transition. Anyone who even engages with this issue on any level has my respect. Be true to yourself.
  16. You're probably in a good place if right-wing conformists accuse you of being leftist and left-wing conformists accuse you of being rightist. Hopefully more individuals will awaken out of the respective mobs in the coming years so energy can go towards making a sane world, rather than attacking our own neighbours. Regarding your other question, the likes of Eckhart and Rupert have to my knowledge never identified as leftist. However, Eckhart has frequently dismissed society as a product of the madness of the ego, citing examples such as genocide, environmental destruction, nuclear proliferation and so on. No doubt from this perspective, much of today's politics can be dismissed as noisy mobs of unconscious people functioning in ape mode. He once quoted Shakespeare, "It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,. Signifying nothing." And my favourite political commentator is actually Bill Maher, despite (or because of) his background as an atheist. He strives to improve both sides by pointing out their respective insanity.
  17. I can't do that, but I can put my hand up for acknowledging right wing views as being equally as bullshit as left wing views. Right wing: fundamentalist Christian cultism, pseudo-economic claims about tax cuts for the rich benefitting the poor, opposing abortion and then leaving the resulting children to rot due to lack of welfare, increasing reliance on conspiracy theories to defame opponents rather than offering comprehensible policies... Left wing: divisive identity politics, more interested in 'transgender bathroom rights' than genuine issues affecting average people, opposition to law enforcement, looting, cancel culture, intolerance for alternative viewpoints, entitlement to unlimited handouts without a source of funding... If people were able to control their emotions, genuinely want positive outcomes for all, function independently to the angry/stupid mobs on both sides and engage in nuanced thinking, the result would be something workable. That would be what I would call 'high consciousness' politics.
  18. How much control do people have over what they are attracted to? Is it based on political or ethical values?
  19. The problem is the tendency to judge parts of ourselves as negative, then attempt to suppress them. Michael Stevens has pointed out that the English language has more negative words and a richer vocabulary for describing negative experiences. There is probably no movie on the planet which does not contain scenes of something undesirable happening. The majority of musical genres expresses negative emotions (blues, rap, heavy metal, some pop, etc.) A.E. Fischer's studies into puppies showed that the strongest bonds with trainers formed following a random mix of negative and positive interactions. Jordan Peterson has cited studies showing that relationships are doomed to fail if they have too many negative interactions (1 in 5 or more from memory), but also doomed to fail if it does not have enough negative interactions (1 in 12 or less from memory). As for women not being attracted to men who are too agreeable... you know that one already. It has been said: if you cannot see God in the profane and the profound, you are missing half the picture. It's OK to grab a wine.
  20. According to Neale Donald Walsch, God says "suffering is unnecessary, unwise, and hazardous to your health."
  21. For sure; indeed, it would be crazy to disagree on this point as these traits are what actually define the movement. In the case of the more hardline right-wing communities, additional traits like authoritarianism and 'social dominance orientation' are substantial. However, what is less clear to me is what the genetic differences are between, say, stereotypical Californian leftist or an equivalent rural conservative from South Carolina. Keep in mind that 50% of a human's DNA is the same as a banana, well over 93-98% is the same as a chimpanzee, and ethnic differences between humans are negligible; in this case there are not even any ethnic differences at all. There are enormous differences in education, exposure to diversity, cultural identity and so on. But I would argue that biology has almost nothing to do with it. Anecdotally, I have known many young people from right-wing societies who go through a rebellious phase of caring about the environment, expressing concern for animal rights and so on, but eventually they fall into line and wind up succumbing to their childhood conditioning. (Even the Hippie movement of the '60s is a wide-spread example of this, considering where the Boomers ended up in later decades.) Another factor is epigenetics. My knowledge is extremely limited, but it does seem that the experiences of the parents has an effect on genes, even if the parent never met the child. My father had a traumatic childhood and ended up with narcissistic personality disorder, and then his eldest daughter also had NPD even though she experienced no such trauma. I speculate that this is an epigenetic consequence rather than a result of early childhood socialisation. I also have an uncle who I didn't see for many years. When we did reunite, it turned out that we had a crazy number of common traits, developed completely independently: vegetarianism, environmentalism, love of birds, etc. In addition to obviously having similar genes, we both were shaped by trauma; the Vietnam war in his case, and an ultra-dysfunctional immediate family in mine. Perhaps genes affects how we interpret experiences. In conclusion, many people are indeed psychologically doomed to remain closed-off to change. At the risk of being offensive, I'd say we have to wait for more Baby Boomers to pass away before we can get serious about caring for the environment in our politics. But this is almost entirely about child-raising, culture, peer pressure and other mental shenanigans. Genetically, we are all remarkably similar.
  22. Then who are you? A seeker working to find something of value in the future? You are already the Self.
  23. Closed-mindedness is definitionally a trait of conservatism - and appropriately so. But is there any evidence that people's biology determines their political views? I'd start with the nature vs. nurture debate before going any further.
  24. No news is good news. I sometimes check up on the failing New York Times as there's some quality journalism there, though be wary of the identity politics bias. You may have a local/community news source also. In my home state, The Age is sort of equivalent to NY Times. BBC can be good for international news. On YouTube, DW (German state media) is great, and do excellent documentaries also. Then there are specialist sources for topics that (IMO) should be much higher priority on mainstream news sources, ie the environment and renewable energy.