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  1. Michio Kaku has discussed the possibility of downloading knowledge or learning skills without having to learn them. It's something that may happen one day.
  2. I see everyone's on the edge of their seats for the season finale. Donald Trump - most entertaining president in history?
  3. I can recommend Deutsche Welle (the German state media). DW News - YouTube
  4. Normal people are lunatics, too. Ever seen what they do to each other or the animal kingdom?
  5. No thanks. They can put this where the sun don't shine.
  6. Personally I don't use much of it, and am able to do so in ways that do not cause me to hate half the population. But apparently millions of others don't have the same capability, so I stand by my remark.
  7. It's kind of ridiculous how much trouble is caused by the idea that 'something needs to happen'.
  8. @Javfly33 28th March, 1935 Questioner: How to know the ‘Real I’ as distinct from the ‘false I’. Ramana: Is there anyone who is not aware of himself? Each one knows, but yet does not know, the Self. A strange paradox. The Master added later, “If the enquiry is made whether mind exists, it will be found that mind does not exist. That is control of mind. Otherwise, if the mind is taken to exist and one seeks to control it, it amounts to mind controlling the mind, just like a thief turning out to be a policeman to catch the thief, i.e., himself. Mind persists in that way alone, but eludes itself.”
  9. This is true. Ramana Maharshi once likened the spiritual seeker to a police officer searching for a criminal, when the officer himself is the criminal. Once it is exposed that you are not that, the cat can stop chasing its tail.
  10. I believe India also has the world's largest conventional PV solar farm. I wish Australia would compete, though hard when we have a fossil fuel lobbyist for prime minister.
  11. I think this is the basis for the alt-right movement in general. It is a modernisation of racist rhetoric that was previously associated with toothless rednecks, now slickly presented with business suits and semi-intellectual discourse. Lipstick on a pig.
  12. We should not be fighting one another. We should be fighting the tech companies who make billions from fucking with our brains, and know very well what they are doing.
  13. They are censoring groups that they themselves created via their pro-extremism brain-hacking algorithms. Well-meaning people on all sides of politics are the victims here.
  14. @BipolarGrowth Very, very likely indeed. The only difference was that prehistoric peoples other animals never bothered posting any YouTube videos about their experiences.
  15. @Sempiternity That's a good point. Only problem is that every ingroup is convinced that every outgroup is Nazism. And they're probably right.
  16. Sounds like she lacks an adequate community and social network and has fallen into a pattern of depression. It isn't clear if the situation can be helped, but remember the importance of focusing on your own level of consciousness first and foremost.
  17. Definitely one problem we have had in recent years is 'not enough Donald Trump'.
  18. His views towards it changed over time and are subject to debate, but he seemed to later view Nazism as a religion in its own right. One thing to be aware of is that the framework of Christianity - judging reality as 'bad', then a great saviour arriving, hell for 'bad people', a final solution and an eternal paradise for the chosen people - was essentially the foundation of Nazism itself. It added white supremacy elements to Christianity to create Positive Christianity, which bears a strong resemblance to modern day Christian Identity.
  19. Best to eliminate any chaos in your inner world, as that's in your control. I've singled out the environment as the biggest issue and have done a whole bunch of stuff, investing in renewables, etc. The fossil fuel lobby is my nemesis. I'll keep doing what I'm doing. But if peace is needed, question that same 'I' and let it vanish.
  20. Tech will always be weaponised first - as happened with aeroplanes, nuclear, internet and even social media (propaganda). The prospect for vertical farming at home and food/water independence is enticing, though not sure what I'll see in my lifetime.
  21. The main lesson to learn is this: people use relationships to cover up underlying feelings of depression or unfulfillment. A relationship brings an initial euphoria of salvation, before the underlying pain starts to bubble up again. It then appears that your partner is to blame for making you unhappy and fighting ensues, then either the demise of the relationship (so the cycle can repeat again with another partner) or leading to some sort of love-hate pattern of dysfunction. If you do not want to suffer, tackling depression with a relationship will unfortunately only cause you more pain. Consider being 100% truthful with any high quality family/friends already in your life, or seek like-minded communities where you can experience this openness. When you don't need a relationship, the relationship that comes will be far higher quality. (Think 'secure attachment' in attachment theory.)
  22. That is one area where comparing Trump and Hitler is actually legitimate. There will likely be some reforms at a number of levels.
  23. No one has yet mentioned: Trump managed to make politics edge-of-seat interesting, increasing engagement and involving a wider variety of people in US politics. Then again, the reverse will likely happen as we move into a 'sleepy' era.