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  1. Youtube does not let this one embed? I find this recent interview with David Fravor by Lex Fridman to have better questions then the Joe Rogan interview.
  2. I tried to understand what it actually is for a while, despite the typical non duality "don't think about" thing. It seems to be( like others have said before) an undoing of hypnosis that thought is me and that, in turn, makes all thoughts less bothersome.
  3. I guess the word hate is used less seriously and more for clickbate here. His view of socialism is quite funny though.
  4. Of all the topics I would chose for my first post on this forum. I would like to add even more weight to what was posted by others here since I have a bit of experience trying to understand conspiracies, but more importantly the people involved with them. Over the last few years I've gone over i guess most of them, though the political ones were always boring and I tried to find people who at least seemed to be open minded and not just into "other bad". What I found is that the ones who are serious about understanding what is "going on" and not just fixate on one thing end up concluding that fear is the only problem and that finding ways to minimize it is the only real response to these ways of thinking. Some, even sort of get to non duality in a weird roundabout way. It definitely comes back to love and this forum is the best when it comes to understanding love.