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  1. Can it be that those at green or higher with these abilities would simply not care about the prize money from demonstrating and even avoid the fame/notoriety? Makes a lot of sense. This, I think, especially now after watching a few more clips of one of the gentlemen I linked to earlier, he comes across as a self realized non dual teacher and a good one at that.
  2. Yeah video is no evidence, though specifically with this TK and chi stuff it can look very convincing. Here's a few more with good cameras. It doesn't help, however, that there's that magician feel to them and that they both call them selves master. What gets me curious are the small details like the balloon contracting slightly, or the heat shimmers. I'm open minded, but I especially these sort of bend my view about reality a bit too much. Only if I meet someone doing it or learn to do it myself. They claim that everyone can do this. Bit of sound warning on this one: There are a few more, but I don't want to spam. Also I think magus of Java can give results and there are a few Russian clips that I can't find right now.
  3. Practice, work and study that aims to increase ones honesty with ones self about what you actually are and are not.
  4. I had to ride the buss often during that time and used it exactly for this. The somewhat violent and partly unexpected movements of the body work great as contrast. Leaning a little in different directions when meditating does work some times, but, as you write, it is more difficult when physically still. Did not consider to check position and distance in this same way, but it does follow naturally. It's this consistency of experience and its interpretations that makes it necessary to rediscover this again and again. Definitely not there at that point of recognition.
  5. Yes, this realization had huge impact on self inquiry for me as it's easy to confirm.
  6. I was able to work through depersonalization with help of a therapist. During that time I also read/listened to a few authors mentioned in this thread. I suggest to check if it's possible to find a therapist that specializes in trauma. The one that helped me only had partial training and focus on trauma specifically yet still it worked, however. Be easy on yourself and know that recovery is possible.
  7. Very grateful that this forum has policy against conspiracy theories(as these are at the very least lazy defense mechanisms) yet at the same time is open to having discussions like these. Not easy to find. I think this topic is very important exactly because it challenges all types of dogma and world views.
  8. @Javfly33 A bit more on direct experience of what's right here. Really recommend to watch a few clips by Fred if you haven't before.
  9. Advances in technology and scientific pursuit accidentally causing Samadhi.
  10. Why We Suffer saved my life. I spent years meditating, then a few years in therapy with slow progress, then I found that blog. It's kinda weird, I intended to post more about it and now when I am more active it's mentioned. Peter Michaelson maps the subconscious and at the same time provides the tools that make applying conscious awareness to those twisted parts of the mind quite straight forward. I most definitely recommend to read a few articles of his for shadow work, though I didn't really call it that way, I can understand that that is exactly what he helps with. The concept of inner conflict is very useful. I think this article about meditation is a good start as it contrasts meditation with depth psychology and has a few links to some of his best pointers.
  11. Yeah, it would be great if the whole planet would, instantly, get bumped up to Tier 2 and equivalent ego development level. Like that great awakening(?) thing some talk about.
  12. Alan Watts talked about holy to mean whole, I don't recall which talk as there are so many, and from what I remember even said that a complete "person" would be scary as there would be no disowned aspects of humanity. Being on the way to that level or close, I'm not saying I think Leo is holy , I can't tell stuff like that. Eckhart Tolle also gives examples of zen masters being very stern yet loving at the same time when appropriate or needed.
  13. Youtube does not let this one embed? I find this recent interview with David Fravor by Lex Fridman to have better questions then the Joe Rogan interview.
  14. I tried to understand what it actually is for a while, despite the typical non duality "don't think about" thing. It seems to be( like others have said before) an undoing of hypnosis that thought is me and that, in turn, makes all thoughts less bothersome.
  15. I guess the word hate is used less seriously and more for clickbate here. His view of socialism is quite funny though.