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  1. I wish I was made to do chores as a kid. I would have had more discipline as a kid.
  2. The video that made me realize being an anti-sjw was foolish. Shaun is pretty stage green. It might be my favorite Contrapoints video to date. I like that Natalie seeks to understand things. Stage green I think is the appropriate stage for this video. I'm not sure if there's a tinge of yellow. I could be wrong. It's at least stage green.
  3. Even though the Christian was being foolish, the Mario is real point was interesting in the Amazing Atheist video (although they contradicted it later). I think it was Leo's intelligence video he talked about Mario 64 and the way it was real. Not physically, but it's a game that exists and the 3d models and physics exist inside it. I'm wondering if that's what the person met. I've had the immaturity of the Christian and later the Amazing Atheist in that video before watching actualized.org. I can empathize with both even though they're both naive. Armored Skeptic is very stage orange rational too.
  4. I'm not sure if possible red, but it seems blue.
  5. I found it to a pretty interesting video on Gaddafi. Here's another example of chaos caused by a dictator's fall. He was brutal, but helped the country with some things. He has a lot of red.
  6. Everything being homogenized and living in a society where I fear of being myself or anything that can cause it. I think this why I have a stage blue shadow.
  7. Actually just watching Leo's Stage Red video, Dante definitely has some red aspects. Not to the point of someone like Kratos, but still.
  8. Yeah that was my bad. I should have read between the lines a little more.
  9. Ok I get what he's saying. I also forgot to say he said they tend to believe in conspiracy theories too. It's true to an extent. A lot of right people can be superstitious. One person I can think of who doesn't seem right wing, but has been spouting conspiracy theories is Ralph Smart. Specifically about Covid 19 and masks. He supports BLM I think. Does Ralph have some stage orange or is it just me? He seems to come off as a libertarian at times when it comes to the covid conspiracy stuff.
  10. Would Dante from the Devil May Cry series be considered stage orange? He's coolish? He's a show off and is witty with quips. Can we do fictional examples as well or does it have to be real life?
  11. Political videos tend not to be interpreted very charitably (I know this video is going to be upheld by centrists as evidence I’ve “gone full Antifa” and by leftists that I’m a closet centrist) so I’d better state unambiguously what I think. The character Tabby represents a lot of what I think is wrong about leftist strategy: the indifference to optics, the undisguised hostility to the ideologically impure, the sectarian nitpicking, the alternation between extreme optimism (“a communist revolution can happen in the United States and it will go well if it does”) and extreme pessimism (“neoliberal propaganda has so tight a grip on the general public that why should we even bother trying to appeal to them?”), the blurring of lines between recognizing the necessity of violence in certain situations and the aesthetic celebration of violence as an end in itself. Nevertheless I try to represent Tabby with some sympathy, and anticipate that my viewers will like her—my audience is at least 95% trans Antifa cat girls, but I hope that doesn’t prevent them from thinking about the critique. The character Justine is a mouthpiece for a lot of my complaints about the left, and the recipient of some leftist criticisms of me (“you go to brunch with these people?”), but I chose not to represent her as an attractive alternative. She’s complacent, frivolous, and ineffective, full of derision for the way other leftists do things but not contributing much for her own part either. When a fascist comes knocking on the door it’s better to have Tabby there than Justine. To see if Justine can put her money where her mouth is we’d have to see what speech she delivers following the fascist speech. This YouTube channel is effectively my attempt to make that speech, and I can’t be the one who judges how successful it is. That's her comment on the video. It's green criticizing the more excessive aspects of it.
  12. For whatever reason you weren't quoted in my last post. I thought I did quote you.
  13. I have some ambivalence to Vaush. He does some good research, but also has toxic aspects. His edginess is a double edged sword. It gets some younger people on board because they find him hilarious and entertaining. The downside is he's made jokes and sometimes serious statements that are generalizations. I think he's called all conservatives pedophiles even though he was joking. It sort of contradicts his value of optics when he says things like that. On one of his streams, he straw manned pagans and people who believe in astrology on one of his phone streams. Some people in his chat argued with him that many witches tend to be left leaning. There are right wing pagans for sure. That was probably one of his worst takes. I debated myself about making that a thread. He has toxic green in some areas and toxic orange in other areas. I could probably make a thread about him. There are good and bad things to talk about.