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  1. I can sort of answer the middle 2 questions from personal experience. I'll try answering my best about the other 2. I said sort of. I used to be an anti-theist because I had a massive problem with some morals about Christianity. I also used to be a Christian. Persecution of witches, homophobia, Paul being alright with slavery, and Paul saying stuff about women being obedient to men. There were other things I hated. I don't remember the exact specifics. I remember trying to look for things that were evil about the Bible and started having a more negative view towards it. I started watching Atheist Youtubers like The Amazing Atheist, DarkMatter2525, Thunderf00t, and Armored Skeptic. I started having negative views on Islam and Judaism as well. Oddly, I wasn't hateful towards the eastern religions. Back to Judaism specifically, I remember moments where I was anti-semitic and was looking positively towards Nazis a little. Being queer and learning that I am part Jewish ethnically later on in life, I realized I was being a fool. These 2 paragraphs are why I was against religion. Why an anti-theist is against God so much is because of the associations with God that they've saw from religious people. Rigidness, judgemental, dogmatic, etc. Another reason is their reasoning for bad things happening to innocent people from their perspective. That last sentence is making me think of the professor from God's Not Dead. Weird thing is I loved that movie so much as a Christian, then hated it as an anti-theist. Now it's just fun to analyze. In some sense, there are actually people like that professor even though I think God's Not Dead is probably propaganda. I think many anti-theists have come from families or areas where people are more conservative. They start to have a negative downward spiral like I did when they learn about the limits of stage blue religion assuming this is unhealthy orange. This is both God and religion they have a negative feeling of. Reasons for hating God and religion can overlap. The arrogance thing could be a defense mechanism and hatred. They really want to dunk on religion because of emotional pain and they feel like it causes many of the world's problems. That's at least what I think was going on with me. I think the against learning with drugs thing is that it's unfathomable to think about the non physical being real when they haven't explored or experienced that possibility. Also drugs have had a bad reputation of destroying people's lives even psychedelics. The hatred of God and religion are probably reasons too depending on the person. I think hippies are another reason why drugs have a bad reputation. I don't only mean the stereotypical looking ones either. They did too, but I'm also talking about today. They look at JP Sears, and Ralph Smart being anti-vax and making a big deal of David Icke being banned which are 2 opinions that make you look nuts to the general public. They might associate new age people as conspiracy lunatics therefore associating psychedelic spirituality as delusional.
  2. https://www.dictionary.com/e/gender-sexuality/genderfuck/ Genderfuck is a gender expression that intentionally fucks with gender norms. I think stage green is the best fit.
  3. An intersex person talking about the surgeries they had to take without consent. I think this is stage green.
  4. It's not. For most people, their romantic and sexual orientation is the same, but there are people who are cross oriented. Alloromantic asexuals and allosexual aromantics are the most common. I have heard of cross oriented allosexual and alloromantic people as well. Allo meaning to opposite of A when it comes to orientations just in case someone reads this and didn't watch to video. Luxander went on a rant about people being against the term bi/pan lesbians. One of their reasons is that it's bisexual and pansexual women that only want to date women. That's an example. There's also bisexual heteroromantic people too. If I had to guess, I'm pansexual aromantic myself. You could say I'm technically grayasexual because of my lack of caring to get laid since there's a label for that too therefore I'd technically be on the spectrum. I'd still say there's a difference between feeling that someone's hot and wanting to be in a romantic relationship with them considering I felt indifferent to the latter. People still get me horny although I'm confused why incels are so mad that they're not getting laid. I find incels unintentionally funny honestly. Nah. Aromantic relationships you could say that for. They're called queerplatonic relationships, but yeah they're a different type of friendship basically. I don't find this to be hard to grasp at all.
  5. The thing is that so many people are still unaware of the bad stuff Trump does even though he's done obvious things like interfere with USPS or send federal police into Portland or call Covid-19 a democratic hoax. I personally know family members and other people like this. Here's a hot take. There might need to be something so more disastrous to happen because some people can't learn the easy way. It's not a guarantee, but it's possible. I feel like the deaths Covid-19, the eviction crisis, and the violence on protestors are worth it if it keeps Trump from getting elected or if it helps society progress. It's possible that it might not be enough. I don't think I'm exaggerating. When progressives aren't pragmatic, it's irritating since it makes the rest of us look bad. There's the not voting for Biden over Trump thing too of course. I find Bernie or Busters irritating in general. I don't look upon voting green party kindly. It's more kindly than voting Trump, but not by much. What Bernie or Busters and 2020 Trump voters have in common is caring about sticking to their ideals rather than wanting to fix anything. They say they want things to get better even though their actions say otherwise.
  6. Stage green video. It's an interesting video because there are flaws, but also some truths as well. I agree with him Daniel Torres on BLM being successful and many of the most successful movements against injustice and/or reactionaries were black. He might even be correct on the made for white people thing that he said. I have no idea about that last sentence. I think there's some truth to it. He is right that only white people dominating BreadTube is not effective as having a mix of races. You need both the privileged and the minorities. You need the privileged sticking up for you because can have more power than you affecting change in certain areas. You need the minorities being figures because you get perspective. You also have Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Blaire White (though she's not as far right as the other 2), etc using their minority status to prove stage blue and stage orange talking points. If you don't have minority figures, you don't have minorities countering their arguments. It will look like a bunch of privileged people telling people how to behave to centrists and conservatives if we don't have minority voices. Daniel Torres is so right about Breadtube needing more minority figures as in race specifically. I disagree with Contrapoints though. Yes Contrapoints's appeal is different than what Daniel Torres thinks is effective, but making content like Contrapoints did has been effective of moving people up into the stage/orange green area. She's someone who's integrated stage orange well which many leftists lack. She's ranked 21 on Patreon and has several videos with a couple million views at the time of writing. That helps her make videos which help her influence many people. She's not mainstream, but has helped at least a bit evolving people up. She's also somebody who realizes some limits in stage green which I admit a lot of other Breadtubers don't seem to understand. She doesn't have as much influence as BLM, but still. I'm not saying she's flawless, but she's the most effective Breadtuber. I forgot which podcast or podcast episode it was, but Contrapoints even said that when she went to debate Sargon, her motive wasn't to win. It was to get people to know who she is and her political views. She said something like that. She understands that Sargon and much of his audience won't be influenced. I disagree with him on other Breadtubers being effective on winning people over. Hbomberguy is probably the person responsible for getting Breatube on the map when he made fun of Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen. He wasn't moralizing. He just simply made fun of right wingers being unreasonable. He hasn't been doing it lately though. Vaush I think hurts Breadtube sometimes because of some of the stuff he says, but his edginess is effective in bringing some people in. Shaun helped me start entering stage green simply because he showed people lying or being massively uniformed about Anita Sarkeesian. Shaun is also a double edged sword since he was a Bernie or Buster. He also has dry delivery so it might not be for everyone. Effective in their own ways with flaws. I can't say much for Chappo Trap House since I haven't listened to their podcast, but I'm sure their popularity does help with change. I'm bringing Patreon up again. They're ranked 2 at the time of writing. I do agree with him that having both media influence and action will be better for affecting change. The thing is that media influence and action needs to be done the right way and at the right time under the right circumstances. By this I mean where society is at in development. People also will be more effective in what they specialize. Doing stuff outside of YouTube definitely helps. He's seems to be stage green politically. He doesn't seem to see how helpful YouTube is and can be, but he does highlight flaws about BreadTube.
  7. I'm really starting to change my mind on JP Sears. He's not tier 2 at all. I think he has a mix of orange and green. It's understandable considering how corrupt the medical industry is and that Microsoft also isn't exactly great either. I don't think he sees the big picture the more videos I have seen. I thought he did when I posted his video about vegans in 2020 on the stage green thread which he was making fun of vegans though. I already regret saying he might be tier 2. I know it's a long video, but this is what made me want to talk about JP here. Brian Rose especially feels at least partially stage orange mentioning the leftist agenda a few times. Rose mentioned ayahuasca retreats the way he did towards the end of the video so not completely orange. Candace Owens and David Icke though. I don't trust Brian Rose to be honest if he's defending both of them. JP and Brian don't get the big picture about the what's going on. I feel like people who are super pro free speech don't see the big picture in general. By super pro free speech people I mean the people who complain when videos get taken down when they violate the terms of service. @Rilles Yeah you were right. JP Sears is nowhere near tier 2.
  8. I'd say for the most part the vampire community is stage orange. There are 2 parts that I could say have aspects of stage red explained in the video. Tradional Psychic Vampires and Sanguinarians. TPV because of being selfish with draining people's energy. Sanguinarians not really because of being selfish, but just drinking blood. He didn't mention blood donors in the video which I also hear are part of the community. I'm not sure where they'd be.
  9. The video title, channel title, voice used, and some affirmations used in the video are unintentionally hilarious. The thing is that some of these affirmations are quite decent. So it's a somewhat positive example or orange with certain aspects of blue and maybe red. I'm not sure about that last one.
  10. http://www.antisex.info/en/go.htm I was clicking on links on the asexuality wiki. Oh boy is antisexualism blue. This group I think is antiromantic too. I would consider this partially stage orange for the tech idealism. I'd say a little green because of environventalism, but only in the same way eco fascists are a little green. The page comes off this way at least. http://wiki.asexuality.org/Antisexual Asexuals and antisexuals are not the same. A lot of open asexuals tend to have stage green aspects. The link explains beliefs of antisexuals and why AVEN broke off from anti sexuals.
  11. Part of BDSM is green and I think other aspects can be orange or red. Non sexual BDSM does exist too. I say BDSM is partially green because it can involve intimacy even non sexual BDSM.
  12. Polyamory seems like a stage green thing to me. Relationship Anarchy is stage green.
  13. I think the recognition of asexual and aromantic people is stage green.
  14. True that does make sense. I think I jumped the gun on that one. Some of his criticisms in the video do have a point which is why I thought that. He seemed to understand that people needed needs met before that start caring about animal activism. I do think some of JP's other videos can be used to weaponize against stage green, which is why I had that thought on his other videos. Yeah he probably has aspects of orange. I also think he comes off as stage orange in some of those videos. The video that made me doubt he's stage orange is him making fun of Atheism. At least I think he is. I will have to watch many more videos of his to see where he's at on the spiral. I really can't tell.
  15. The fact that speedrun culture is stage orange because it's focused on achievement and also the Tony Hawk series because of the high scores and skate culture having orange aspects. Character Action games like DMC, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden, etc are a mix of orange and red. Orange because of the stylish action, scores, and achievements. Red because of the violence. You only need the watch the first 2 minutes of the video to get the point. Speedrun Tournaments and trying to make announcements sounding epic. I'd say ISGP is stage orange in general although I think the hosts themselves are left leaning in their politics at least. Crystal Fissure(one of the hosts) hates the WWE and Vince McMahon because of the treatment of the wrestlers. The groups in round 2 were also named after names of New Japan wrestlers. New Japan, WWE, and other wrestling organizations do have red aspects, but the showmanship is orange.