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  1. As @Tanz says, it does, motivates me to be far more altruistic and understanding. I've never heard of that, could you please elaborate? Is it somewhat related to body awareness meditation?
  2. Hi there! love to see such an engaged comunity For any of you guys that experiment with 5 meo dmt, I'd like to know how you normally deal with fear before the session. I happen to become quite nervous (mix of excitement and fear). Sometimes I just overcome it, and I happily see the results. It transformed my point of view of life, completely. I feel like I'm progressing a lot with it, and I am really thankful. Finally Leos videos start to make more and more sense, and I was completely sceptict about this guy. Yet I have a bit of confusion about doing weekly 5 meo dmt. I see that if I continue this path, eventually enlightenment can happen. However, I don't want to force my body to something that its not prepared for, yet. I currently have done a total of 5 dosages in the last 1 month and a half. 3 of them were just... amazing. No words can explain that, being one with the universe is such a terrifying and beautiful experience. So, whoever that has done this weekly rythm of dosages, what are your tips for sane progressing? Is my body telling that I should stop for a while the dosing, or rather it's the ego trying to protect itself? Maybe both? I write this in hopes the answers will provide useful value to anybody like me that follows this concrete path.