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  1. @Julian Fernando Thanks for the response man! I've realized that it's ridiculous to think that there's only one girl out there for me—I don't necessarily even know if I want a relationship with this girl. It's just so hard to know that such a good connection may not come to fruition and could go away. I know the key is to let go, and I try, but it's hard to put into practice. Which practices (other than general meditation) have helped you with "letting go"?
  2. I've been producing music for a few years now, and I notice that the songs that get done do so almost accidentally... If i'm feeling a song, I'll keep working on it and eventually finish. But that's not sustainable, so I've been looking for ways to force myself to finish more music. I've started setting myself deadlines by telling friends that I have to send them a song by a certain data and, if I don't, I'll venmo them each $10. External motivation helps a ton, so if you're serious about it, I'd recommend that.
  3. I'm 21 and am currently attending university. I haven't had a relationship since high school, but I finally met a girl with whom I hit things off this past March. We hadn't been talking for long, but had an unexplainably strong connection. We could talk about anything, always had a great time together, and eventually had sex (my first time). When summer came around, things kind of fizzled as she lives in Nevada and I live in Alabama. We talked about seeing each other when we get back in the fall, but we've hardly spoken since. I can't stop thinking about this girl and am making myself miserable thinking that things might not work out when we get back. I find it impossible to let go of the situation and just be patient. What should I be doing in the meantime for myself and to give us the best chance possible?