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  1. He leads with Ti. Chomsky is a concrete guy. He doesn't like continental philosophy, as he said on the video you posted. Ni is all about the abstract. The meaning behind phenomena--what makes an apple fall from a tree? Hmm, must be gravity. What could be done with this and that, assuming that this and that are finite forms, and could always be improved upon/at least hiding unknown things behind it? Chomsky doesn't talk about these things, I mean he never had any Ni insights about 9/11 or Obama's presidency or even the Trump presidency. He's all about the concrete facts, the structure of things and truth as it correlates to what people do in positions of power (Ti+Ne).
  2. Chomsky's an INTP. The man is no strategist and planner.
  3. What do I wanna do? I wanna learn, research, and thrive. Life is suffering and none of us can escape this. I need to believe in good again. The mystery of love - the source of all balance and joy in the world. About to delete this soon... Rationality and psychoanalytic theory. Human behavior - the definition of a human being, the way we'd classify and identify what a lion or a cheetah is The human condition - the poignancy, meaning, and suffering of life Music is powerful, if you can escape the fatigue of listening to sound
  4. Nothing lasts. Panta-rhei: "everything flows"
  5. Psycho:
  6. Mastery > tribe > belonging (??) What did Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron have in common? They were all sorted to Gryffindor. What creates a tribe? The topic of self-sufficiency
  7. All of human life was and will always be spent squaring the circle. There's no other way and there never will be.
  8. Creating a blueprint for my actions / how I would like to navigate the world in general. I'm an And
  9. So It Goes: (published by Franklin Watts)
  10. Cluster B personality disorders lie. How do you know - their mouths are moving. - Vaknin Aka pathological lying
  11. Self-efficaciousness, mental and physical well-being, resilience ^ Psychopathology Colorful, fascinating, even appealing "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." No doubt about it. "squaring of the circle" I think in general means order in chaos (circle is everlasting and lacking in sides, hence no capacity for categorizing whatever may be inside) square the circle = to solve, or attempt to solve, an impossible (or seemingly impossible) problem or situation. ( Amazing. So squaring the circle, this particular concept, has a lot to tell us about the nature of life on this planet. "attempting to solve the impossible" = imposing order on a chaotic environment The world is chaotic, because it's composed of opposites (light and dark, love and hate, good and evil, sound and silence) and uncertainty. Humans create order as a means of survival. Otherwise the world will go into utter horrific madness. But we are not in control, and this is the truth of life. So somehow we could say that everyday, we are perpetually attempting to "square the circle". But what's inside the circle?
  12. No Empathy: (Identifying and (not) dealing with cluster B personality disorders)
  13. Life goal: I want to get into reading Why? I am naturally inclined to learn and actually enjoy knowing about new things / things in general ^Sam Vaknin's trifecta of fiction "portraying the totality of human psychology" (paraphrased) Researching, writing: - Underlining things (Joseph Campbell) - Color-coded notecard system (Robert Greene)
  14. Life is a battleground, like Jung said. No other way around it. Nonduality lies in the innermost state of things, but I'm agnostic about it. DMT couldn't save starving children in Africa, oppressed people in wartime conditions, people extorted by psychopaths and narcissists. Love could... perhaps save us from fear. But what is love? Is it more than an ache in the heart? How do we keep that love inside of us all the time?
  15. Life is meaningless. Love isn't.
  16. Ni Ti Fi Te (Se-Fi) Se Ne? More to come What is Ne? Ti-Ne= kant How the heck does one get started with kant?
  17. Leo's not a psychopath. Just take a look at his facial expressions, the dude seems like an emotional guy. There sure are a lot of psychopaths and narcissists on YouTube, but he doesn't strike me as one, at least not in a full-fledged way. Contrast his face to the one by the convicted gang leader/killer in the "shakedown in Santa fe" documentary - it's quite chilling tbh. That dude lacked affect (emotionality) when mentioning the murders alleged to him at the time.
  18. Psychopathology is appealing because these people tend to be confident.
  19. Socratic method maybe
  20. Go full steam at your target, but NEVER disregard your heart and mind. "Always work on the hearts and minds of others" - Robert Greene Sad to say but emotions govern life much more than reason does. Reason belongs in books and action, but not in the trajectory of our lives - which is utterly unreasonable.
  21. I will not be distracted by the evil (in me and others). McKenna - subversion. Martin Butler - understanding, focus, reason.
  22. Ideology is in itself an evil. I know that I myself could sometimes be easily drawn to creating ideologies around what I stand for. Also, my lack of responsibility = it's probably careless. Not evil, but careless. Perhaps not loving myself is an evil though. Courage is good. Assertiveness is good, as long as it's not crazy / aggressive. But yea, responsibility is a part of the path, if we're to call anything as that. Clarity itself is a good. Entitlement is not. Really, the path will come to those who want to take it. And by no means is it an easy path. Perhaps this "path" is something that inherently reflects a fundamental nature of the human spirit... if such thing exists at all. The path of good- honest, open, caring, kind, truthful, strong, courageous. Elements include integration, individuation, constant knowledge really. All knowledge. That's what sets it apart from everything else. The archetype of the good man is not unfamiliar to the basic instincts of the human being. It's integrative, rather than avoidant, because integration is closer to transcendence than anything else. Transcendence is a strong word - but who's limiting us really?
  23. The only way to defeat evil is to integrate it. It's a bottomless pit, so be careful. It also might be better not to look into the abyss alone. Or is it? Is man powerful enough not to be consumed by evil? Headspace might be the answer, baby
  24. Consumed by life's pain and evils - psychosis? Is psychosis the true abyss? Sam Vaknin seems to think so. Psychopathology is better looking so society rewards them. To the individuals, don't just be a bystander. Stand up to the evil, stand up to injustice. It's not black and white - depends on the situation. But evil is evil. Evil must be contained, or it will contaminate you. The human mind is a maze. Find yourself. Know yourself. Be yourself.