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  1. @Danioover9000 It was awesome. I lost track of the time; before I knew it, the film was over. It carries a balance all throughout that holds interest, from the cinematography to the editing and pacing. It manages to execute a delivery of a harsh topic without excess, with Hitchcock degrees of suspense in some points. I consider it tastefully done, especially given the budget. Shy of over 10 million dollars, sweat equity made up for any financial gaps and it showed. And it being a true story is the cherry on top as well, with probably the more real portrayals of what criminals of this category actually do, making it educational for people with kids. The boy and girl that Tim Ballard saved are now adults and we may see them talk about their experience someday, which I hope they do. If you watch it and come back to the media's reaction to it, you may scratch your head wondering what they're talking about, because the film is just a bare-bone, story-driven script, with characters with no talk of a political nature. The core focus is found solely on the safety and prioritization of the victims. At the end of the movie, Jim Caviezel provides a closing statement and asks to support the movie and donate a ticket. There were rows of people with their phones out to scan the QR code, and something about the lights of their phones adorning the dark of the theater was inspiring. Of all movies made today, this, in my sincere opinion, is one worth watching, one worth talking about. In our self-work, we will seldom find better parts of ourselves to heal than what was harmed in childhood, that remained harmed well into adulthood. Look around you. This world lacks awareness of the child Self, and so it further neglects the children of the present state. We talk so much about awareness. This movie promotes that with nothing short of love. As a film buff, I highly recommend it.
  2. @Robi Steel If a person discusses political and U.S. presidential affairs outside the context that they are red herrings -- and especially if they have criticisms reserved for any U.S. president, i.e. taking U.S. presidencies seriously -- they most often know nothing about it. There are few exceptions for those who work directly in politics and economics, generally, as it is their work. One can be brilliant and have not a single idea what's really going on. You'd need years of personal, free time, isolation and many concentrated hours of research required to find out, and you wouldn't want to anyways. You'll wish you just lived your life and pursued your unique desires. What awaits finding out is dread, but if you can get past that, God is there. All that said, it won't be easy to find politically 'awakened' individuals anywhere, including this forum, because to be 'awake' or adept politically is still residing in the same carousel of red herrings. The difference is in seeing the red herrings, past them, and then into the evil that sets them. It's only then that you can truly distinguish the good from the bad in our infrastructure surrounding politics, where we're going as a society, our affairs on the way there, and not have to guess at it.