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  1. My guesses: - social media replacing a healthy social life - binging on virtual entertainment - mercury in vaccines till 2003 - toxicity in general - standard american diet - urbanization (lack of contact with nature) - lack of movement
  2. There is a lot of controversy about MDMAs neurotoxicity.
  3. @Leo Gura Figured the same. It seems the words have the same root meaning, but over time got applied for slightly different.
  4. Right now I contemplate the meaning of ethic and morality. Before, I tried to find a accurate definition of these words. To learn what they mean. Searching online, I found conflicting definitions. Ethics seems to be a branch of philosophy, but also in a more general sense the rules of conduct resulting from a worldview (e.g. religion) Morality is most often defined as a set of rules and values, that a society inherits. But what about personal morality? What about the rules and values of a single person? How do you define and separate these terms?
  5. Thanks for the advice. After coming across these terms in literature I wanted to make sense of their meaning and their area of application.
  6. For geopolitics/grand strategy/military conflicts I recommend you this yt channel
  7. @Eternal Unity Thanks for your answer. It would take a lot of mental effort to really make your own original rules.
  8. @Leo Gura Cholesterol is not bad by itself. Everybody should have some.
  9. Definition from Psychonaut Wiki : "Psychedelic" derives from the Greek words ψυχή (psyche, "soul, mind") and δηλείν (delein, "to manifest") which taken together mean "mind-manifesting" or "soul-manifesting." The implication was that psychedelics can allow one to access the soul and develop unused potentials of the human mind. By that definition would you classify cannabis as a psychedelic? If you define drug categories by how they affect brain chemistry, THC would fall into the category of cannabinoids.
  10. @ThePoint I would not say pointless. For severely toxic people they may be harmful. Cutler himself warned against them and suggested hair mineral tests. There are adverse reports of taking large doses of chelators at once. Another thing to consider is, that D chelators do not enter cells and organs. So you might have a mercury ladden brain from an exposure in the past, but the challenge test shows little mercury. I heard that the Tri-Test from Quicksilver Scientific is better And of course the hair mineral analysis Cutler suggested, but you have to learn to interpret them
  11. Hello everyone, At the moment I'm very hesitant about continuing new rounds, because the after-effects of them are really debilitating for me. I am chelating for almost two and a half years, doing 83 rounds and using 5-7mg of chelators (ALA or DMPS) at the moment. This spring, it felt like the dump phase finally started to lift, but in the summer my condition slowly got worse again. Over all some pre-chelation symptoms did reduce ore even recede, so I have some progress. Because of a bad ALA round, I took a break of one month in August. After some time, I was feeling stable enough to have a decent quality of life. Because of the especially nasty mental side effects of using ALA, I stopped it for now. But even with DMPS I feel bad when I do regular rounds. Eventually I want to complete chelation and detox all the mercury left in my brain. But right now I want to be somewhat productive in my life and continue to improve like in the spring. For example I'm in the midst of the Life Purpose Course. The aftermaths of the chelation rounds put a hold to my productivity. I feel mentally troubled after them. I feel agitated, restless and depressed. These symptoms are like jamming frequencies, that stop me from being motivated, inspired and concentrated. What are your opinions. Should I stop chelating and work on my life? Or should I concentrate on chelating until this debilitation ceases and I can work effectively on myself? This all sounds really desperate because I'm really agitated right now (day 3 of a DMPS round)
  12. @Zigzag Idiot Thank you I often had an urge to drink beer after coming home from work stressed and thirsty. I wish you the strength and perseverance necessary to quite methamphetamine. One thing I noticed is, that I often drank when listening to music in the evening. So I will cut that habit out of my life temporarily. Maybe you have some occasions that lead you to consume too, that could be avoided.
  13. This journal has the purpose to help me quitting alcohol for good. I always had a leaning towards addictions. Ok, everyone has that, but I am more prone to it than average people. The one substance I consumed the most during the last three years was alcohol. It serves the purpose of calming myself and of making me more content. I'm drawn to drinking alcohol as it gives me something, that I don’t have otherwise. To make the severity of my addiction clear: I only drink beer and wine. I do not like spirits, they are overkill for me. Usually I drink two to three beers a day. The most I drink, which seldom happens, is four beers or a bottle of whine. I do not drink everyday, but nearly everyday, recently more. I have many problems which makes it harder for me to kick the habit. I’m a restless person, I have chronic depression, I have low self esteem, I have social anxiety, I live socially isolated, couple of my friends are drug users, I like music which goes well with being on drug influences,... The last two years was especially hard for me addiction-wise, since the pandemic let me more into social isolation, which I’m dealing with for a long time. On top of that, I’m in the process of detoxing mercury since the summer of 2020. I have faith that this will eventually alleviate a lot of my health problems, including the restlessness and depression. While the detoxification is happening, my inner restlessness and depression is increased though. This is part of the process, but can be reduced by proper supplementation. Alcohol is so easily available in central Europe, where I live. I can purchase it 24/7 within 15 min. The dealers are in every supermarket. Not only that, but people drink it in all kinds of occasions: going out, family celebration, as a beverage to a meal,… People are soo uncritical about alcohol, just because it is part of the culture. That’s funny, because other, oftentimes less harmful drugs are used as a boogeyman. I knew that I have a not so unserious problem, as I noticed that not drinking was increasingly harder for me. It got to a point, where I reached out to my mother and swore to her that I will no longer drink any alcohol as long as the vow holds. It did hold for three months from mid October to mid January, which I am happy with. This was clever. I knew that involving my mother, I will take it more seriously and will stick to the vow. I had someone who is supportive of me and whom I can report to how I’m doing. In the end I revoked the vow and allowed myself a beer after three months. Of course this slowly led to myself drinking regularly again. The vow itself as a psychological mechanism helped me. Being drunk seriously impedes with many projects and necessities of mine, including self-actualization, life purpose and consciousness work. Quitting and staying sober will rewire my brain and clean my mind of cravings. Than my outlook on other desired, far more constructive things will grow. Three months is a quarter year, that is fine. And now I try do it a second time. I do not consume alcohol from now on. See it as a vow. I will post my experience going forward here in this journal.
  14. I pick up my effort to stop drinking alcohol again. As I'm doing the Life Purpose Course I see how much drinking runs counter to my top values. On the one hand I am passionate about health, eat only organic, drink only spring water, do detoxification, etc. and on the other hand I drink alcohol, which damages my gut, burdens my liver, etc. I took a break from detoxing, as I got too heavy side effects. Especially restlessness, which only alcohol can decrease satisfactorily. This is the main problem by the way, not the alcohol itself. But drinking produces more problems. I won't pour the last bottle of alcohol down the sink, but will put it in my living room and say NO to it every day. My mother will surely help me by being a accountability partner again. If I have problems with my mental wellbeing again, I will simply lay down and try to rest.
  15. By the way, this film is a remake of a remake First one 1930 - Second one 1979 -
  16. This guy should try to detox. He seems to have some underlying mental disturbance, which he tries to calm with kratom, alcohol, etc. It could be childhood trauma as he says, but I think he worked a lot on his past and still is desperate for healing.
  17. Just off the top of my head: anxiety (especially social-) depression attention deficite, concentration problems reduced intelligence disfunctional memory confusion paranoia mania, irritability, anger issues neuroticism, OCD indecisiveness tinnitus surpressed senses (sight, touch. smell,...) insomnia fatigue immune disfunction, autoimunity, allergies, frequent infections gut issues (disbiosis, IBS, chronic constipation, food intolerances,...) bad bodily and mental stamina bodily tension, stiff neck, discomfort shallow breath heart palpitations metallic tastes pain tremors Not all have to be directly caused by mercury, but for example, mercury harms the hormone glands or the immune system and this in turn causes a cascade of problems
  18. @ThePoint To have a reaction to them
  19. Listen into Liquid Soul, Ovnimoon, Spirit Architect, Aioaska, Logic Bomb, Ajja, Kindzadza, Psykovsky for good trip music
  20. @ThePoint None. It seems obvious from the symptoms I had/have, from having amalgams for a decade, my mother had amalgams while pregnant and I react to even a mg of ALA and DMPS. The only ''test'' is the diagnostic trial of chelators.
  21. @ThePoint Toxin avoidance Remove amalgam savely, reduce exposure to EMFs, check cosmetics for toxic ingredients,.... Detoxification (lots of studying necessary) Drinking spring water Eating organic food exclusively Consume bitter herbs Exposure to sunlight Good sleep Avoiding chronic drug use Use your body, go for a walk, hiking Stretching Exercise Sauna Mindfulness-practices Having good friends Do something creative Break addictive habbits Do not consume fear-mongering/anxiety/anger inducing media If your a male: do not masturbate too often Do extensive bloodwork and use quality supplements to fill up on necessary nutrient deficiencies . . .
  22. @Kazman ADHD is a sign of bad brain health. Optimizing your health should be your long time goal, while you take the medication for 'nootropic' purposes.
  23. @Mada_ 400 mg Adrenal Cortex divided in two doses per day, one in the morning, the other at noon to early afternoon
  24. I am actually going in this direction at the moment, allowing myself to have more vegetarian and vegan meals and eating more vegetables as a side dish.
  25. @Michael569 @The0Self Of course I know that alcohol is a hard on the liver. And that it's not at all smart to drink, while detoxing the most toxic non-radiactive substance. There are two reasons why I still drink. Firstly as a recreation to make music, movies, etc more enjoyable Secondly, when I'm in a super irritated, maniac, restless mode, in which I was often in the last 28 months I now chelate, it is the only tool I know that works to calm me down. It feels like a miracle, one drink is most often enough. I tried other things like taking GABA instead to calm me down, but nothing works that well like alcohol for me. Now I do not allow myself to get to places where I feel that bad anymore, but in the past I tolerated a lot of pain through this therapy. In ACC circles it is sometimes said to 'just chelate through it'. I should have increased my standard for quality of life sooner, then I would have paused chelating when I was suffering heavily and changed some ancillary things. Hindsight is easier than foresight.