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  1. What practices do you use now? I'm not against ditching meditation if I find better ways. It's just meditation practices are free and can be done almost everywhere, in the flat, while traveling, etc.
  2. But I really love to get into states of higher consciousness. I spontaneously started meditating years ago before learning about
  3. I had this deterministic, non-doership thoughts lately too. Seriously, it feels like creation is doing my actions and I am just able to watch them. They are very frustrating for me. I understand that they make you feel bad, but that might only be a necessary phase. I'm not saying that it is this way ultimately, but how to disprove them, if every doing is so unfathomably rich and complex, that they can not be created by a human?
  4. It sure can be, but from what I heard from multiple sides, it is. And also it is in my experience, since I only made very little progress so far.
  5. So, when I would achieve a non-dual god-consciousness state, do I get blissful?
  6. Why is it there? Types of suffering How does it work? Can one overcome it? What are the benefits of suffering ...
  7. Are you kidding?
  8. Stuff that helped me with constipation: Decrease pathogenic bacteria in your gut with herbs like neem or golden seal root. Epsom salt or sauerkraut juice will soften the stool or even flush out the intestines if you take enough. I heard the herb senna and the herbal preparation triphala can help to counteract constipation, if you take them periodically. To be honest, nicotine is by far the best remedy for constipation for me, but, you know, nicotine is nicotine. Because of the pain you have i would suggest being gentle in your approach. I only wrote down remedies, but not the underlying issue.
  9. What I want to discuss here is the role of wellbeing in the pursuit of personal growth. By personal growth I mean all aspects, spirituality included. Wellbeing is a fundamental somato-emotional quality-spectrum, I would say. Body and mind (if you want to split it) have a certain function and the degree of this function is correlated with somatic and emotional qualities. More wellbeing – better function. Everybody knows this: You feel good – that means your consciousness expands, you feel secure, you are creative, you are benevolent, you are tolerant, you are simply loving. Somatic unwellness are symptoms like aches, nausea, pain, itching, etc. or illnesses which are syndroms or injuries Emotional unwellness is anger, agitation, fear, sorrow, apathy, etc. I heard this from Sadhguru: With wellbeing consciousness expands. With unwellness consciousness contracts. Things like pain, nausea, anger and fear can lead to higher consciousness, to higher intensity, somehow, but the nature of life is, that it’s fleeing form unwellnes, while it is attracted to wellbeing. If something gives you wellbeing, like drugs, music, a vacation, there is no need to put in effort. The nature of life ensures that things go in that direction. In fact you have to put in effort not to take drugs, not to eat for emotions, etc. If I’am happy everything is more effortless. Even things, I’m not inclined to do can become effortless. Drudgery, effort, austerity, fear and pain are parts of growing. The process of growing can decrease wellbeing temporarily, but it is still very important to ensure a well milieu of being to expand. It is like the fuel for growing. Without wellbeing, it seems to me, one will stagnate. Regardless of personal growth, it is the nature of being to be attracted by wellbeing. Is it possible to ommit this? What to you say about my take on wellbeing? Anything to add? Broader perspectives?
  10. You're right. All these countries are more developed, industrially and/or intellectually.
  11. A lot of frustration must be in these people of migration-backround. Otherwise they would not be so extremely violent. This violence happens in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands to and clearly originates from african and middle eastern migrants/migration-backround people. I remember a very similar kind of violence in England in 2011. Or the BLM riots in the USA. In all of the cases someone of a ethnic minority is killed by police and then violence erupts.
  12. What confuses me is the difference between his videos and his blog/forum posts. In his videos he is very open minded, fair and serene. But on the forum and blog, especially when it comes to politics, he can be very judgmental and antagonistic. I always picture him as being angry when he rants about politics, but I don't know
  13. @Jacob Morres Electromagnetic fields are harmful. They damage human tissue. It is smart to avoid them.
  14. That is a very bad comparison. Hitler was a Nazi because he entered and lead the so called Nazi-party RFK doesn't call himself a conspiracy theorist, others put the label on him.
  15. As far as I know, the paradigm of dividing political worldviews in right (conservative) and left (progressive) stems from the French Revolution and how the proponents of the old system sat right in the parliament and the progressive thinkers sat left. People are not one-dimensional. There are many aspects constituting to a worldview. People have positions on multiple topics. Everyone has conservative and progressive positions. There is no person who is 100% conservative or progressive, though there are centers of gravity. People may be nationalists and support LGBT struggles, others may criticize capitalism and support gun ownership, there are authoritarian vegans and liberal christians etc. Many people do not even know what these labels mean exactly, because the words do not point to their meaning. They use it for some kinds of stereo types. I especially see the attribution of other meanings into left/right problematic. Often times the left is being defined as being liberal and the right with being authoritarian. That is not necessarily true. It depends on the zeitgeist. If either you are a “leftist” or a “right winger” you tend to attribute all your criticism to the other side. This lead to the inflammatory division in western politics we see today, where in every situation a split is created between the populace. But there are many potential ways of dealing with situations. There are third and fourth ones and so on. A balanced multidimensional way of thinking would help to soften the division up. In political media, almost every time, organizations, parties and people are characterized by how left/right they are, and then the above mentioned demonizing mostly follows.
  16. @zurew I'm not talking about the corona vaccine btw. I personally have not investigated them that much, so I don't argue for or against them. Read what I wrote.
  17. I agree that he talks too much, but he cites very specific sources. That's what you overlook. Because if one pharma corporation drags the vaccine of another into the mud, their business will suffer to, because more people will see what limitations and dangers vaccines have, you see Kennedy is a lawyer so his job is to expose injustice. As I said he's quite paradigm locked. Of course there is no big global conspiracy, at least on the relative level not I agree that that's important, but where does skepticism stop. You can be skeptible about everything. With enough evidence, for example concerning thimerosal as a cause of autism, more than enough evidence is there to accept it as knowledge that it causes damage. Ever heard of whistle-blowers? Ever heard of leaks? The CDC-whistleblower William Thompson for example concerning vaccines Edward Snowden concerning mass surveillance Julian Assange had his sources, for example Chalsea Manning The Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu, who leaked information of Israeli nuclear weapons Off course you are right, but who is saying, that the wordl is run by a secret cabal? That is what I mean by "conspiracy theorist straw man" Your points are valid, as are the points of Kennedy as well as others who posted in this topic. The problem is, that when such debates happen everyone jumps to extremes in order to protect their opinion. It gets inflammatory and people cut of part of the truth. A better option would be if one synthesizes the good and valid points of the "corruption fighters", of the people subscribing to scientism, of people arguing for the importance of the pharmaceutical industry or the transparency of regulatory agencies, of truthers, of skepticists, of liberals, of conservatives and so on.
  18. @zurewKennedy is focusing on controversial topics involving massive injustice and corruption. Of course he gets paradigm locked into conspiracies, because they happen. They involve mighty industries using their massive capital to fund tabbacco science and to bribe said institutions. That's a win-win situation. The agencies are stuffed with corporate money and the corporations are spared from regulation and liability. This got even worse with revolving doors - industry bureaucrats go into the regulatory agencies and change things from the inside and useful employees of the agencies get well payed positions in industry after they retire. That is one of the main problems of our times - Lobbying Now pair this with the typical human phenomenon of the inert paradigm. The medical, economic, etc. mainstream worldview is challenged, which leads the current establishment to get dogmatic and over-conservative. When it comes to certain topics, where institutions have financial entanglements or corruption happened, whose uncovering they are trying to prevent, things turn ridiculous. Damage from vaccines constituents for example, endangers the health agency (for being uncareful) and the massive profit and reputation pharma corporation - what do you think will happen if there is too little transparency ? We are living in an ever more globalized world. Conflicts of worldview and over new paradigms are carried out on an ever more globalized stage. Be careful not to use a conspiracy theorist straw man.
  19. @sholomar Doesn't that boil down to collective ego?
  20. But what do you think about the use of the left/right concept? As I said, I think it is overused (paradigm lock alert) and people seem to be too uneducated (which is not the models fault per se, but it's dualistic nature leads to bipartisanship)
  21. Why is the whole pandemic just a dream, like a movie without back story, and at the same time the vaccine saved millions of lives?
  22. What are in your opinion the most profound, consciousness-raising episodes of
  23. Thanks, that's a lot to chew on.