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  1. Hello, I recently started to chelate heavy metals again, and oh how relentless the side effects are The materialism of heavy metal chelation and the idealism of Leo's teachings bugged me for a while. Leo's philosophy is idealistic, but the notion of heavy metal ions causing oxidativ stress in the body is a materialistic one. He talks about both. How do I explain symptoms of brain and gut inflammation, tinnitus, metallic taste and emotional disturbances from taking chelators (DMPS, ALA, cilantro juice), if there are no material mechanisms like atoms, in this case heavy metal ions, behind life? I seriously used the law of attraction for half a year to get to a point of great health - but it didn't work. How do the more conscious of you explain heavy metals? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  2. DMSO is not a chelator as far as I know. Did you mean DMPS? Even with the Cutler protocol, using 5mg DMPS, I have strong side effects, but one has to use, what one has. I might try emeramide in the future, but I want to use it in a frequent dosing ACC kind of way
  3. @Carl-Richard Thanks for the elaborate answer
  4. What would be a more adequate way of framing toxicity if atomism is not real? Demons, bad energies, unconsciousness?
  5. Watched all of it. Interesting, but he doesn't have direct proof of the housekeeper poisoning him with rat poison, just suspicion, although with heavy evidence. I believe his story as told, but his conclusions seem a little confabulated.
  6. How To Develop A Big Picture Understanding How To Develop A Big Picture Understanding.pdf Original video title: How I Do Research & Develop Big Picture Understanding
  7. What Is The Devil What Is The Devil.pdf
  8. Radical Openmindedness Radical Openmindedness.pdf In this episode's visualization exercise I edited Leo's request for closing the eyes out, for obvious reasons.
  9. New transcripts incoming. I leave the original transcription that the program generates out, because everybody can look up the original source anyway. Enjoy!
  10. Hello, After starting krya yoga again a week ago I have some questions about it. I guess this is the ideal place to ask 'em. So, years ago I was initiated into Sadguru's Shambhavi Mahamudra krya. At first I was hesitant to do the practice even though I wished to learn it. I lived in an shared apartment and didn't like to chant AUM because I didn't want to attract the attention of my flatmates. Besides that I had problems holding muscle contractions and doing the breath work. I switched to doing mindfulness meditation and did that daily. Because I really want to develop my consciousness, I stick to doing daily practices. But plain meditation has it's shortcomings too, so I started the krya again. What I notice from doing it, is that I have a calmer breath and am a little more relaxed afterward. At the end of the practice you hold your breath while locking your bandhas. You do that as long as comfortably possible while holding the bandhas and after releasing them you should watch your breath. Her is where I feel the most of the practice. I have some seconds of increased clarity and calm. But after these 10 or so seconds my mind slowly takes over again and I'm hardly able to watch my breath carefully. I'm skeptical about how much the practice is doing for me, because I don't really feel any different even after weeks and months of practice. Roughly 3 months of daily practice is the longest I did if I remember correctly. Maybe a little more. I do some intense heavy metal detoxification as well, which affects my consciousness state quite heavily, so it's hard to tell any subtle effects any practices have on my from the health symptoms I have. So, how do I know if krya yoga is doing something for me? How long does it normally take to see results, and how to they feel? Do you have tips for doing krya yoga more effectively? My mind is very dominat and I have difficulty concentrating. Is it any good to do krya yoga even if I'm mentally absent most of the time? And maybe some of you know Sadguru's Shamhavi Mahamudra. Did any of you have had good results? What are your experiences? Thank you in advance for your answers
  11. @LSD-Rumi Descript It works very well, but still editing the transcript of a episode still takes a few hours.
  12. So, this is all I've got so far. More episodes will follow.
  13. What Is God What Is God.pdf What Is God (original).pdf
  14. Episode series are merged into one file, like the one following.
  15. What Is Truth What Is Truth.pdf What Is Truth (original).pdf
  16. What Is Consciousness What Is Consciousness.pdf What Is Consciousness (original).pdf
  17. What Is Reality What Is Reality.pdf What Is Reality (original).pdf
  18. What Is Ego What Is Ego.pdf What Is Ego (original).pdf
  19. I meditate daily for ~2 years now. Before I meditated consistently for months, then had pauses of some months. Tried standard mindfulness meditation, krya yoga and currently noting using labels. I know that meditation is an skill which must be cultivated for a very long time, but I see only very, very little progress. My biggest hurdle is, that I seem to have too little wakefulness, like my awareness is underpowered. My "brain-power" really is a bottleneck. I am a very restless person, so fatigue is most often not a problem. But staying at a mindful state of consciousness for more than 20-30 seconds seems impossible, except by having some mystical breakthrough experience. Noting with labels definitely is helping, because it forces part of my mind to actively look at what is happening. What other things can I do to get more wakeful? What did work for you? Thanks in advance
  20. Thx for the detailed explanation. I made a plan to put more thought into my life, so I will definitely contemplate on the why of my meditation effort.
  21. I may start krya yoga again. I was initiated into Sadhguru's Shambhavi Mahamudra, so I already have a basis. I'm looking forward to doing vipassana, because I'm more aware in practices when others are around.
  22. Is it best practiced in a formal way or while in everday's activities?
  23. Thank you all for your recommendations
  24. @Sugarcoat Interesting I already noticed that some of my thoughts showed me unmet desires. I have a lot of deficits and unmet needs, especially in the social domain.