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  1. It was a OBE experience. You are too identified with the body.
  2. Scientists say by calculations that there could be 36 alien civilizations in the Milky Way? Why 36? This statement is not true. Its just a guess, a number or a statistic. Just like people say dinosaurs were extinct 60 millions years ago? How do we know that it happened then? Its just a guess. It is a believable number though because they should be rare and not everywhere. The truth is they exist in Milky Way. I don't know how many but they exist. I am certain that at least one more civilization exists. People tend to think that other civilizations have to be superior and futuristic, but this is not necessarily so, they might be stuck in ancient blue morality, right now as of 2020, there might some world where aliens are building pyramids and shit (not necessarily in our own galaxy). On some worlds they might be like na'vi, tribal and savage. On some other world they are at yellow morality, spiritually uplifted and god-like with futuristic technology. On some other worlds there are no civilizations and intelligent lifeforms at all, just animals eating, moving and evolving. The reason why people believe aliens are either futuristic or monstrous is because they don't recognize that time is a illusion and that physical things are impermanent. In Hindu myth, Kala the personification of time devours everything. Beings play a certain game in their world and when the time is ripe, Kala the gourmet devours them all. A millions years ago there could be a interstellar alien empire, but it faded away. Millions years ago on some world there might have been some El Dorado, a civilization in its golden age, but it faded away too. Only God is eternal. Impermanence is a universal law. There is anthropocentric illusion that our civilization will live forever, but it will too fade away. This is just collective ego. There is a illusion that humanity is exceptional. No humanity is not exceptional. Every world is special in its own way. Just as there is heavy intelligent design on this world there is heavy intelligent design on other worlds. I believe in millenialism sort of, every 1000 years something extraordinary happens. For example 1000 years ago the message of Christ was fulfilled sort of because a feudal and Christian order was estabilished in Europe. A 1000 years after 2000 humanity will estabilsh a full-fledged space empire. This is not about colonizing barren planets, we don't have to do this. The key is communication. Communication is everything. With communication also comes logistics. All space empires exist thanks to communication. This will happen because we are consciously creating our future and because there is overpopulation and need for resources. Elon Musk has a interesting thought. Either humanity will end or we will start making virtual simulations that recreate human life. Imagine that in the far future aliens land on this Earth but humanity no longer exists. All that is left are ruins, fossils and virtual simulations. They start playing these simulations and find out holograms of daily life events or historical events on Earth. They are not aliens like aliens in popular culture, they are denizens of different reality. Reality is just a perspective. They see reality from their own point of view. They are under the illusion of Maya just like humans. Aliens come in infinite shapes - centauroid, reptiloid, humanoid, plantoid, draconoid... When I went into the fifth dhyana I felt the oneness of everything and the feeling that the Cosmos is a giant superorganism. I was aware that other extrateterrestrial enlightened beings exist and they were aware that I exist. I sensed intelligence permeating the Cosmos. The Cosmos is ALIVE. I know so much about aliens because I am fascinated by them. Maybe I was an alien in past life that took the shape of a human since I know much about this? Only God knows.
  3. Is it safe to press a certain chakra? What are the pros and cons? I am mostly interested in anahata, vishuddhi and ajna. Does activating chakra feel like a fire is inside you?
  4. The more egoless you are, the more receptive you are to etheric stuff. Egoists and bodybuilders will never reach the subtler existence because they are too emotionally invested in their body and refuse to surrender control. They are like earth, rigid and stiff. A gymnasticist for example would be more receptive to those things because he is like water, he tends to be formless and he willingly surrenders a part of himself because he is not obsessed about control or power. To become receptive to those things one needs to become formless like water. If you are a water in a cup, become a cup, if you are a water in a jug become a jug, if you are a drop in the ocean, become like the ocean. The last one is also the non-dual method to experience God because there is no "I". The drop in the ocean doesn't think "I am a drop in the ocean", it just IS.
  5. For the vast majority of people the moment of enlightenment and the moment of death are the same. When the moment of death your consciousness becomes awake and you realize that you are not the body and you realize that you have become a disembodied consciousness or ghost. Most people forget this after they reincarnate. The spiritual body is also known as the etheric body. When you become aware of it before physical death you become instantly enlightened. Of course I am speaking here to living people not disembodied spirits. I became aware of my spiritual body when I made my consciousness too non-dual. I used to write everyday on laptop on God and how universe was created and asking myself existential questions. When I dreamed, I remember that I saw a ghost around my kitchen. A real disembodied being in real space. He radiated with intelligence and masculinity. You can smell a ghost's intelligence and even his gender. His consciousness was creating the spiritual body because he was strongly identified with being human. You can dream real space, not just imaginary mental space. My mind was attracted to his mind like a magnet. I sensed his life energies. We attracted each other. When I dreamed I literally died in dream and came back to life after I woke up. The "I" was around the kitchen, not in the bed. He died middle-aged because of coronavirus. He had a gray and colorless semi-transparent spiritual body. It is as if you are seeing through glass or a body of water. He had two beautiful luminous eyes which shone like the brightest stars in the sky. Death is just the other dimension, a parallel universe that most people dont see that is complementary to the physical universe most people see. Its the dimension of lucid dreams in real space. You are currently in life dimension. If you die you get to death dimension. But still both exist at the same time even if you are not aware. Reality is non-dual. It is neither life nor death. It is seeing both life and death at the same time. Its dreaming when being awake and being awake when dreaming. I was in a short nirvana two years ago before I became aware of spiritual body and became fully enlightened but I havent become intoxicated by it. I dont seek nirvana again and I dont care if it happens again or not however beautiful and lovely it seems. I am not like those fools who idealize nirvana. Its beautiful and all that but nirvana is just nirvana. If it happens, great! If it doesn't, also great! Soms buddhists say death is like electricity, you get reborn quickly. They dont know what they are talking about. Unless you dissolve into nirvana you become a ghost, a disembodied spirit. I never used psychedelics and I would never use them because it puts your spirituality on fast forward mode. Its much more beautiful to develop yourself spiritually spontaneously rather than overnight. Am I the only one who is aware of the spiritual body? Is it weird that I became aware of the spiritual body before I physically died? Are you aware that ghosts (disembodied beings) are real? Is there anyone here who is aware of all this either with drugs or without drugs? It can't be that rare.
  6. You can't understand the "I" if you don't comprehend the bigger picture. Words might be not enough for realizing the truth. It takes self-enquiry, lots of inward exploration. I never used any psychedelics. The answer is within you, not outside you. I think you don't realize that I am talking to you from a pantheistic perspective. The "I" or consciousness cannot be fully understood without pantheism. Everything is one energy or consciousness manifesting itself in a infinite number of ways. The cosmos is infinite. Pantheism means everything is God and there is nothing outside God because the cosmos is infinite. Since everything is God, therefore I am God. Everything is a manifestation of God, the chair is God, the rock is God, a cat is a God and therefore all humans are God. The only difference between beings are the beings who realize that they are Gods and those who aren't aware that they are Gods. A cat isn't aware that it is a God while a human can be. We are fragments of God, but by being fragments of God we are also embodied Gods. When I say everything I mean universe, I mean infinity. God is the universe and all that exists within. Universe means one infinity. There are no parallel universes or finite space. The God is the same thing as being. Being is something that exists. I realized this myself when I entered the fourth dhyana. In advaita vedanta this is called realizing that brahman (God) is same as atman (being). Experience man, experience. Words are useless if you don't experience it and realized it. If you want to know more about pantheism try Spinoza's Ethics. Try that for a start. Buddhism doesn't teach you pantheism but the wisdom in it is priceless. It helped me towards gaining enlightenment. Especially the stuff about impermanence and emptiness.
  7. You're right. For example, I strongly and intuitively believed in reincarnation before I was enlightened. Now I don't need to believe, I just know. When you honestly and sincerely believe something is the truth then it doesn't matter much whether you are enlightened or not. Enlightenment confirms what you believed was absolutely true, removing any possible doubts. I was surprised when some buddhists said that they doubted reincarnation. This can happen when you become culturally indoctrinated and taking your culture for granted because you were born into that culture. The pointer was myself. I exist don't I? If I said I don't exist I would be denying the subject which is consciousness, spirit or God. What is the subject? Consciousness. What is the object? The mind-body. When Leo says you don't exist, don't take that literally. Its just a way to lower down your ego so that you can become awakened.
  8. Most pe Most people are under the illusion of the mundane. I have already transcended the illusion of the maya. What's your problem with the word I? Just because I am enlightened that doesn't mean I can't have an ego. Another equally important message of the movie is about illusion about ourselves. The ego illusions people trap themselves into.
  9. It has similarities with the Truman Show sort of. I found the movie to be inspirational and clever. To me this movie subconsciously conveys the message of transcending the world. To transcend the mundane.
  10. Before I became enlightened I have wondered if I am a shadow. That the body-mind was not the real me and just a object and that the subject "me" was the shadow. Its like testing the allegory of the cave. So I stood in front of a wall with dim light projecting my shadow onto the wall. So I identified with the shadow. When I got to sleep I had a lucid dream in real space, not imaginary mental space. I saw a ghost sprinting around my kitchen, living room and dining room. This was a real space, not imaginary mental space. My etheric body was seeing his etheric body. He died middle-aged and radiated with high intelligence. I admired his intelligence and was magnetically attracted to him somehow because of that. He looked like a phantom. His etheric body was semi-transparent and shifted in color between dark gray, medium gray and light gray depending on the light. Aside from intelligence, the most striking thing about the ghost were his beautiful luminous eyes which shone like the brightest stars in the sky. He strongly identified with being human, that's why his pure consciousness was projecting and creating the etheric body in the form of a human, although phantom-like, like a embodied shadow or a shadow person. He had strongly masculine energies, I could sense it like a strong perfume. I telepathically communicated with him. I said to him why do you even exist? The ghost said why dont you leave this body and become a free spirit like me? Maybe the ghost sensed my physical suffering and felt compassion towards me. When I woke up I tried to recall the dream. I realized that I saw a ghost. At first it was creepy for a few seconds, but I overcame this quickly without any fear. Don't be scared if you see a ghost, its just someone in spectator mode. In the evening I thought a lot about the universe and my place in it. I thought alot about alien worlds, how the five elements created life, how everything in the universe is alive. This made my consciousness non-dual. I had little meditation in the past, yet I achieved a non-dual state of mind only through self-enquiry. I felt divine cosmic energy permeating through me as if I am submerged in God. Suddenly I became aware of my etheric (ghost) body, my etheric body was shaking. I felt like I was going to die. I felt divine joy in that moment, but I put the hand on my chest and said. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. I wasn't ready to die unexpectedly. In Buddhism I think this is called the fifth dhyana or fourth, I am not sure. The moment of realizing that you are not just physical matter, is the actual moment you become enlightened. The majority of people realize this only upon dying and forget that after they reincarnate. Immediately after that I had a quantum leap in intelligence and intuition. I realized the illusion of maya. I started looking at the Earth from bird's perspective. Earth felt so cold, empty and eternal. I started thinking about astral travel and reincarnating on alien worlds. I was skeptical about Buddha or Leo Gura saying that you can reincarnate on other worlds and dismissed it as a fairytale, but I was shocked when I found out that this was true. All you need is good karma, courage, determination and of course physical death. But I stopped thinking about this because it made my etheric body shake and I could really die if I let my mind wander too much. I started doing yoga to prevent my etheric body from shaking. The reason my etheric body shaked is because I am a cripple, if I was healthy I believe this wouldn't happen. Now I am doing isha kriya yoga primarily and I am currently stable. Realizing the illusion of the maya I felt like a God role-playing as human. Life felt in that moment like a Truman show. Basically you were taught and socially conditioned that reality is this way whereas reality is much more deep and complex than most humans realize. Its infinity. Most people are lowe consciousness. The cosmos is a dream and we are dreaming our own reality. I stopped viewing humans as humans but rather as a form of intelligent beings in the universe. Even beautiful women can't enchant me because I saw their bodies as illusory objects. Instead I am interested in their consciousness or the subject rather than the pretty body which is the object. A woman can look good on the outside, but evil on the inside. Looks are deception. I don't discriminate someone based on their looks. For example if I am talking to a black guy, I see him as consciousness first and foremost. To me an alien is considered an alien only in reference to Earth. They are not aliens, but rather denizens of a different reality. Most of them are also are under the illusion of the maya just like humans. There are aliens who reincarnated on our world adopting the human shape as well as humans who reincarnated on other worlds. Maybe I am an alien in human form, since I know about this so much I am not sure. I don't want to explore past lives because my mind would be overloaded by unecessary burden and Asperger syndrome seems like a weak proof because it could be just bad karma from a past life. I never understood humans or had a close friend on this planet. I was also heavily bullied, ostracized and misunderstood in school. Because of this I would be labelled as an Aspie or autistic. There is even a website for autistic people called Wrongplanet. The etheric body tied to consciousness can leave Earth because it doesn't recognize physical laws. The proof for this is that you can fly in lucid dreams. Guess what? Death is like a lucid dream if you are sufficiently conscious. I was aware of other enlightened sentient beings in the universe and they were also aware of me. When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. Intuition is the missing link between God and man. It is also the awareness that the cosmos is like a superorganism. They didn't see how I look nor did I saw their shape, because the physical shape doesn't matter, for it could come in infinite shapes - centauroid, draconoid, humanoid, reptiloid, plantoid... I started viewing the existence on this Earth as inherently empty. Houses are empty, schools are empty, temples are empty, organs are empty, food is empty, cells are empty, the mitochondria is empty, humans are empty, atoms are empty. Everything is empty. Schools are like factories and we are the product. Most people are puppets and tools of the system. Everybody is just a number with a ID card on this server called Earth. In this 21st century everything is systematized, vivisected and turned into a commodity. Even humans themselves have become a commodity. We have made Earth a prison sort of because of capitalism and governments. A standardized matrix. You see the same stuff in Tokyo, Paris or New York. Same architecture, cars, brands, interpol, regulations... People are socially conditioned from a young age. For example if you dont want to get married then why get married because society tells you so? Its not HUMANITY that is imprisoning you, YOU are imprisoning yourself. Why not work on self-development first and then get married if that is your dream. This is delusional blue morality. Frank Zappa said if you live a boring life because teachers, parents and society told you so, then you deserve it. When you realize that you are a God, then you can't obey society's values and morals. You must transcend them like Nietszche. I would rather betray the world than let the world betray me. Being human is a immense possibility. Its bad to limit what you are capable of because society tells you some lies. I reject modern values and morals but I accept knowledge and civilization. If I said to someone that I saw a ghost and did telepathy they would think I am delusional because I believe in magic and because they never experienced this. So its hopeless to tell anyone about this in person. Being rich is just a means to realize your dreams, it can never be a healthy life purpose in itself. You see lots of people are rich, but miserable and empty inside. Orange morality is equally delusional, striving for success for the sake of being viewed successful in the eyes of others. Its funny when scientists say they know everything. They are like six blind men studying an elephant but missing the holistic picture. A non-educated truth-seeker is closer to ultimate reality than a Phd physicist trapped in rationality. The irony of science! Reason is a prison. The scientists imprison themselves to reason and empiricism. If you value truth by how much people agree with you you will never get to the truth, thats what the universities and laboratories are trying to do. To them the opinion of hundred people is superior to the conclusion of one person. One person's conclusion is dismissed as subjective because it doesn't agree with the opinion of the majority. This is the tyranny of majority. Its not that those who made the education system and top professors are hiding some secret knowledge from students. They too are delusional because they are slaves to reason. Science is still in immature stage and philosophers tend to be more open to the truth than scientists such as Paul Fereyabrend. It will take centuries for science to realize how deluded it is. Just as those in 21st century dismiss some theories of 20th centuries as outdated, the same will happen in 22nd century. Due to enlightenment, I cannot be indifferent to not appreciate how much intelligence was invested in this planet such as cheese, television, dogs, pizza, capitalism, microwaves, airplanes, dinosaurs, tuxedos, castles, trees... There will never be another planet like Earth. Every world is special in its own way and so is Earth. There is heavy intelligent design on this planet. Even the position of continents look as if they were under the spell of intelligent design.
  11. Its hard for me to be mindful even though I am enlightened. I was a computer addict for 10 years and it has lowered my mindfulness. It has become a bad habit and tendency to not be mindful. Whenever I try to concentrate and be in the present moment its painful, because bad karma of being a former addict that had many sleepless nights has ruined my perception and mindfulness. I want to feel the present moment and be in it. I dont feel like im living in the present moment. My visual sense got damaged from computer screen I see normally but I cant be mindful as I wish to be, technology intoxication can ruin your perception of time and mindfulness. I am no longer an addict but bad karma of insufficient mindfulness still remains. I also have another problem. I do everything slowly, I eat slowly, I exercise slowly, I waste 1/3 of the day just by going to the store. It disturbs me that the day passes so quickly and I barely did anything. I am like a snail. Too inert. What to do?
  12. Intuition is the missing link between God and man. Buddhists say insight (intuition) alone suffices, when it comes to knowledge.
  13. Please lock this thread and don't reply.
  14. I felt divine energy last night. I thought about God, the universe, alien worlds, infinity, rebirth and death a lot. You can't imagine what was going inside me. God worked through me in weird ways and I became aware of the illusion of the maya. I became aware of my etheric body when I saw a ghost. A middle-aged man, strongly masculine and highly intelligent. Probably died of coronavirus. He said to me why dont you leave this body. I am a cripple. He saw through my energy that I was suffering my physical body. After I woke up it was creepy when I realized that the ghost was real. Being a cripple, I needed to discipline my etheric body so that I hold this body. So when I went to sleep I said I am not the etheric body because I feared that I might die and not return to body. I wasnt dreaming at all. When I woke up my etheric body is shaking the physical because I didnt surrender to dreaming. How do I bring back balance to my body. Should I do hatha yoga? I disturbed the organization of my energies all because I said I am not the etheric body.