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  1. I didn't draw it, I found it for my target graphics. Yes, I'll try to brainstorm out of the box to get some insanely original ideas that could be fun. Tnx. There could be a lot of magic going on, I can add anything, we'll see.
  2. Thanks. I'll make it just for fun. It won't be rigid with the spiral dynamics but it will help a lot. The main focus should be on fun for sure. I would like to put the accent on social management instead of a city-builder type of game, I'd like to incorporate some advanced A.I. for units, but we will see, it will probably be very basic for now. Now it's time to create a game design document, it will be public so anybody will be able to contribute with some art if they want. 🙂
  3. Hey, I've decided to start developing the process of an RTS video game with a focus on competitive multiplayer, for fun, and maybe you can help me with some advice. Working Name: Ritual Realm Theme: Ancient tribes Genre: RTS Society manager/city builder Similar games: Age of Empires, Sims Goal of the game: Destroy other tribes, win, dominate... Tribe member's evolution tree: (You will recognize spiral dynamic stages in color) • Ritualist (gathering, hunting, building, mana) ○ Warrior (attack, defense) § Guardian (attack, defense, protect) ○ Pathfinder (research new technology for tools and weapons) § Visionary (Farming food resources locally) § Sage (Improve abilities of all members) □ Shaman (Lowering tribe needs) So ritualists can choose whether they will evolve into warrior or pathfinder and then they are evolving further... Rules Members can evolve only if their needs are fulfilled (manually) Members are fulfilling their needs automatically by using tribe buildings and doing things. Nonfulfilling needs lead to toxic behaviors of a particular member --> hindering the tribe The player can upgrade each member individually by customizing his tools, weapons, and armor.... and it will cost resources Different member needs: Food, Shelter(Hut), Performing Rituals, Community, Training Camp, Alcohol, Psychodelics, Library, Sanctuary Target graphic: (Guardians) Tell me what you think and please give me some additional advice or ideas, I'm ready to change anything.
  4. What else can you expect nowadays. As we see Hamas is killing civilians intentionally and randomly, they have the support of Iran and Russia, and they are operating from civilian buildings. Nowadays oppression is understandable because there is great fear of Hamas terrorism, they are 100% terrorists. I don't see the difference between them and the Islamic State. Although they may had an unfair history 80 years ago, because Israel came to overtake their ancient land as the bible says, there is much more peace and sanity on Israel's side today.
  5. They should unite in one state and people who lost their family members should live like kings. Jews can't go back, they are so radical about the bible. Hamas has to disappear if they want good for Palestinians. They should keep in mind that Muslims will conquer the world in peace anyway.
  6. Hey, I like those short youtube videos from the YT channel Actualized Notes. When I'm programming I like to turn this short with those cool music in the background and play them on repeat 1 by 1, to inspire and motivate myself. The problem is that there are only a few of those videos there. I'd like to request more of it, and I'd like to ask @Leo Gura , if would he mind if we post those musical Shorts on our YT channel on a daily/weekly basis if he doesn't plan to do it? Thanks!
  7. The problem is that those immigrants don't care about their children, they are totally irresponsible following blindly what their culture told them. They only live day by day without much thought about what could happen tomorrow, that is how they are contributing to suffering for themselves and the whole society. They can adapt to Orange society because Orange society is looking at them as their slaves for dirty jobs. But the problem that Orange society doesn't see is the fact that they will overtake the power and pull society from ORANGE into BLUE. That is what Angela Merkel did, she openly called all immigrants from the middle east to join Germany, and statistics say that Germany will become a Muslim country in the next 30 years. Green people don't want to make kids early, because they know what it takes and how much responsibility it requires, so they always procrastinate it. But I think that solution is, in order to encourage Green people to have kids, to give them free kindergarten services 24/7. Because children should basically live in healthy communities, not with their toxic parents.
  8. Most important principle is: Don't be boring, ugly, rude, desperate, shy, tense and gay. So simple
  9. Crypto is waste of time, only Monero is good for anonymously buying delics. It's too late for crypto investing now. I remember I was huge fan and I wanted to buy 100 Bitcoins 14 years ago, I can't remember did I actually bought any at the time, I have to check out on my old hard drive
  10. @LSD-Rumi God actually doesn't exists, and we actually doesn't exists. Every Ego is an illusion of Existence, only Existence is there, I like to call it Balance or Wave. So we are Existence and in mathematical terminology Existence is just a waves, up-down, in-out, left-right, true-false. So chances are that everything is so stupidly simple, only we tend to complicate it with our egos.
  11. It is treat to society and system values, system doesn't want to change, system is careful and responsible, system have it's survival mechanisms, system is afraid to change in any way, system is not perfect but it's good and it's changing all the time little by little.
  12. I'd recommend you to study Spiral Dynamics and 9 stages of ego development. Maybe you should go to university to study psychology, that is the way you can connect with people that really need help. Some people like helping others because they feel better listening to their problems, forgetting about their own. There are also many other reasons as well, but make sure that your reasons are not toxic actually. I enjoy helping others, investing my energy to them, when I feel like I'm getting enlighten, spiritual, like I'm passed the game, I think that is the right moment when good karma is generating.
  13. Sounds like you'd like to be a Jesus. Going around and magically helping others is hard task, but it's possible. Here is an extreme example, this guy is healing others just by looking at them:
  14. Yes, that is great advice for 50k$. Buy time and build your dreams, you have nice initial capital to start building your dreams and dreams requires time.
  15. Just remove the stress and avoid stressful situations, because it's probably the root of all your habits.