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  1. Do what you want.It's natural to be insecure about that thing cause the idea that the women who are sleeping with lots of guys are sluts.But if you feel like doing it just do it and dont care about what others are thinking about you
  2. UI sugest you to just be clear with him and tell him everything that you want him to change and set boundaries and be really serious about it if he start breaking those boundaries just cut him out.Or else you will end up like him and you wont be able ti grow.I know how you feel but when 2 have learned everything about each other its time for both of them to move on in order for both of them to start growing again... +check out Leo's video about toxic relationships
  3. Well You should check out corey wayne's youtube chanel,I believe this the best aproach because he actualy teaches you the true values of a man, I would say a more mature aproach than pick up. You can even get his book for free!!!