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  1. People have diverse views and beliefs, and it's not okay to label an entire group of people as "barbarians" based on the practices of some individuals or businesses. If you have concerns about mink farming or animal welfare, it's more productive to engage in constructive dialogue and advocacy to raise awareness and potentially influence change in the industry, rather than resorting to derogatory language or sweeping generalizations. You would probably love European history. In the 1800s, in France, for entertainment purposes, dozens of cases of cats were burned alive, either for entertainment or religious point-scoring. Cat burning was particularly common in France, where a dozen live cats were routinely torched in Paris every Midsummer's Day.
  2. Start doing fasting, your life is gonna improve in so many ways and you gonna be thinking about food more than porn ?.
  3. First time trying molly was the one of the best moments in my life, I also felt insanely good a whole week afterwards but now If I take it even with the long breaks I feel like shit the next day . Magic is gone ?
  4. Maybe LSD and molly is better idea
  5. Leo is AI generated character that has no consciousness or legs!
  6. I hope Leo will post his pic, I wonder how he looks like ?
  7. I wish I can enjoy weed like some people but I have the opposite effects, instead of feeling relaxed and calm, I am anxious and paranoid.
  8. All advances in AI today are just pattern recognition algorithms that are used over large sets of data. There is nothing that is approaching creative thinking!
  9. You go to a metaverse ,what do you do? You make a character, it looks a certain way and you type or you talk. Metaverse is a stupid made up word for losers that never played video games and VR is pixelated sweaty face garbage.
  10. You need discipline, start doing some kickboxing or any kind of martial arts. You will be stronger both physically and mentally ,you will feel better and look better. Your body will crave healthy and rich food after good session. Try out Wim Hof breathing method before meditation, it will help you sink in deeper and feel relaxed.
  11. Belief and truth are related, but they are not the same thing. Belief refers to an acceptance that something is true or real, without necessarily having proof or evidence. Truth, on the other hand, refers to something that is based on facts and can be proven to be accurate.