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  1. Blm leader said "burn down the system" promoting terrorism and Democrats are kneeling in cowardly fashion (as usual). Business = jobs Something that people who cannot afford rent but are in government don't have. Someone not me do something. #gov
  2. Trump doesn't wear a mask. WHO colluded and covered with China. The economy was shut off for the flu? This is the level of spineless cowards and level of stupidity. And yet, riots are the cure to covid. Trump was a racist for closing the boarder because of global pandemic. And yet, protests are ok and businesses are closed with the threat of jail but riots are ok. You wut? Its all a game and political. You've been duped.
  3. No. He outed the organisation as a terrorist group. The riots and looting is telling. The further issue is that intellectual dishonesty by not calling out the crime, murder, single moms, abortions, and a series of other things. What you are preaching leads to Nazis and war. Its unacceptable.
  4. More messed up the close mindedness on the forums. Lots of parroting spiritual nonsense and victim mindset. Ya, i don't watch the news. A crazy point, I honestly thought it was going to be a landslide victory given the economy BUT, a lot has changed. The WHO colluded with China, pandemic over the flu shutdown the economy. Now, we have the democratic party kneeling to a terrorist group. I won't be shocked by any outcome at this point. All i know is that, business won't be stationed here and btc is going to skyrock given the civil insanity.
  5. Dude, the economy shit the bed. The economy was turned off due to the flu and in a election cycle (conveniently). The path forward is uncertainty. It is irrelevant to be done since nobody is hiring. Maybe police lololol. Child like curiosity is the key. Mine has twinkled in pandemic. I have my purpose going forward.
  6. So, smash away. Let it be whatever it is. In EVERY scenario, you put some special snowflake Disney view on a girl, you will be in for a reality check. When you feel sexual tension, it means that you need to live your truth; put your self forward. Chat her up and let her know what is up. Invite her back for drinks.
  7. I could help you out with that ? Seriously. You mentioned that you dropped a perfect but boring dude. Shocking, monogamy and boring? Gtfo. I thought it was like the movies? Serious not serious. Take your pick. Monogamy, marriage, routine = anti seductive. Nothing predicable is sexy. Dr phil date night + missionary once a year is not a good time. You put on the damn big girl pants and you pursue the dude who will throw you over his shoulders, kick in your bedroom door, and ring your bell. Not a dead beat. Has a job. More importantly, has balls to really take his shot in this finite life. Unpopular opinion but, promiscuity and pair bonding doesn't end well. I mentioned my buddy I refer to as playboy. He's run through hundreds of models and pageant winners. Many who aren't over him and compare every other men to him. He is the one who got away. I remember a model and pageant winner chasing him throughout her teens and twenties. She is not a pageant winner anymore. She is not married and very bitter at life. The sandberg advice is what she followed and how did that workout? If you want "love" and you are scared, sociopaths should be avoided. I am not that guy to love nor fix. I want fun and thrilled to pursue. I have no interest to settle down or get a dog. This is a unique time to be a bachelor. What do you even want? All I want is fun. You sound like my clone about loving yourself. I have never loved anybody more than myself nor do I compromise my ambition nor life purpose. Unconditional love is a sham and a play at cuckoldry. Absolute nonsense. @Aquarius Wants a bf lol so go get it!
  8. It sells Hollywood movies and hallmark cards. I have no such idea of how it works. I have watched a playboy buddy "find god" and move on from the fuck boy lifestyle. Playboy was running through hundreds of models and pageant winners. Now, he wants a wife. He is telling me to clean up my act. I am reading Path to God by Ram Dass. At the part of the talk against a tantra. I am reaching guys but, I don't get the concept of monogamy outside the monetary system. That and keeping order. I think monogamy and marriage is lame. Its anti seductive and unattractive by metric of sloth. The majority of times, people are slobs, get fat, lazy, chest, divorce, and the hamster wheel of insanity. The stats from porn are married Christian men meaning no sex in the home. I would say, its lame and overrated. Power to whoever can make it work. I get bored pretty often. I love the thrill and chase. That breach between stranger and no pants dance. More of the sort of party and fuck boy mistake before wanting to get out of dating. I keep meeting girls post workout, post run or hike during pandemic. They are all bored and sick of pandemic and i am game. If i was seeing someone, tantra would be a good experience.
  9. There's a good part in the Bhagavad Gita regarding duty and intent. The rest just is. I took a lot away from the passage and application of it in the real world. Solely, living and speaking my truth. I am younger then you but as a bachelor, I have found it fun to meet people especially as I get older. Its all a process. I don't know what the solution is but I am not fond to Dating apps which is essentially cuckoldry. I am reading Path to God by Ram Dass. I finished power of now. I learned tolle is married. I have no idea how people believe in monogamy. I know how to meet women and have fun. I don't know how people will settle down. I don't quite understand it. Anytime I make eye contact with a cute girl, i am on it. No hesitation. Why not? Adventure!
  10. My understanding, marriage is on the decline since 150 years. I think it doesn’t matter about ethnicity but, people need to be smart. There's certain perspective solely based on culture. They may or may not be open to an alternative. Ie seeing a girl who is all about protests and activist. I am smashing. Its fun but the clock is ticking down. This has a expiration date. From a clash of values. I dislike all that sjw crap or any victim status clout. It won't stop me from having a good time. I just see that writing on the wall. It doesn't stop the no pants dance. I just know, that activist do nothing shtick will get on my last nerve and we'll go pur separate ways Such is life.
  11. At least i have the balls to come at it head on. Let's fix police but i hear radio silence regarding the issues i listed. BLM isn't talking about it. UBI. Free money. Privilege. = lazy! I do think the Asians are doing it right. You too bro. Good luck on your path.
  12. Your missing the forest for the trees. Nuclear family was better off than before government handouts. More free money isn't the solution. Better cops is great. You think more money fixes these communities? Move to Chicago or Detroit. The longer people rely on the state, things won't change. Daddy government isn't your or my father. The Dems will not fix life for you or i nor republicans. The responsibility and sole ownership is on the individual to step up. You went to the equality argument which is short of hitler and the nazis. Blonde hair and blue eyes. The nonsense about equality is a fallacy but it is that same authoritarian crap only more malevolent. It is combined with fuzzy bunnies and good feels. At what cost? Should you be chop down from the knees so someone short can compete with you in the dating world? How do you fix iq? There's no metric or scientific data that shows how to. Mitigate being clinically retarded. How about sexual attractiveness? Should you or i be made to look the same in the argument of "fairness?" AOC is a classic example. Can't pay rent but is in office. Something should be done by someone else. Not, she learned to code and risks everything in a tech startup. Steal other people's money by running to the government. There's no doing the work or playing to win. Its all. Handouts. Its parasitic. Its not the solution. Life goes on. I don't and won't live on those areas. If i start a business, do i do so in a America that is promoting socialism and communist talking points? I take 100x the consequences or taxed into oblivion? Obv not. More business is going elsewhere. And can you blame them?
  13. And Government replacing the fatherless homes and promote "proud single mother" rhetoric is a better alternative? No dice. The alternative now is to run to the state and we get more high crime democratic states. We have leaders here kneeling in cowardly fashion to blm. I guarantee sooner or later, racism is going to be leaked likely before the election. Jesus called out these frauds thousands of years ago. Virtue signaling isn't new. How many looting and rioting are from single mom households? Since no fault divorce its been a abysmal nightmare for these communities but a huge cash grab. The same ones championing for minorities are out for personal gain and power. Imagine, someone in office who was financially responsible? Can pay for rent. God forbid, learned to code. Started say, a tech company and donated THEIR MONEY to said charities. Forced oppression has flipped. What's the divorce stats? How about when looking at gender? College educated? When we look at crime, the single biggest determining factor is fathers in homes. Talk about oppression. You see these tall, physically (dare i say) masculine looking fellas but they act like women. No fathers. They have hissy fits. They throw tantrums. Entitled for give me. Not, do the work. Oppression in the form of servitude. Not ownership or responsibility ie pick a ideal mate, father, husband etc. Nit dead beat then cling to victim clout. No, run to the state. Print of resources. The dave ramsey vid shows that example of sloth. Why work? Free money. When employers start to fire and hire new employees who will work, its more victim card. There's ownership 8n police force agreeing to better service and training but the crime rate in the communities mostly democratic btw are pointing the finger. Victim status. Welcome to the matrix. Champion the same people who will exploit you. You got cancel culture and fired for pointing out that truth. That being, the individual not the state will fix things. Again, people won't do the work.
  14. Reading comprehension isn't your strength. Let me use bold. NUCLEAR FAMILY WAS STRONGER IN THE 50S.
  15. Whats the alternative? Should we all be cut off by the knees so, we're all short? This is Darwin. Survival of the fittest. Mother nature doesn't give a shit. The fact we are here means, our genes won throughout history and replicated. Its not to say, things are perfect. My city is not burning down. I am not cheering on riots. The onus is on the individual to stand on their two feet and make something of oneself. Run to the government and more of the same will happen. WHY? INTERVENTION IS THE PROBLEM. It coincides with victim cards. Winners focus on winning.
  16. Imho, its worse. The amount of pushing it on children is disgusting. The weaponized false accusations of metoo who Biebs called out most recently, tranny story time with children, putting tran ideas onto children and or hormones? Government education slinging drugs on little boys before they had a chance to fully develop. The intervention of affirmative action, status quo hiring, diversity hirings isn't helpful. It plays into the sense that someone is incapable with a lack of capacity otherwise which is racist. The bar being lowered for one community and raised for the Asian community. Blatant racism. How these institutions get away with it is appalling. Jocko nailed a solution. More training. More time on scenarios something activists could do besides crying and rioting. I don't ever remember hearing Asians play the victim card regarding a long history of racism.
  17. Great post. The narrative is lazy. Orange man bad. Now, cops bad. Not, how about reform in crime areas? Its been over 60yrs of government freebies. And how's it working out? When Japan had fucking atom bombs dropped, i didn't recall Japanese going craxy, flipping cars, and burning down their cities. Oh wait, they were in concentration camps. They lost land. They had lives ruined. Has the government repaid these fuck ups in history? Irrelevant because of Asian socio-economic and academic excellence. Its not even a talking point. How about the Chinese and historical racism and work on the railway? Historical racism in Hollywood which is hard left btw. Education is key. The victim card is not. Imho, the government would have destroyed the Asian community by pumping in more intervention and money.
  18. I don't necessarily agree with conservatives entirely either. I'll steal JBP line and say, "British Liberal," or more moderate but, in the era of sjw, victim card, and simping to blm by businesses or Democrats kneeling. There's no proof but a leak of Bill Clinton saying Obama will be getting him his coffee. No doubt, there's racism in the party and yet, it is the party to always play that hand of cards. Its gross. Its something that pisses me off about the party because it eliminates conversation despite a lack of a argument. Its lazy. Human nature evolved to preserve energy. UBI is sloth. Do nothing. Free money. The Ramsey Vid shows people making more than going to work. Clearly not a stem degree. If AI happened, doctors, surgeons, CPAs, engineers, tech and trades all got decimated, UBI would be a alternative to the new world. Not now. You must acknowledge that, stressors like weight lifting, learning to code and others HELP build new pathways in the Brain. The alternative leads to sloth. Inequality is a weak argument. How do you compensate competing with Lebron in NBA? How about sexual attractiveness? Talent or skill set? There's always going to be unfair comparisons? Should i hunch on dates because i am taller to it fair? There's a tech lead manager at my gym. At gunpoint, he is forced to hire women regardless of whether or not they can code. This is stupid. When too much of the diversity and affirmative action despite lack of skill, talent or ability happens, you abandon ship. He is looking elsewhere for work a career because this is a sinking ship. It goes back into the wage gap myth. My problem with the articles around the world for ubi is, its a globalist agenda. It is always a good indication of power and the narratives being sold. We don't get news. We get political ideology. If AI, i bring on UBI. Till then, it promotes sloth as the vid with Ramsey suggested.
  19. No different here. You have people championing progressive and virtue signaling nonsense. Orange man bad. Victim card. Repeat! As for Eckhart, the dude did the work. He is a best seller. He has a awesome but over priced retreat i would like to checkout. People live in whatever paradigm they so choose. Choose your destiny! - Raiden (mkIII) Unlike the norm of progressive, "someone not me, do the work," Eckhart did the work. I see no hypocrisy. No money is the root of evil. People think running to the government be it pandemic flu or single mom's, urban areas rather than solving problems. Imagine, if mankind whimpered and cried victim card in the cave at the Don of time? People would be still in caves throwing feces at one another. Sadly, a lot of people still live like that.
  20. Its the Saturday youtube podcast to promote his consciousness series. No clue on time stamp. Its over an hour. I think it's near the beginning but. Again, its over an hour. I linked it i believe in the purpose sub.
  21. Is fatherless homes helping? Single moms? Abortion? What about murder within the community? It skyrocketed following the welfare state and government intervention. This is not to say, there's multifaceted problems. The community on a individual level is key. Where is blm on the above stats? Its a election cycle and magically the chaos ensues? Shocking! Radio silence. My point is that, the nuclear family was intact better in the 50s than the present day. Not acknowledging the effects of fatherless homes replaced by government is the single biggest detriment. The stats are abysmal for crime in single mom households as well as abuse. I saw the target burning down. Nobody had a stem degree. Not trades. The government isn't saving anybody. This is sloth! This pandemic to me looks like a UBI trial run. More people reliant on government. People take the bait. Its a piss poor attempt to acquire power. I don't see pandemic or this situation any different. The onus is on the individual to live the American dream. Not run to government. Its a waste of a life rather than going out to win. Learn to code. Get into a trade. Start a business. Be a engineer or accountant. Free money and handouts be it student loans or any form not earned has consequences. Wasn't the mayor of Chicago threatening people with jail time beforehand sneaking out to. A salon? Chicago is a distaste and crime ridden but she got a haircut as the people are in squalor? A woman was arrested for opening her business. Jailed two days for working. The economy shutdown for the flu? Its the 19th damn iteration. We beat it 18 times but again, its a election cycle. Orange man bad. Let's trash the economy. Now riots. The two are linked and i wont be shocked if we here where the trail of money is coming from. I would welcome defund police in said areas. It would be. More dangerous than Haiti in less than 24hrs.
  22. Twitter is a classic example. I know orange man bad around here. Fact check links to cnn opinion piece. The deplatformed and censorship always falls on conservatives. Most recent was the Google censorship before walking it back in typical cowardice fashion. Private business can do whatever they like BUT, they cannot hide behind the legal protection anymore following the last executive order. If they want to play the game of deplatformed and censorship yet let man hating or racist comments on whites, doxing conservatives, etc there must be fall out. Not responsibility for the users or is responsible. Must pick a lane. Its one of the annoying things about the left and many platforms. I avoid twitter. Eckhart Tolle called out twitter insanity last weekend. Why can't I be Nationalist? I used Asians for example as a ideal culture. Nuclear family. Fathers in households instead of abortions and proud single mom. Academic excellence in stem not women's studies or gender studies. Take Japan for example. The country is very nationalist. The country preserves their culture as is their right. The country hasn't been plagued by gender politics and nonsense the way the west has. And yet, if you visit Japan, there's definitely some racism towards foreigners too especially if you are pursuing the girls. Regardless of the color spirals, its evident in the left and as i pointed out, the crime rates by many democratic states is Unreal. I agree with reform and more training but, I also agree with these communities and democratic states reform. Clean up their act. That's not what happens. The cycle is running out to government, the AOCs who cannot afford rent but wants to extract resources. I want better police. I want better communities. A woman, white girl took a dump on a cop car. A keeper. Not serious. As gross as this is imagine the life and squalor that person lives under? The government is not going to fix It. It is again why i believe that the onus is on the individual first and the community second. Collectively, communities can make change. The welfare state is growing. Its not making things better. @Leo Gura i pointed out several times, black celebrities cheering on riots from the white community. Obama is where? Someone posted about the philosophical term for the situation and reverse psychology. It pisses me off that the discussion is cut off by the left because some moron yells racist and tries to get you fired. The paying homage and kneeling by the Democrats is pathetic. Its simping. Its thirsty but for votes.
  23. Better training is necessary but the elephant in the room is these democratic states full of crime. Sources? The video Leo posted shows stupidity. Assault and stun gun cops before getting killed. I don't know where the problem is? He assaulted and fired first what was deemed a deadly weapon. The Floyd scenario is wrong. The riots are not an example of higher iq or consciousness. ? Happy i don't live there Nor will. I ever. That's more conjecture. The crime in democratic states is appalling. There's more "urban" areas not following the herd anymore. "Change!" The stats speak for themselves. My position hasn't changed. I am. All for blm or anybody calling out cops killing. Let's go in on crime in these communities? Fatherless households. "proud single mom" rhetoric. Pump more government resources in the community which has the exact opposite side effect. Going back to your 1960s comment, these communities were better off in the 1950s..before the welfare state and running to the government for free shit. I saw Linsay Shepard ranted about racism in Canada to blacks and aboriginals. She needs a history lesson. The underground rail road led to freedom. Canada didn't have slavery but they had Japanese concentration camps. They blew up Chinese building the railroad. There is a lot of Asian racism in North America and yet, how are the Asian community doing? Academically? Socio-economic status? How is the abortion stat? Divorce rate? Proud single mom status? Japan is a mostly Japanese country. Like 98% Japanese 2% other. The country had two fucking A bombs dropped. They are proud of their culture. Certain countries don't give a fuck about race baiting but preserve their culture. My childhood friend is from Japan. He is/was a immigrant. He has excelled on work ethic and strong family values. The Asian culture is a good blueprint for many high crime areas. I agree with @Leo Gura for the most part and only disagree on larger government and government intervention/welfare state. There's a inversion going on. Liberals censorship and Conservatives pushing free speech. Pumping on more government resources will cause more problems as Naseem Taleb shows on his book Antifragile. You cannot be antifragile and seek handouts. The topic pisses me off. I grew up in "urban areas." i got out. I busted my ass. No handouts. Many didn't. I ended up in a predominantly Asian area after. Abortion, single moms and fatherless homes were not existent. I heard about a similar culture problem in armed forces and corrections. The barrier needs to be raised in policing and in communities where crime is high. We can do better.
  24. What is your age? I ask because med school is a long slog. You can have a outrageous debt. You can learn to code solo, community college, uni, coding bootcamp. Personally, I rather code but maybe medicine is your interest. Check free coding bootcamp YouTuber and udemy. Only you can decide but i am probably older than you.
  25. Lol. Mate, that's not good. My first question is, why date a masculine woman? I don't understand. @Moon made me laugh with "practice being more masculine." my abs hurt now. Thanks for the lols.