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  1. Be warned. When you play a game, there's a winner and a loser. What's the worst that can happen if he is a bf? I like my bachelor status. Its a on going pursuit day or night. So, if a girl pushes away, i pull away. Heads up. @Aquarius there's a desire to fill the gap between strangers and the no pants dance. In the words of Lou Ashby, "life's too fucking boring not to try." What's the worst that could happen if he was your bf?
  2. I don't disagree with you but the advice men get in society of "just wait" is cuckoldry. I can guarantee you that, if you put yourself out there, you will get laid. Its a numbers game yes but, competence is key. If taller and better looking, its life on easy mode. Whatever place you find yourself, tall or short, attractive or ugly, you owe it to yourself to test the waters. I went out with what turned out to be a radical activist. I lost her number. I have no time for the victim card. Also, I have options. Its a different way of being. I don't know Todd. I am naturally skeptical when anybody is selling me crap.
  3. I don't see receipts. The youtube is full of goons promising all kinds of nonsense and zero receipts. No proofs. Did not happen. Similarly, the do nothing and lay on a beach with a laptop shtick. Anybody in SEO, affiliate marketing or has learned to code, they know its not easy. I think that there's some insights if you sift through it. If you look at Peterson I enjoy his content but I highly disagree with some of him. Petersons daughter is a example of the complete contradiction to his message. Google daughter peterson and cobra tate. Do the math. The mainstream advice to men is nothing short of cuckoldry. The content of youtube from dating coaches is a buy my program skit.
  4. Why am i hearing radio silence? If literal, this is terrorism. Of figuratively, its a stupid comment given that abundance of looting and rioting. Regardless of politics, this is unacceptable. Sadly I see it getting worse before better. This is appalling. I am happy to not live in these democratic states. Here's to hoping things get better. ?
  5. No. That's terrorism bro. The comments are unacceptable and not a call to peaceful protest. The comments and riots are no coincidence. I am not surprised. Again, the intellectual dishonesty and response is telling. I don't need to hear about blm. I know what the leader stands for and everyone who simping. A lot of people here on the forum could do themselves a lot of Good buying and reading Power vs Force. The book would do more for the community then the Democrats and blm ever had.
  6. I don't care what he claims to protest. What he said is terrorism and given the abundance of looting, rioting, and insanity, there should be no excuse for it. The left explaining away this crap + cancel culture & & & ban for anybody on the right is crap. That isn't a argument any different then hitler and the naxis. Hitler is unapologetic too. You wut? The left unapologetic on steroids. Lol jenna marble apology. Jpeg. Lol democrats kneeling im simp fashion to blm. Blm leader that made a comment which is terrorism if taken literally and the riots are occurring. The comments and the riots coincide with what i already know and see. I don't see peaceful protests. I see tantrums and wanting handouts. Left couldn't be more apologetic.
  7. No. Link? Call it flimsy. You aren't making a argument. You or anybody are more than welcome to learn to code, build a tech startup, making astronomical money, and give it ALL away. AOC and the likes don't. somebody not me do the work. Businesses, you mean like the bail out by Obama & admin? You mean, Businesses that employ the American people? The forum here is extremely biased and watches far too much CNN. Chaz aka socialism 9.0 failed again. Shocker. There's a lot of herd mentality and not thinking for oneself. Literally, parroting the same crap. We have a link and stats on crime in democratic states but we will detour rather than acknowledge there is a lot of work to be done. If democratic states followed republican states, there would be a lot less crime and far less free shit. Prediction time. I could be wrong but I think this is going to blow up on the left. The kneeling and simping to blm and the promotions on riots are going to swing moderate voters.
  8. I don't get the resignation or was it like Meghan Kelly's apology. Rogan said she looked like she was held at gunpoint.
  9. The blm leader comments are nothing short of terrorism as i posted in another thread. Its ridiculous that anything Conservative is banned or blocked but calls for violence, celebrating riots, and insanity is fair play. Intellectual honesty would call out murder in the own community, abortions, fatherless homes, and a disproportionate amount of crime. I am going to predict the following will have severe consequences. Even the most moderate voters are going to swing.
  10. Yet, there's man hating and psychotic content online. Blm leader just made a comment a burning it down. That's terrorism and of course, radio silence. It shows exactly what these organisations are about. Targeting burn to ashes and simping there right after is the height of stupidity. Did twitter, fb or anything remove blm after said comments? No because it the left is kneeling in cowardice fashion.
  11. No. No its not. When you do this, you force people boot first on what to think, the masses rebel. I am predicting now a huge push back because of this.
  12. No man has asked me a weird question. I probably would have been ready to scrap. The vibe is weird and I wasn't even there. I get a creepy vibe. Since its routine stop going there. Maybe its a bath house spot.
  13. Tripp is a dating coach. Seems too pc and vanilla for my liking. YouTube is full of married dating coaches. Tons of frauds and shills selling crappie programs. Tripp seems like a nice guy. His gf is cute. I never met him before do i don't know much about him.
  14. Youtube eckhart tolle. Similar to work or that "one" (lololol) girl, and whatever nonsense you or i try to tell oneself, it's just a matter of thought. Taking thought too seriously usually or maybe you need a different partner. I mentioned a girl who is a activist. I wont see her again. I am not turned on nor interested in the victim card mindset. It actually pisses me off. The response is losing her number and if she hits me up, I'll shit her down. Another girl who could have a similar mindset doesn't and she is sweet. I am not looking for anything serious but I don't want a headache. For me, activists are do nothing but complain about whatever and run to the government. It's a annoyance and I am not turned on nor interested in the mindset so, onward and upward. You aren't Dating "I'm a victim." dissect whether its ego or something more destabilising.
  15. I don't think Biden is oriented right. He is struggling and forgetting things. The debates are going to be a blood bath verbally speaking. I remember the polls last time too. Madam president... Whoops!
  16. Imho its a by product of free shit. Not vet and screen for the best. Have you been to Chicago or Detroit? It would be nice for someone ITT to acknowledge that the stats aren't good rather than making excuse for the above. The democratic cities look this way and not smart people are demanding defund? Common sense is not so common. We can agree that the problem is multifaceted but the solution is not more free shit and government. In another thread, somebody brought up a philosophical argument that accurately portrays the situation.
  17. Given the time line and how quickly you can get it done, boot camp but given the garbage economy and unemployment rate, its likely not. Probably community college. You can learn solo through code academy and lighthouse i hear good stories about. There's no quick route. I am skeptical on hiring rate. @Chumbimba did you decide? The annoying thing is that, community college is full of nonsense courses and very over priced. Coding boot camp is really expensive but little to no guarantee of legitimate use. Check reddit subs.
  18. Checkout meet ups and events. Yoga and others. There's a lot of people when you leave your house. OLD is lazy. You got to put your foot forward and pursue. Anybody can write a bio and paint a nonsensical pic and catfish with photoshop. Outsourcing is again lazy like swiping on a app or complaining about the opposite sex. Chat people.
  19. Don't i know you from somewhere? Anything will do. Break rapport. Turn on the charm and charisma. It is a lot of energy to put out but its polarising. It is a awful lot of work but tinder is lame. I meet girls when out. I run. I walk or hike trails. I exercise outdoors. I am currently doing intermittent fasting. I look like Goku gone super sayain coming out of the hyperbolic time chamber. I did the work. I maximise my genetics to the best of my abilities. I got stacked and aesthetic during pandemic while people drank or ate fast food. Lift, laugh, love. Take numbers. Netflix and chill. And have options until you decide otherwise. I enjoy the bachelor lifestyle and I have zero interest in anything serious. You sound like a good guy. Chat lots. And just know that you have better intentions than me. Have a flirt. Drop rsvp and have a good time. It gets to the point where you just do it because and you don't over analyse it.
  20. Do you know what happens on breakups? As a bachelor, I can tell you. She's either on or out. This has disaster given the time line and repetition. Go no contact. Lose number. Meet other girls. When you have options, suddenly the fights go away real quick. Its a game changer. I don't do exclusive. I have no time for the nonsense like this. Its more than enough fun.
  21. There's your first problem. Someone is going to smash. I may as well be that fella. You begin to see the same patterns. I don't care for some guys opinion selling you crap online. Chat and have a flirt. Invite back to your place and repeat. Learn to code. Its a loop statement. She comes i smash. If not, i next and i meet more girls. Its either or. Play hard to get, next. Ghosting? Next. Repeat till you ate content or you date exclusively. During pandemic, i lost track of girls who were attention seeking. Pandemic or not, if she's attracted, she's coming or you cut all contact. Not believing is your biggest issue. The life of a bachelor in the modern era is like no other assuming that you do something with it. I am meeting girls at dog parks, workout spots, trails, and randomly. Workout, chat girls, and have fun.
  22. I don't give a damn about the society nor the culture. My grandfather married 18. Not 40. The culture is not a excuse. I saw a article online "body positivity reference to women. Overweight man. Lol. Really? We need multiple words to soften the blow of FAT! The older i get, the pool of access WIDENS. Not shrinks. There's always hot and younger. The inversion is apparent. Flirty with a co worker today. Lose her number. Date hotter and younger. Thread starter, i lose count of the girls in my past. Always younger. The look of rage and anger i get when running into people from the past with a hot young girl early twenties. I once got flaked on years ago. Ran into her with a girl. Just turned 19. Not sorry. If you CHOOSE to be a rug, expect to get walked on.. I'd lose her number and date others. What you find is that, the chaos doesn't decrease. It grows. You can get burned or you can hit the ejection button and find a better alternative.
  23. Until age. 40 yr old man smashing girls in their twenties is common practice. Dicaprio drops girls at 25. Neanderthal move but. It is but you get ego and lots of hard left, feminism, SJW and activists (ie somebody else go do something). The scenario is a common theme when out. It is a deal breaker. Biebs waa just accused of falsely and i hope jail time follows. Max sentence. Enough is enough with the crap of false accusations. Again, anybody with a victim card ego and activist identity, i have no interest for.
  24. It goes to show what running to the government for free shit and having incompetence in government (ie cannot afford rent). The stats speak loud and clear as to where i wont live.
  25. Ya, dump her. She would be dropped off the rotation. The good news is that, you know what she is and she's proven to be a useless gf. Lose her number and date hotter and younger not exclusively. I don't negotiate with terrorists. Go no contact. You set solid boundaries. She crosses them, her shits in the street. I don't have a live in or cohabitation scenario so, it just means she out stayed her welcome and its time to go. The advice is comical in the thread. Disrespect is unacceptable. Drop her. If exclusive, it must be earned. The actions are grounds for disregard.