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  1. Hey Moksha! What I mean to say is that I logically don't understand how just sitting down and looking at reality as purely as possible can lead to a different state of consciousness. Say, am I meant to just sit there with the same emptiness for many months until one day I get a eureka moment out of nowhere? Because if I spend half an hour a day or an hour, it doesn't feel like anything is actually being revealed to me. I don't have a single reference as to how it feels to awaken in the slightest, so the more I do the practice, the more sceptical I feel about it. Maybe I don't believe it is really possible deep down and that stops me. Don't know if that makes sense? When I do other things, my concept of progress is very different. For instance, when I learned to swim, even though I wasn't fully confident in swimming myself, I still knew I was improving. Whereas, in these practices, I feel like after dozens of hours so far, it just feels the same as when I started, just silence and staring into space.
  2. This business guy on youtube is pretty psychopathic . In this vid he talks about his employment policy and how he convinces people to work for him unpaid to be his minion and how he will fire anyone who doesn't show up one time even if they would want to go their mothers funeral because they aren't committed to helping him make money 24-7. Even his friend next to him knows something is kinda fucked up about it. But I dunno, maybe I shouldn't judge? Watch from minute 3