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  1. This interview with Kanye made me rethink how I see his thought process, he seemed stage orange to me before but now I'm seeing at least stage green and maybe even some yellow. I could be completely off on this, but to me he definitely seems construct aware to some degree and he understands the different levels at which systems are integrated into one another, he may not be the most eloquent at stringing his thoughts together but just how he leads from one to the other makes me think he sees how different systems still have similar properties that can be applied universally. He also clearly understands that there are different perspectives one can be pursuing success for, like industry and money, power and control, or what he believes he is pursuing, universal good, freedom and love, in an absolute sense that's also what we here call God. He speaks about God a lot and although he is a very adamant Christian it's pretty clear he's not talking about the old man with a stick in the sky watching over us all. Just my opinion but he's been villainized by the mainstream which mostly still operates from stage blue/orange, a la spiral dynamics. The people who he speaks of and appreciates were also construct aware and purposeful. Where would you guys place this current version of Kanye West?
  2. Hey Leo! Few years ago I found out I had what's been recently called Aphantasia, the inability to see any visual images within my "mind's eye," it hadn't occurred to me before I found out about the term, but whenever anyone would say imagine this or that, I would just conceptualize in ideas, never in actual images, and it somewhat shocked me to remember how I could easily do that as a kid and how I've lost that ability since I've stopped doing it. I hadn't even imagined that people around me could be doing all this in their heads all without my knowledge. IMO this is a very important skill to develop and become adept at, knowing that visualization is a key element to developing a more adequate self image, manifesting your dreams, visualizing a better reality, being creatively artistic, thinking laterally, speed reading, the list goes on and on and on. I feel somewhat handicapped having lost this ability and it would be awesome to know if others have been able to develop it again and absolve their issue and what it takes to do so.
  3. @Leo Gura Hey Leo, it really puts a smile on my face to see you acknowledge the need to work on that instead of dismissing it. I've said this many times on here and under some videos before, your work has been invaluable to me, not one other individual has come even close to giving me as much truly life changing content, and it kept coming, and it keeps coming, and it's always amazing. But it is absolutely obvious that your work takes a great amount of openness not only to the material -which comes as a given within hardcore self actualization and spirituality- but specifically to you and to the way you present your work itself. Many of your videos come free of this, and those are the best ones, the ones I can sit through where it is absolutely clear that you are throwing down your unobtrusive perspective and allowing me to take that as a new lens to see the world through, and a useful, non opinionated, but thoroughly researched way of doing so. It took a lot of watching the more "easily palatable" videos, or sitting uncomfortably through some that went in and over my head, to get used to you, your lingo and what it means and how it relates to each other, your way of speaking, and your way of teaching. I now know the mode of listening that is most optimal for me to be in to get the most use out of your work, and I know the times where I must allow my thinking brain to be more lenient with your words, but I recognize that took practice. With your videos being multiple hours long, and this process having to take place over dozens of videos, you can probably see that this is akin to picking up a new hobby a la mastery style. What I'm getting at here and what has probably been clear to you for a long time is that this is part of what makes your content so very alienating to many "outsiders." Even people that are interested in self actualization and spirituality can find it hard to endure, which definitely doesn't make it any more easy or common for the regular folks to get into it. Many times have I tried introducing your channel to my friends that I knew were looking for exactly some of your words to enter their heads and align those puzzle pieces together, yet I watch them react in profusely negative ways, very early on, and I've attempted this many times, with different people at different levels, and it's come clear to me that only a very limited and specific set of minds will accept your content in the current form it is presented today. In short the person has to be hungry, tolerant, open, willing to spend hours in possible discomfort, interested in your specific set of material, and smart enough to realize that sometimes they will have to do their discernments of what is useful here and what is not, all that before dismissing you at all, which frankly is much much easier to do for almost everyone else. But all of that to a highly advanced degree too, so it's not even enough to have those values to some extent, they must be also developed in strong foundation. Paradoxically that's all your work tries to offer, it's like you've locked the door and left the keys inside the room, and are waiting for us to find a way to come through. I know part of your purpose is most probably isn't to appeal to the average schmuck, but when it gets hard for even the people that are willing to learn and could learn a great, great, deal from you, in my wholesome opinion, it points to a deeper problem that doesn't require massive change, but definitely some sort of amelioration for the better somehow. In any case, we all appreciate you here, and we want to see more of you flower and take us with ya, so please take this CC from heart to heart <3 Ps. Having said all that, please make new videos on Creativity, I'm dying to hear the new insights you can crack my mind open with on how I can make higher and higher consciousness art, and it's surprising you haven't tackled that big C yet!
  4. Hey Leo! I've watched your video about art more than 3 times and it's one of the only ones that I really bothered to take out a notepad and write what you were saying down, as an artist it was literal gold, I didn't have high expectations because I don't know whether you had any interests in art at all but you blew my away with your insight on art, creativity, and how it all ties into elevating consciousness. And all that was over 3 years ago! That's almost baby Leo talking, so I know for a fact any video you make on Creativity and Consciousness today will be incredibly useful for me and thousands of others. There is so so much you haven't talked about here that I am certain you can shed some bright bright light on for all of us, and resources for artists and creative types is really one of the only things that is currently missing from your channel. I'm certain all of us creatives would love to hear about your thoughts on what it means to create, how to do it healthily and in a fulfilling way, and the pitfalls and shortcomings people tend to fall for, how it relates to mastery and what the purpose of it all can be. Another thing I'd really like to hear you clarify in your words is the difference and separation between Consciousness and Creativity, I'm going through your life purpose course right now and I haven't been able to clearly discern the two so they're almost tied as my top value. The confusion for me in this regard lies in Consciousness obviously having to precede Creativity, but then what is Consciousness itself besides Creative energy? How could I skillfully discern the two and make boundaries that are useful rather than dualistic. In other terms what are Shiva and Shakti and how can we usefully separate them from one another, and how do they intermingle and where can we take advantage of that? Julia Cameron's work has been eye opening to me and to hear you expand on all that would be fantastic. If you're an artist or interested in being more creative in your life make some noise so Leo pays some more attention to us!
  5. Just to add to this, besides having to wear a mask no matter where you are in Dubai as long as it is not your house, once you get into a cinema that is packed full apparently the virus gets preoccupied with the movie and it is okay for everyone to take their masks off.
  6. That is a good point and definitely one to keep in mind when having this conversation, but we are now at a point where the consequences of our reactions are starting to (seemingly, because we can't be sure) overpower the consequences of the actual virus itself. The economy is crashing worldwide, people I know could be losing their houses, families are struggling to eat, and in so far I do not see it getting any better. The story line of "Oh this is just temporary until everyone gets a vaccine and then everything will be back to normal" has fallen way behind now that there has been clear and irreversible damage to millions around the globe.
  7. Again I would like to clarify that I am not here to speculate conspiracy, instead I would like to talk about the real implications of this situation, and with all the contradictory information that keeps coming up, even though it doesn't have to mean there is an evil master mind behind this, could still very well mean that this isn't being handled the way it needs to be and that we could be causing a lot more harm than good in our current attempts.
  8. Thank you, I currently live in Dubai where there has been **411** recorded deaths since this all started, yet everyone is obligated to wear a mask ANYWHERE in public, this includes you walking outside alone by yourself, or you will otherwise be subjected to a fine of almost 1000 dollars US. The fear being projected out from this situation just to me makes absolutely no sense in correlation to the numbers.
  9. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on this forum so forgive any ignorance that might come out of these little fingers. I've been following Leo for a long time now and in my opinion he has been by far one of the most admirably knowledgeable people I've come across. Every video has tangibly made me more adept at navigating my life and I couldn't be more thankful for it all. Leo you've guided me from being a lost teenager transitioning into adulthood into someone that is now confident and excitedly hopeful to the future that I can now envision for myself. Now to my question, I've noticed that conspiracy talk and David Icke is frowned upon or even banned on this forum just by taking a quick look and I can understand where that would be coming from because of the inflammatory possibilities of it all. I do recognize all the issues that come with listening to conspiracy theorists and spreading their talk without highly considering it first, and I also recognize that at the beginning of all this I and many others were looking for somebody to blame, hence the appeal to stick to a conspiracy theory that tied it together and gave us a "villain." But seeing how this all has been unfolding so far I cannot help but find myself worried, not because I believe there are a group of lizard people sitting around a big table planning what they're going to do to the humans today, but instead because I know that their is a whole plethora of systemic problems within the world we live in, and knowing that there are evil people stuck in stage orange/red that will do anything they can to take advantage of those systemic problems to maximize their own individualistic profit and control, no matter the costs, it only continues to worry me where this could all be going. Seeing as these topics aren't being talked about here I am assuming that there has been a resolve or consensus towards all that, but doing a quick search through the forum hasn't lead me to anything of the like. If Leo has addressed this issue I would appreciate being linked to that post, and if not then I would enjoy a discussion with you guys on this topic, maturely Just to clarify, I do not believe the virus is fake just like I don't believe 9/11 was a hoax but, I know as a fact that it was disgustingly used for reasons that had nothing to do with it, including starting an entire war in Iraq, and the spying on people all over America if not in other places as well. We know as a fact that governments will stop at nothing to opportunistically jump at any chance they can to justify doing terribly evil things, again these are the same people that forbid psychedelics and demonized all hippies using a person like Charles Manson, just to name a quick little other thing. I know I cannot be the only one suspecting shady things going on here, a lot of what we are being told doesn't add up no matter how you look at it, and I don't mean to be poking anybody in the wrong places here, only trying to have a conversation.