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  1. there are lots of members here not doing self-actualization work in a serious way and missing the good amount of benefit they can get from here. to a degree it's not anyone's fault, but a place like this where you can be directly in contact with the creator of the content you like, ought to make it difficult for the creator to always come out brimming with wisdom. Imagine being able to interact with your favorite author of a self help book or material, how long before you get all the wisdom out of them, confuse them, frustrate them, find faults in them, or god forbid see the human being behind their image/work ? I think Leo is doing a good job, and there's much to be learned from actualized.org I would say the format of this form is either: 1) too old 2) doesn't allow for authentic communications 3) could potentially be inviting to trolls and non-serious members. I like how the stoa and rebel wisdom do their conversations with a zoom meeting. maybe we can borrow some of their idea's for the future.
  2. I’ve never been so happy to see someone talking about this : the US is a social catastrophe,Therefore it fails at generating the right public response to a public heath crisis (COVID-19) I think this is a fact that no one has hit on yet, I haven’t even seen @Leo Gura speak about it, although he’s aware of all the other systemic problems in the US, probably as it’s one of those situations where it’s water to a fish. Social life is so bad in the US compared to the standards in so many other places in the world, As a foreigner coming here, it feels like the entire nation is faking it.
  3. @Leo Gura you don’t see that Qanons, red pill, and god knows what other pathologies are directly related to people not being able to socialize properly? Lake of public transport or public spaces where people can sit or be walking side by side along others is scary scares I’m the US. I don’t think individualism is necessarily the problem, but a general ignorance of how life is like outside the US, and this stupid fear of ‘others’ that I never understood why is the norm here.
  4. @DocWatts Interesting. I somehow know about all what you mentioned. expect for the Michigan assassination attempt. what we are seeing is cartel, islamic state, book haram, going on here in the US, it's just taking place under our nose. I suspect people don't realize this as I do, due to probably never known that this possibility is present in the US (terrorist groups). or having been in close proximity with groups with such world-view. Back in Jan 6 mega-thread I commented that there are a large number of the protestors giving me a direct impression that it's terrorist actors, but was told I'm being reactionary. I don't believe the US military can be toyed with and turned into something like a natzi tool. I think people should take precaution though, military involvement might be necessary at some point to bring balance to this situation.
  5. @DocWatts when you say political violence what do you mean by this? Obviously whoever think they can turn the government down by an armed revolt is a lunatic, it's not 1800s you can't face the current day US military, as we've seen after jan 6, not a single red hat was spotted after the army was deployed. This is my take on the matter as a foreigner living in the US : I guess Americans were in deep slumber not realizing what's going on and distracted, with all of this happening, your are now witnessing what it feels like to wake up to what the country actually looks like. that's not to say when push comes to shove Americans would agree on something like tearing down democracy. I predict way more people will be moving towards saving it than now. it's just that we are In the shock phase, and it's going to take time before people start showing their real motives to support to democracy.
  6. @Gesundheit2 I can tell you that I agree with every word you said, and I’d still say it’s not as easy as you think. I came from a 3rd world country with opportunity in mind, I already know all this. it’s really not as you think, it’s a big lie that most people simply swallow before coming to the US. Thinking that with this mindset they are set to go. There’s a rude awakening that waits on the other side. Also, I’m actually still in the process of making it work so I’m not saying I reached a dead end and everyone who comes here will have the same experience. But there’s a facade to the US that is just not apparent to outsiders.
  7. I think most regard him as a yellow vmeme because he somehow tapped into the meaning making idea of yellow somehow. Though I think this is a misunderstanding. I remember in the nihilism episode you explained how the meaning you make is personal and you discover it is you go with trial and error. In other words everyone has there own way of finding meaning thats suits them personally. I think this distinction is important to stress out as it gets lost in context when you try to oscillate between “yes, reality has meaning!” “ no, reality has no meaning, and you should go beyond it!”. I really feel for JP. Though if he continues this way his life work might turn into a toxic life purpose, and can start indoctrinating younger people who have no idea and just follow him because of his reputation.
  8. I don't think thats how it is. you have to understand that yellow for example is about : models of reality. It’s selecting something about reality and modeling so that it brings the best results. yellow finds answers for things you haven't asked about yet. Meaning it’s more aware of things you haven’t put into context yet, as you are too busy to be aware of it. So in a sense it’s about seeing progress and where human beings can go. But you don’t see the future you just think: oh I think it would be great if all people did that to get the best result, example: study philosophy or self development. But until the shift happens societally its just what you think is going to happen. Green in contrast thinks that all the problems of the world could be solved if everyone lived in communes, free everything and “its all about love and peace,man!” When in reality this doesn’t work the best thing that evolving to green does is make you cognitively more open and free. So at the end it’s not seeing the future but ‘actually’ evolving into an optimum human being ahead of time. Your mind just becomes freer and freer as you evolve. **also coral is tier 3, so it doesn’t really map to red but beige, as it’s the start of a new spiral. Just as yellow starts a new spiral therefore it maps to beige.
  9. US is not a first world country, or at least it's not what the term suggests to be more exact. not sure where you are from, but being an immigrate myself, being fluent in English, spending time between work and study, not going out or wasting money and not buying expensive and unnecessary things, and still haven't broken through. it's tough to survive in the US, I wish someone told me that. I would still come, but I wouldn't be played out like the way I thought the US was like.
  10. Theres a talk with Tristan harris and Daniel Schmachtenberger with joe rogan, I highly recommend you to listen to it to get a better understanding of the social media phenomenon as a current culture development. its much more dangerous left un-monitored than just promoting narssaistic behavior (basically the most eye grabbing content you can put). It goes much deeper than that into missing up the fabric of society.
  11. https://braverangels.org/ This group's name came up on the recent JRE with Tristan Harris and Daniel Schmachtenberger. They hold group debates and conflict resolution workshops across the country, their goal is to depolarize both reds and blues. They program takes an SD stage yellow approach in conflict resolution, with the focus on reaching a common ground and accurate disagreement. I think it's worth shedding light on such groups, as they offer actual workable solutions and highly conscious politics such actualize.org promotes.
  12. @Preety_India I see your perspective. However this is not a good diagnosis in my take. people will always be sick no matter how hard they try to be healthy and/or fit, no matter how good medicine gets, in theory there should always be sickness. But the main take of this point is that humanity shouldn't drop being doctors or develop solutions such as medicine. if politics, democracy, civil rights, political debates stop existing it's a race to the bottom not the other way around. The man in the video is actually a marriage counselor, maybe the issue that it hasn't been tried before ?
  13. @Preety_India American politics is great. Disagreement incentivize back and forth conversation. it's kind of like having an editor who can't be pleased because they want you to bring your best out of you. I have lived under a dictatorship and in a place where there are 100s of parties, it's not great. The way it is right now in the US is because people are not aware of the consequences actually losing their democracy. This group I think is very civil, and promotes higher consciousness. I haven't joined them but I'm considering it.
  14. Any one here has an idea if Qanon is purple? I theories that it’s a manifestation of toxic purple to red. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QAnon
  15. Context can help. what was she saying you should be afraid of ? another question is what if you no longer fear it at some point will that mean that fears are kind of like challenges that can be won ? if so that makes the remark your mom made kind of like saying: life has challenges; which you can win or lose.
  16. @Jacob Morres interesting . Hope that gave you an idea of how your mind works. Mine said a month. Then maybe more, then started justifying what good could comes form FB. It’s just interesting how the mind jumps around and start seeing the other people’s perspective once there’s some benefit for it. Which to me shows that when you examine beliefs you start seeing how false they could be.
  17. Costochondiritis can be very hard for physicians to diagnosed.Most doctors have no knowledge on the true cause of it and therefor fail heal it. it can become the future's epidemic, simply because it accumulates over time and is directly related to sitting in front of a monitor for too long or using a mobile phone with bad head and arm position (I-hunch). Speaking from a personal experience it's terrible! and very few resources exist on how to treat it properly. it can be a pain in the butt if you have it and don't know what has happened to you. it really deserves learning about. Best resource for costochodritis that I've found: https://www.reddit.com/r/costochondritis/ hope this helps whoever gets this ?
  18. Hello, I posted here about a week ago about my condition, but the post got deleted with the recent forum crash. In brief, I have pain in the top left rib and back pain on the relatively the same spot. It stared a year ago. Was very severe. It started as twitching that i’d feel around the left breast. couldn’t walk, and my shoulders were tight and lifted up the whole time. Every movement was causing my ribs to pop followed by inflammation like pain and twitching. nothing was giving my any relief including siting and lying down. It’s now better after many months of stretching and releasing muscles around the spine. however the irritation is still present , I still can’t lift my left arm or move it around without occasionally popping my rib. I’m curious If anyone have had this before ? I’ll update this thread with more information, but feel free to ask anything. Thanks.
  19. @RobertZ thanks for your reply, and sorry that you had to go through such pain. I’ve been seeing some good results the past two days. I guess I should’ve not given up on stretching so fast.
  20. @Michael569 thank you I'll try to find this medicine. I'm basically sold on the idea that anti-inflammatory drugs are bad, and such conditions need physical care or adjustment. I'll be updating this theard with what I've tried, what worked and didn't. This condition is really bad and a lot of people are susceptible of getting it because of bad posture, I-hunch and sitting for long hours infant of a computer.
  21. @Michael569 I’ve had this for about a year now. I saw two doctors, one had no idea what it was, did blood test and a CT scan, which showed no signs of autoimmune disease or damage to internal organs. the second doctor was able to diagnose me with costochondritis right of the first visit. Which was very helpful, I looked it up online and found some stretching exercises that helped me a lot. I’m seeing a rheumatologist now. He believes that one rib possibly has calcification on it. And i’ll be getting an x-ray soon to confirm. I think main reason could be that I over exercised during covid. Did lots of breathing exercises, WHM, running and yoga which possibly either caused an injury to the rib, or exasperated an existing one due to siting in front of a monitor for too long (I’m CS student)
  22. @Mesopotamian Spiral Dynamics at the core is a model to pin point the level of society/individual consciousness by assessing their values as a whole. Usually it goes as I mentioned in most societies. Here's great video about an SD development study of a country in the Middle East: Egypt. I think you'll find it informative :
  23. see, tribe, Honor codes, family as the chief of one's freedom is all stage purple, red, blue values respectively. dating doesn't come until atheist orange emerges and challenges blue, building a society with values such as 1.individual freedom 2. individual's independence from family. the whole society has to go through this change to embrace those values. and that comes only when everybody start distrusting stage blue and thinking for themselves. How many atheist orange do you know ? ... and then dating becomes the norm, because how else would you find a partner if you don't have a family to arrange a marriage for you? if your values as such that you are in charge of your choices and won't let anyone infringe upon them ? it's a whole societal shift. not a western concept.
  24. @Carl-Richard I disagree, atheist can be baffled but not personally offended if you told them that your science is not serious investigation into reality. A Muslim is more dense. They would take offense. It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong, but would resolve to violence if circumstances allow.