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  1. @thisintegrated Hmm interesting, never looked at it this way before. I think I was thinking about it it this way: listen to higher stages as they can tell you what you don’t yet know. Stages below would just be butt-hurt and not understand your level of development. makes since actually. I actually do listen to lower stages some times and appreciate there points of view. Though Maybe I need to look at all criticism with more open mindedness for understanding there points of view and not be too judgmental.
  2. @thisintegrated not really, I don’t really care, I see my blind spots as having a green prospective ( some I don’t think I’m completely green tough idk). And I’m here to learn. I just feel like there are some Ive noticed who criticize green from below which is counter intuitive if there objective is to learn. I personally don’t mind a criticism from above since I know that being too hell-bent on protecting everyone and there emotions wouldn’t get us far.
  3. @Preety_India I think this is actually an advanced green forum. Though I haven’t been here long enough to know or to make a solid argument for it. it tends to be highly mind focused since Leo talk about stage yellow topics which are to the (majority of us) advanced and too heavy on the ego. Emotionally and intellectually. I know I sometimes wish Leo would be more emotional, his most emotional videos where my favorite and speaks to me (the ones I remember where the stages of life which was an awesome video). but you are right it’s not green. And some people here tend to misunderstand green ( but know what it is) which makes them criticize it from below and its a shame. green is respectable when you live among them, great pack, would support you emotionally and would defend your rights. I think less people talk about these facts and actually just follow what Leo says about green ( which is criticized from above and therefore makes his opinion actually valid and worth listening to)
  4. @Anastas Sia very interested to learn more about this, or if you have found others who have changed preferences like yourself. I knew friend who identified and dressed like a boy for the majority of her life, had relationships with girls too, and was sexually attracted to girls, said she didn't feel anything for guys. One day she told me she just woke up and found out that she likes guys now. I'm not sure how this happens so suddenly.
  5. @Leo Gura I still think that talking about the problem of lack would be a great idea, aside from this conversation. I think people don't care also because they don't know that this is possible. like how will I figure this out if the heroes I'm following are only talking about disasters that's going to wipe us off. and even systematic-thinking people don't bother to mention this often enough that there are workable solution. I've been following some stage yellow people and they only drop this knowledge on you so out of the blue because they are so detached I imaging like it's nothing "yeah we can solve this all ya know ? hooray! .. "
  6. @Leo Gura I think I have a video request: why the fuck is this not talked about as a possible solution! nuance: why is stage yellow's systematical-thinking not a thing > who benefits for keeping this a mere wishful thinking ? > where is the egotistical pushback coming from that make this not explained and taught at schools > why do we fall into the tarp of lack
  7. nuclear energy ? do you see this a solution in the coming years? or will it take longer than that? if it is, it might be better to study nuclear physics than environmental studies if this is actually workable and can generate lots of jobs.
  8. has anyone watched Mushishi ? I could be just guessing, but I think it has some turquoise in it.
  9. @Leo Gura just because we do listen to other teachers other than you ( as you recommend) who do you know that has equal amount of understanding or integrity same to you who wouldn’t lead us to become simply a part of their flock? Any spiritual teacher comes to mind? I’m really interested and not simply using this to doubt you.
  10. I believe this is the white man's purple :
  11. I found this video and I thought this was worth sharing, since we are about broadining our perspective and listening to different opinions, not to say this is the majority of MAGA supporters, but it's worth paying attention to the few who got some sense in them who do exist.
  12. @Leo Gura the way I see it, spiral dynamics model is more global and cultural, it's good for an alien to know what spiral dynamic is as a first model to help them understand humanity and the way people have evolved, in order for them to be more capable of finding the ones who they'd be safer to interact with. 9SED is more focused on egos, the way ego loses its attachments and find new ways of reflecting on itself and others. I find it more accurate when concerned with people's way of cognition rather than their world view. With enough experience and study one can start scanning for words such as "always" "everyone" for stage stage3, or equally develop a sense for how complex the target's speech and word choices are, enabling the observer to infer (or at least use elimination) to find the target's 9SED level.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if any one knows of a good resource for anyone who wants to develop a mentality of winning and being competitive. I'm seeing lately that having a good degree of wanting to be competitive is a good and healthy aspect of life if one doesn't obsess about it. I've noticed in my life that I'd often not care too much about winning as a goal. I used to play video games with friends, for example, but I'd be more interested in playing and having fun than being a good player. Which sometimes was not just being in a good spirit because id get angry or jealous if someone was playing better than me, and I can see that playing in subtle ways in other areas in my life, which makes me want to understand if that's a limiting belief issue. so how can one start being competitive and get into the mode of being a winner? note: if you there's a video by Leo that you recommend please link it, I haven't watched all his success videos.
  14. @Leo Gura I've noticed that I can easily guess the stages based on a small hint like that, having the book, I know why you say it's blue, but I can't exacly explain why that is, I have studied your videos well and have been around people in stage blue, orange, red and green even a bit of a small exposure to purple. it's so easy to me to guess most stages based on the Vmeme way of the stage or even a stereotypical image, sort of like how you, for example, post videos about the Simpson's hippies, Like I know that not all the people that go in the category of red or green are the same, it's very easy for me to see that having been around people form all these stages that I mentioned. however, this is helpful for me personally only because I have this exposure. I see many members here who simply follow your teachings rationally and end up believing some silly notion, such as for example, the word 'fight' must always mean Red, or the word 'peace' must always mean Green (no pun intended). .
  15. Eminem, Detroit, rappers from poor countries/cities/neighborhoods.etc are almost always at stage Red in the beginning of their careers.
  16. I had an argument with a military guy about gun laws and school shootings, when I pointed out that guns have became 100x more advanced and lethal since the time when the founding fathers were laying the constitution, therefore guns should be treated with 100x more care when selling them by number and to whom your selling them to, He countered by saying: that this is like saying that the founding fathers were stupid for not foreseeing that guns were going to be more advanced in the future. He seemed like a sane person and was willing to hear what I was arguing while being able to come up with an explanation to how he saw things, it was unfortunate that he had built a firewall around the thought of a 'more strict gun control' since I presume it somehow was linked in this mind with being less patriotic/less loyal to the founders of the country.
  17. I like what Matt Khan says about this: “Tuck it in...”
  18. @DocWatts something I've been wondering about for a while. Is reaching a sort of freedom in one's life necessary for this, or is it a society matter ? for example Green college students in a southern state. they obviously can't go all the way green in their environment that have issues with different race marriage and trying to block abortion. I'm sure most of them would like to move out to a place where Green values are more acceptable, but they might lack the means to do so. I guess what I'm asking is: is that a part of the challenge ? or is it just a society thing where you can be lucky to be born in Europe, and be susceptible to a Green worldview.
  19. @Husseinisdoingfine I'm in same boat with you friend, as I believe I fall under green or at least have green values. I do think though that what we are doing here is sorta what yellow is, going meta on life, society, the mind, the ego etc. examining what's true and what's not true for us, keeping an ultra open-mind etc. any Yellow correct me if I'm wrong: but I think going meta on shit is really what the stage is all about. I would say though that I couldn't tell a Yellow person for the life of me unless someone points them out. I'm just guessing they probably have a wardrobe full of black shirts.
  20. great point. I can see why the emphasis on calling it ethnocentricity.