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  1. @Leo Gura plugging more gradual and last more so the experience is interpreted bretter vs. vaping immediate last less time ?
  2. I don’t agree, I think Nora is at stage yellow, I don’t know a lot about her but she is the daughter of a systemic thinker and a systemic thinker herself; just look up Nora Bateson and warm data, and you’ll get very inserting results on YT: Daniel and Nora grew up on a mountain of prevailed upbringing and good fortune. While the rest of humanity is born into blue/orange societies; if not red/purple, Nora grew up on the edge of emerging culture : in Esalen, listening to Alan watts and Joseph Camblell as a child 😁 while Daniel had an education of Finish schools : in Finland there are no curriculums, kids are followed by thier teachers in the play ground and a curriculum is designed based on what the kids find interesting … or so I heard. No wonder they grew up being the geniuses that they are 😄
  3. They both have green bits. Daniel when talking about animal rights, even with all his understanding of society and complexity of life can’t see that you wouldn’t be able to let cattle out alone because a family of wolves would eat up what could’ve been 100s of families dinners, and even if you offer protection for no return, that’s just ridiculous, given the amount of land food and care the cattle would need until the die of old age; that IF they didn’t maintain there population like any animal under stable circumstances and protection wound naturally do; meaning indefinite food, work care and occupation of valuable land for no return at all. His thoughts on this matter is coming from green.
  4. Seeing that you say that you say you are in uour late 50s, Would you recommande for a young guy over 26 ?
  5. @Leo Gura you should've asked what cures this cringeworthy behavior (serious) it's actually sad to look at devoted humans that worship the "idol" of god and preform good deeds for good karma etc, and yet aren't able to let go of a depiction that was given to their grand-grand-parents because they are afraid of opposing god, so they cause all kinds of idiocy, and fail to appreciate god's creation. Also could you explaining what Cringe meant ? I could be biased of what I imagine that to be.
  6. seems very turquoise, speaking openly about why some minorities would not be able to get teachings that are higher than their level of development
  7. I have noticed recently that my left rib cage is sticking out to the left more than the right side, I've never really noticed that before. I've had x-rays and had doctors look at my spine last year and no one have mentioned any problem with my spine. I'm mentioning this as I had costocondritis last year (first time of my life getting this) and took a number of x-rays, but no doctor mentioned that this might be due to a ribcage rotation or anything of like that. a few months ago, I visited an Osteopathic and he pointed out that when I lay down my left ribs stick out more than the right. I didn't know what he meant until I looked online for people noticing a slightly more sticking out ribcage. like I said I've never noticed this before or had any doubts, I'd even say that now that I'm looking at the mirror, I'm sure that there is a difference than how I remember my ribcage looking at least a year go. in the past two years however I was doing a rotation movement, bringing my arm towards my body and twisting to the left ( it was the only thing that helped me recover from my costo symptoms ) I did this twisting motion almost everyday, and I'm worried that this might shifted my ribcage. I'm wonder if there's a way to help reverse this rotation? ask me for more details if you'd like.
  8. @Tyler Robinson that’s extreme blue which I don’t like either, what i said is that the business owner themselves would be compelled not to lie as much as the could and actually ground themselves and their business with some good values.
  9. @Tyler Robinson you say that there is no healthy side to blue, which I feel is wrong thats my argument, i do not want society to go back to blue that would be crap. The reason why we are talking about a healthy blue values to begin with is because of the unhealthy aspects of other stages that can’t be fixed with some bits of blue values. you don’t think the culture of stealing people’s money and selling them broken products is bad? You wouldn’t get that with some business owner that has integrated blue values, but you might get it with a stage orange kid who grew up without any blue values and think it’s a great strategy to sell things to people if the product could last for a whole year “who gives a shit about lying to people?”
  10. @Tyler Robinson the problem is that your forcing your world view on someone else’s world view, and making that a valid argument … “but stage blue shouldn't do that because it’s bad/abusive” I’ve lived in a stage red/purple society, i’ve learned to appreciate blue just out of contrast, which is a funny thing! many people in the west will not be able understand this … especially being born in a largely stage orange society where everything just works and people just do their thing and everyone is doing there own part. You kind of just get super blind to what you have for granted.
  11. meditation first for me. I got interested in it after getting curious about the Beatles (not born in the west, so what the Beatles represented was totally not something that I grow up knowing) and then learned about transcendental meditation. after that went on r/meditation learned a bit about buddhism, used headspace the app and persisted with it for about two years of daily meditation (avg 15 min). In the past two years I had a condition that made meditation herd/impossible so I stoped. I'm thinking of getting back to it when I get a bit better. psychedelics came second, used it mainly because I had depression and out of curiosity. not depressed anymore, had a great effect on my life, but no awaking experience as far as I can tell ? I actually don't know what an awaking experience is/what counts as one? it decently improved my emotions and got me get curious about life, I'm still a noob at it, but It's a good force in my life when I use it correctly
  12. @Fearey wouldn’t be easy to change your life to the better with considerable ease with this amount of money? I guess I’m miss-understanding how hard it is to for a stage orange to change course/hardly held beliefs, and see the world form another perspective. EDIT: my intuition says that he’s possibly shoot himself in the foot doing exactly what his socity “told” him to to once you have the money: buy a big ass house an throw parities … that life! Not paying attention to he himself ‘actually’ wanted! Also hanging out with celebrities could’ve ruined him, these people are larger than life and highly abnormal I assume.
  13. @Loba lol i see that, it’d be nice if Disneyland could have a theme parks where you can live these fantasies for a day or two, one for each gender and lgptq+
  14. @Loba I think op is just expressing what every guy in history have thought of at least once in their lives. It’s like how girls fantasize about being princesses or royalty, it’s just that guys are more straight to the point and all about function. guys would say: “why do girls like to be served by a fleet of servants and have 100 drawers of jewelry ? what a tasteless life!” miss understanding that female thrive in their own way in social roles self appreciation.
  15. Theres meaning in pleasure and pleasure in meaning though. it’s often not possible to get both the way you are describing, but it’s completely possible if some conditions where meet.
  16. Aha, beautifully said👍
  17. Just thought I’d post this here, this guy is explaining what I have : (short vid less than 3 min) https://www.reddit.com/r/costochondritis/comments/w87gjy/please_upvote_so_every_one_can_finally_be_cured/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x the backpod he shows in the video works for me, but it’s very slow for recovery. If you recognize what this condition is about please let me know.
  18. Yeah, please? I don’t really understand what evidence would qualifies a turquoise thinker, but any insights I guess would be good.
  19. @Leo Gura didn't you in one of your 5-meo videos say that "if the buddha had Sony this is what kind of video he would be recording"? were you not having a god awakening in that trip?
  20. What does it mean to integrate the spiral into one’s self ? Isn’t the goal of SD is that it’s clears any misunderstandings about others, who may have different values (lower or higher in the spiral from the point of perspective) and instead work as a sense-making tool to enhance cooperation among people ?(especially for companies since I guess this was it’s original purpose) So stage yellow will theoretically want to create schools, companies, businesses, societies etc, that uses the model, which in it’s turn will unite people with different values in actuality. your saying that turquoise would go even farther than that ? So what's mentioned above is not what you're suggesting to be “uniting the spiral in the real world” ?
  21. I've watched these two episodes and what you say in your posts resonates with me, however, I don't really know where to go or what to do from there? I understand that science is making models and it will never grasp true reality this way...Is the ultimate philosophy of life is to understand reality experientially ?
  22. how? you can't just make a mass of land disappear out of the face of the earth.
  23. Why no ? There’s a book on Leo’s book list about this: how introverts are looked at as having something wrong about them, the book is about busting that myth and if I remember correctly, about how to best deal with introverted children. generally I think introverts get stereotyped and judge heavily if they don’t show social traits or try to jump in like extrovert do - I would’ve said “at least in the US” but I’ve experienced that also in other cultures.