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  1. very good topic
  2. maybe you are just not sleepy yet @Monkey_in_suit, instead of forcing yourself to sleep. Get up, go out, work, watcch movie, live your life till sleep knock on your door. maybe you wana force a sleep schedule on yourself that is contrary to what your body needs. like having a fixed sleeping time. just like everyone's appetite for food & indigestion time is different, sleep can be very different from person to person.
  3. Classic advice bro
  4. Hey everyone, i'm new over here, I hope everyone is doing good. I'm curious, I've always been a fan of Leo's work, besides the content, I've always being amazed and admiring the technical side of it. His fluency with the english language, the word usage, the flow, basically his communication style I would say. I would love to have some behind the scenes insights from @Leo Gura himself or if anyone already asked this question about what goes behind the camera when it comes to this topic, like does Leo write his videos before recording and kind of memorize them, or they are on top off the head, what are some ways one would go about practicing speech and explaning stuff, how do videos get recorded, etc... Thanks