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  1. Hi, I'm new here. My response to Leo's Outrageous Consciousness Experiment. On 02:01:00 Leo said he is done with 5meo-dmt for good. Is it really so? I hope not. I was really struck by what he explained afterwards. He talked about 'A 2nd Dimension of Awakening'. It can not be described, imagined nor talked about. That's vertiginous. After an hour and a half describing a constantly increasing awakening of infinite love there he comes with another dimension of awakening that goes even deeper and then another one and another one and so on. That truly conveys a sense of infinity. After arriving at the peak of his infinite experience Leo realized once again in the most profound way that Love is All. He then dazed off in a corner covered in a blanket while being frail and scared (in my imagination). There he made his realisation of other dimensions of awakening. So my question is the following: Taking into consideration those different dimension of awakening, do you guys think that there is something that goes even beyond Love? (Other things I was wondering were: How are Infinity and Love linked? Is there a difference between Love and Infinity? Or is one a attribute of the other e.g Infinity is a caracteristic of Love OR are they independent?)
  2. Hey @GreenWoods very interesting experiments and congrats on your dedication and consistency. I am really looking forward to your progress in the future. I myself have gotten into lucid dreaming, although I haven't had any experience so far I am getting used with dream journaling and setting a couple of alarms to remember and write more dreams down. I wonder if obe's really are as vivid as during normal waking consciousness.