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  1. @Recursoinominado from my personal experiences, I had some big insights on alchool alone. I ve never tried ketamine but I heard it has a similar effect on your mind as alchool.
  2. @Rigel i get what you re sayin😂i had the same feeling for tobacco at some point. Im from Romania, Eastern Europe, here you have the opportunity to taste alchool at an early age. I used to get drunk a lot in highschool and college but now for a couple of years i use it to separate my emotions from my body and weed for introspection. This is why i started this topic. Im curious of other people s experiences with this combo cause I heard for some people it s not really great😅 Thanks for answering
  3. @Davino A year before this I started doing breathwork almost every day(30+ mins morning and 30+ mins before sleep). Although I knew most of the concepts of what awakenimg entails, i didn t really experience such a radical shift in consciousness before. It felt like I was loosing it. Until then i didn t know what panic is or anxiety is. I remember at some point I was desperately searching on google "how to close your third eye"😅 one answer that I found and on which i relied on was that you have to poison your body with alchool or junk food looking backwards seems silly but it was everything back then. At the moment I believe I recovered completely and conceptualized all the stuff I felt. My ego grew back even stronger and more enduring to those kinds of experiences. I envision my personality/ego as legos that I can shape with my values. Thank you for your advices!
  4. Hi, I know alchool its not the best state changing substance, body health wise talking. Two years ago I had one of my best breakthrough. After months of weed & shrooms & LSD + serious introspections In a regular normal morning I did my regular morning warm up exercises + breathing exercises + a cup of coffe + a spliff. It took like 5 minutes until I didn t feel my head on the shoulders. The moment when i got really scared is the moment when i felt my heart beating really hard in my chest. After that moment I got sent in a state of panic for almost 2 weeks. Little description of the state I was for that period of time: What i felt most of the time was streams of energy flowing through my spine upwards on top of my skull all pointing in the same point in between my eyebrows on the forehead. It literally felt lile I had a vortex of energy condensing in one point in my forehead. Because i was not understanding whats happening to me the panic grew even stronger. Because I was a student at the time, i took the decision to go back to my hometown un my village and spend there a couple of weeks. The nihilistic feeling wouldn t go away for 2 weeks. Everything was stramge to me. It was like I was seeing everything as the first time. Everything seemed brand new to me. Because mind was fogged I couldn t understand what I was percieving. At some point i started drinking beer. The uplifting feeling that alchool gave me was the tool that took me back on my normal state of consciousness. Since then alcohool+weed became one of the best combo i use when i want to change my state of consciousness. What do you think about weed+alchool?