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  2. @Gabith Hi ?? I dont know where you are, maybe this feels crystal clear already or not resonate at all and your struggle is about something else? Writing this to you, is also for my own sake, training my self be open about this and as an reminder, maybe also can be helpful for you? A couple of months ago i was ready try learn more about chakras, ahaa moment to start learn about 2:nd chakra, some calls it for sexual energy and also creativity energy. If you ask me, there is something to open, nurture, learn elevate and find balance, that is named chakras or energy points and whatever, here stems some or maybe all problems to be able enjoy life fully. Gently learn how to enjoy life with balance between creativity and sexual energy, who knows, there might are possible sometimes to combine.. ? Unbalance/blockages, can emptiness be connected with chakras for you? I struggle express in english and writing so i let these links and people below, take it over from there. https://chopra.com/articles/learn-about-your-seven-chakras-and-how-to-keep-them-in-balance Free https://isha.sadhguru.org/uk/en/yoga-meditation/yoga-program-for-beginners/yoga-videos Depending where you live, notice there is sometimes Eu/Us/Global pages. Free https://www.ishayoga.eu/index.php/live-webinars/ Free https://isha.sadhguru.org/us/en/yoga-meditation/isha-yoga-online-offerings There are much material for free on site and YT, if you resonate and feels comfortable with the old wise man, that tries distill wisdom into language, that hopefully people can decode wherever they are in their life's journey. Example also what can cause trouble.
  3. To spend very much time at one location or with same people, whoever they are, can often be unhealthy if not balanced. Be away from home maybe are problematic during pandemic there you live. I dont know your circumstances during this situation and pandemic you have, so there are easy to try give advice that not are suitable for the moment. To be able have a pause from day-to-day environments, thru leave home for work or activities have for many been changed. So, work from home and be home and live home and stay home, are maybe in the end a bit to much home. On top on that, be around other people that also might be home in a new way and reasons. If not able walk away and instead run from a problem, can give new problem, Do you really have to be home all the time or do feel as an traitor when not home and are helpful? Buy an caravan maybe or stay at another location part time, find out a reason to have your own time or space, away from home and the intense home atmosphere might start look different with new fresh perspective's and home will maybe not feel that dysfunctional, the group dynamic and attitude at home might change as well after a while. Balance and boundaries? The Teacher Called Suffering | Eckhart Tolle Teachings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq5PokNFSgs
  4. @ivankiss Got kidz? 9 months later and problem solved 24/7
  5. O yes, she have a positive, happy energetic uplifting attitude, well expressed in the videos. Sometimes she also runs live group activation's on youtube. First time i attended at a live group ever was with her. She felt have a balanced way of handle and talk to a large group, with positive feedback in the commentary's. So from my perspective, it suits everyone, also for me that was a newbie, felt welcome and safe onboard.
  6. Hi! Welcome ❤️ Here in the forum we are people from all around the globe and now during pandemic it can help to share and care to feel less isolated. To have multiple various sources from where you seek and gather your information, important to learn and choice how to build knowledge and get the experience you need that suits your personal development, there are way's to stay healthy and avoid to be a fan to anyone that you can put on a piedestal or get into unnecessary trouble. To do some journaling can be a tool to start get a map where you at and what comes up can be helpful to be able know whats going on in your inner world. Leo's start videos https://www.actualized.org/start The newer are done from a very developed Leo during very many years, so to watch them can be confusing to begin with. Leo Video - Balancing Theory vs Practice https://www.actualized.org/articles/balancing-theory-vs-practice Here are a lot of various persons podcast if you want something to listen that might help. https://beherenownetwork.com/ Because you want an effective start, Sadhguru have both youtube material and courses on his pages. 5 minutes practices, there are also possible to get an app with these practices. https://isha.sadhguru.org/uk/en/yoga-meditation/yoga-program-for-beginners/yoga-videos Youtube A course that cost, but really good introduction to yoga and more. https://www.innerengineering.com/
  7. @Blackhawk Hi! This is about how to keep people motivated to want write posts in topics, if we want to be able keep read posts from all kind of various members, that are interested to share and discuss. Please continue to contribute in every topic you want to, every voice is important. I want to be straight and tell you that, i have send reports on some of your posts. You are free to report me if you want. Your voice/perspective/point-of-view/opinion, are equal important as anyone's here in the forum? Therefor if you want your voice be equal important, how to balance your voice and give other members air/room/space for their voice as well, even if they not share same voice/perspective/point-of-view/opinion as you?
  8. @Vision Hi ❤️ Im born 1980 and lived as young with older generations that not got trapped into so much tv and tech addictions, recommend to zoom out and see how society have become collective. It's weird to see people i known for long time change because of tech and society pressure. Into a "narcissistic" behavior. Problem is, it is familiar and close behavior to drug addiction way of living or life crisis behavior and survival mode. Stress during long period that has going on for at least 25 years, slowly got worse, compared to a frog in cold water and slowly raising temperature towards boiling point. No one seems to recognize their fundamental change, UNTIL it often today become "out-burn" brain and then it become noticed and to late often. Zoom out and try see what people hides for you, because you can see your parents behind the scenes and see all limitations under a microscope. This is today so common that people have their best face then outside their home or nearby people. But all the dysfunctionaity and drama have become more of a normal thing if you want to look for narcissistic behavior. There are not that many that really are narcissistic if they feel safety and not in survival mode. Most people i meet when talk and help them feel safe so their stress level or crisis can be forgotten a while, starts to open up and often only need a safe zone to be able trust, maybe a little help to let emotions come out. Then when they go back to their normal state(stress and so), the hearth kind of closes and their act out of a sort of practical/logic/survival approach until next time we meet. But after a year or so i got more of my older friends to start listen to their own feelings and also able express emotions. Generations after generations have suppressed their emotions, help people feel and in the beginning it can be hurtful and therefor always be careful so it not are to much for who you talk with.
  9. Healthy Sexuality Vs. Healing Sexuality What is healthy sexuality? ⛑️??️❤️??
  10. @mandyjw Have read your post a while here and there, starts understand/grasp more and more, your style are @integral Hi Souls and relationships? (you probably already understand this) I was chocked see this first, but eventually when it start sink in, it helps a lot to zoom out, in all kind of relationships. I was searching and watched different sources, if this person not resonate for you, try other sources. This can also help. @28 cm unbuffed ❤️ Resentments? ??️? Let them go and ?❤️??
  11. I would consider when it comes to this girl, to take a serious look in the field of: Dissociative Identity Disorder
  12. @Spence94 Nice answers How do you feel when you hear the word: Balance? You maybe already are attractive and beautiful as you are now, in the eyes of others. ❤️ Can it be possible that, if you do personal development, find out more who you are and want to be, accept that your flaws/quality's are perfectly fine and will probably change with self-confidence, develop deeper relationships and dating will be something that comes natural and easy.
  13. @Spence94 I will turn this a little up side down for you Are your motivation dating, is that the reason to do your personal development?
  14. Spontaneous extension of former post Im serious and want to be understod when do post in this forum, there is possible develop skill in everything, also how to write, thru practice even for almost me as was finish 12-year in school, more or less as an uneducated person but as a experienced practical person = it gets better and less time consuming nowadays write, and to top that these post are not in my native language. Help others have helped me be in many ways, motivated to heal, break limitations and able start learn what needed to be holistic. Share personal perspectives, can also be a way to help others. @ShardMare This might be a video as a bridge that you appreciate. I was traumatized in early years, so was not able grasp the school of theory and be that fully academical educated that society nowadays often set on a unreachable piedestal. Mostly of my experience comes from in-person perspectives, that have been awful painful and gave tremendous suffering. ❤️ Now it is awesome and makes my life wonderful, from nowadays "180 degree" point of view or how to say it.. ❤️ Yes, some comes to the surface sometimes that not handled(trauma based), i get surprisingly glad nowadays, to get aware and be able do something about it, in my search to be free, step by step. When someone that lack the written word, and try write to someone, there are many well educated that can express better in words, in words that got most said logical or get most attention at least. So therefor try to compensate that somehow, i will use more of from my point of view, related videos, to enhance my written post. //
  15. @ShardMare Chakra blockages? Just an easy readable example, you got to both seek more about it and practice(if you dont already know this) https://chopra.com/articles/learn-about-your-seven-chakras-and-how-to-keep-them-in-balance Yep, works at least for me, my view what i as human being had belief was in concrete and really hard to accept until it was AHA- got it. Well being seems stem from: Clean water, NON processed and if possible organic food, meditation, exercise-movement body, yoga(India) and various activities that not makes life one-sided. Minimalism when it comes to news and particular our day-to-day toxic media, that even makes the most positive person unhappy easily. Of course there are much more to change personality, if you want to do it. Let go of resistance, to be able let go, of what you not want in life.
  16. Hi! @Spence94 @dflores321 Remembered that someone shared this site, with a lot of different online practices. Maybe somewhere to start small and if it works you can slowly expand. https://www.tripaneer.com/sr?sorting=price_asc&c=yoga
  17. This forum and members are amazing, nevertheless can become extreme advanced as well. There are so wide and big gap between where Leo started and where he is today. The material he puts out are life changing and can saving peoples life and of course also from wasting their life with distractions. This works as long it goes well, but, when someone today starts come in contact with Leo's videos and this beautiful forum. There are to easy want start with more advanced stuff that are newest, rather than starting build up from scratch and use some kind of overall map what are critical, where to start or blind spots. There should not be impossible to make a kind of work sheet or an system with basics for have a stable check list. Monthly checkups maybe or check points. Like the training apps, project monitoring. I dont know, i only want to try help. And to try describe more, will use this analogy from my experience train martial arts. When i started and had the first level(white) belt (noob, untrained body), i got supervised irl and trainer followed my development. Because we not was enough practitioners to have separate groups for every belt, we was able training with all levels of belts and advanced practices, there was some with life long experience and some of them was trainers for the group. After a while i started to be able move body, got muscles and do stuff without risk for breaking my neck and untrained body. Pretty fast the traineer saw that the newcomers had been understanding rules, learnt basics, showed empathy and was mental stable/humanized. Then when had become a part of the group, the training was with kind of intimacy and everybody watch each others back, checked for not get or was injured and overall well being. Even before my first level up of belt color, we trained both low level belt practices, but also quickly started also trained advanced practices of the highest belt levels. When practice with others irl, there are so much more easy to do it with safety and overall possibility for be able follow up the progress. All this works fine and natural with a healthy group dynamic, thriving together in unity. How can this forum with its advanced content, that now are mostly writing based, be developed so it match its slowly out grown complexity?
  18. @Harlen Kelly ?❤️
  19. What is dating in this case and two years, 6 month ago GF found out about your habit.. and how many days are you going to struggle with it? Are you two fully committed as a couple? What do you want in life and how about your girlfriend? Where are you going, are you two using each other as distractions? Life purpose? Security? Survival? Children? Age? History? Porn and religion? Generation? Parents? Ye, there are much too put on this list? Dating and girlfriend? How long dating before relationship? Definition of girlfriend 1: a female friend 2: a frequent or regular female companion in a romantic or sexual relationship https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/girlfriend Definition of dating service : a business that introduces people to each other so that they can decide if they want to date each other = online dating services https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/dating service ZOOM OUT and take the hard walk away, if too much that are behind this small issue in a big picture! ❤️?
  20. I have tried a lot of ways to use shower, as a tool for all kind of reasons. Wimhoff are also something i tried and will maybe use if necessary again. Everybody are different and also the reasons and situations. At the moment i follow mostly these advice from Sadhguru, that are pretty balanced, with some various change during some periods.
  21. Balance, all or nothing? 100% meat? 100% non-vegan? What is an cold shower? Body temperature minus what degree? How low degree are the water we talking about? How are you doing the cold shower?
  22. @fopylo Hi, welcome to the forum(march 7) ❤️ It is hard to grasp this sometimes, keep to ask questions but also remember that you have just started and stuff that are freaking weird sometimes, can suddenly get crystal clear with patient. How many videos have you watched, can the answer be in any of them you not have watched? Here are a bunch of videos that can be helpful to watch, before watch the newer videos. https://www.actualized.org/start An little reminder of your post, April 24 2021 //