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  1. Being in awareness leads you to the realization that you are not your thoughts, even the ones that say "I am the most consciouss" or "I am infnite", therefore being in awareness is more powerful. However, is important to know where you are. If you feel like thinking positvily works for you, do that and after it, you could observe those thoughts and the nature of them...
  2. Age is a factor in terms of maturity, but mostly because having more years= having more opportunities to experience "life". But it doesn't mean that you could find another 19 year old that is mature enough for you.
  3. Awareness doesn't have many faces or points of views. Is what is behind the experience and the points of view. In my personal experience, there are not different awareness since what I refer to awareness has no end, beginning, opinions, or points of views, or even a Self. Is something that is before concepts, before learning, before conception. So if you feel like you are aware of the silence then you are not in awareness itself. Might be wrong though, but that is how I experienced.
  4. Here is the Michael Jordan of climbing, consider to be the best of all time. He seems very green to me Competitive cimbling is a very green sport!
  5. I would recommend changing your focus on singing. You could really be a great teacher without the need of being the best or even good at it. A lot of boxing coaches never have boxed beyond amateur level, yet they could really take someone with innate talent to a higher level of boxing. I would pick a singing teacher who has a good understanding on many areas of singing development, than just a good singer. Remember that "not everyone can sing" is completely subjective and involve many factors such as: type of song, moment in the day, having warm up, etc. Kurt Cobain is not considered a great singer for some people. Yet for others he is a great singer! If you feel that you reached your peak in terms of singing, that's great. Life has many chapters, now may be the time to look at singing from another lens
  6. In my opinion, it mostly relies on how you express your opinion. Is not the same to say "THERE IS NO GOD" than saying "I DONT THINK GOD EXIST BECAUSE OF THIS..." The second statement shows an open mind willing to change or at least to consider changing. In the case of "feminism is important “or "we have to fight racism" in this forum you'll find more often people asking "WHY you hold those views" than not. If you show open mindedness and dont try to hold tight into your views, you won't come out as a troll regardless of the topic.
  7. Starts talking about animals and infants at 4:57. He talks kinda slow so I put it on 1.75 speed lol I like the distinction he makes between pre-egoic state and the post-egoic state. What do you guys think?
  8. Well I think the main reason is because he is an interesting character, and personally learning about him gives me a better understanding of how SD works, since it seems he had some regressions... Is fun!
  9. We gotta share that video with Joe Rogan, so he gets an idea of what a podcast with Leo would look like.
  10. Just focus on one habit, until you have a solid feeling around it. If you are struggling with finances, well find a habit that suits what you need. People tend to implement pointless habits sometimes... For me the key of implementing new habits is connecting them. Maybe you already have a solid meditation habit, well if you want to develop a reading habit, it would be best that you connect those two. say to yourself "Before/after meditating I will read some pages of my book". If you don't have any "positive" habits, well link them with "negative" habits, hell you can even link the habit of brushing your teeth with something else. The key is to not rush, or implement 30 habits in a row. Remember that your brain is always going to trick you
  11. Thank you, that's an amazing job!!!!
  12. I've met some really interesting people there, good friendships but not actual dates. That is because I'm from Argentina and the majority of people in the app are from the US.... So yeah it really depends on where you live, however you can actually configure the distance ratio. I honestly don't remember how to configure it because I deleted my profile. I felt like I was spending a lot of time there and I wasn't looking for anything in particular... Downloading the app made me realize that if I set the intention to look for a relationship I would limit myself, I would judge people by my desires and I probably would rush into a relationship just for the sake of being in company (probably would have a needy relationship). But that's because I've dated quite a bit. Nowadays I just let it unfold, and it’s working so far. Ps: your birthday is the next day after mine. How cool!!
  13. Heyy.. Here is a great dating app if you dont want superficial conversations. I acutally found a lot of interesting people there
  14. That's true! So for the individual that doesn't know about spiral dynamics it will totally depend on them. So “moving too quickly" won't make sense since they don't know where they are heading. However, from an outsider perspective you could tell when someone is moving too fast. For example, a very religious person gets cancer, so it looks everywhere to heal. It eventually does, but with an alternative method like "Joe Dispenza meditations" (green method). This person would have to question itself about various topics... remember that being a hardcore Christian is an identity. Healing from meditations would not only make it question about cancer but about the whole person's life. Now this individual has three options: Negate the fact that meditations heal, and we have the power to heal from the inside (stuck in blue) Move too quickly (from outsider perspective) to green values and views. If the person is not careful, it could be stuck on blue but with some perspectives of green. Take the time to reflect, question and understand about what happened. (taking time to assimilate is key) This is a very graphic example so you can see how it works in real life. So to answer your question: It could move quickly (from your point of view). You can tell when someone has moved quickly because it hasn't integrate the experience yet. Sorry for bad English lol.
  15. Hey! Don’t forget that spiral dynamics account for every area of your life. Therefore, it's possible to be very advance in some areas of your life, but in others you could be lower in the stages. Also the quicker you move, the more it would take to integrate the experience/knowledge, and you could easily fall in some traps. Of course, the time it takes would depend on the individual. In theory yes, but that would be stupid! it could backfire at you.
  16. Being part of an ideology not only gives you a sense of belonging. It gives you your identity. For example if you tell a Christian something basic like the earth has 7.5 billon years, you would not only question his views on earth, but the whole identity of that person. Actually a lot of Christians aren’t reactive, they would just say something like "well you have your believes and I have mine", others would smile or ignore you. It would take more than emotional mastery (although it would help), if you want to change the collective egos and eradicate ideologies, you would have to offer many tools so the people that question a little bit their ideology could find some help. Therefore, it's 90% about the individual and 10% about the tools. By tools, I mean Information, exercise, methods, showing the bigger picture, books, meditation, emotional mastery… Kids spend most of the time in school, so if we could provide some tools there it would be awesome. So yeah it could take easily 500 years. Hope it helps man!
  17. Only enlightened people can understand this one: .
  18. That's a great question! But you already know the answer You know already know how different a true insight feels from a neurotic insight. I think the reason why Leo is safe from this "place" where reality is deeply question, is only because those questions doesn't come from a neurotic perspective. Reality as it is, is not neurotic. If you see things as they are you wouldn't find a single thread of neurotiscm. Take it easy, find the root of your neurosis. Heal from within and walla! the issue just becomes non-issue. Hope it helps! Sorry for bad english!
  19. Don't forget about do nothing meditation... You let open the cage of the monkey. Meaning just let your mind think whatever it wants to, no filters. And at some point it would calm down by itself. The challenge of that meditation is not to move! Haha, I never thought of that, but it's true. Just don't get too used to the new language. Sorry for bad english
  20. I would recommend honesty with yourself.. Do you really want to have friends like that? Are they dragging you down?.... then be honest with your friends if you care about them. really comunicate your feelings and your truth, who knows maybe one of them will join you on your path. A good way to have the friends you want to, is to set the intention, of really looking for new people. Hey dude, this forum is full of potential friends haha. This quote might help you.. Sorry for bad english
  21. Here are the lyrics in case you wonder: A blue saturday fever and a sunday withour sadness. You avoid your heart and blow up your head, And in your voice, just a pale goodbye And the watch in your wrist stroke the three. The dream of a sun and a sea and a dangerous life Changing the bitter for honeyand the grey city for roses It does you good, as it does you wrong It makes you hate, as it makes you love and more. You changed of time and love, music and ideas You changed of sex and God, color and frontiers But in esscence, you won't change anything else And a sensual neglect will come and the end. And you take the tube to your head squeezing the teeth And you close your eyes and you see all the sea in spring Bang, bang, bang, dead leaves that fall, Always the same, those who can't go on will leave.
  22. Nice video dude! It sure has a lot of possitibity in it. I'm all for new tools for people that need them, keep the good work! sorry for bad english
  23. Really interesting! @FeikevA @cypres @Thewritersunion Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!