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  1. This is end for American top role in the history. Now it will turn into peripheral unimportant country, into something like Sweden.
  2. This is perfect example of why the very idea of good, progress, evolution, betterment of society is a wrong kind of direction in your spiritual life. Desire to better society is the source of many evil, deaths and suffering. I think the authentic spiritual orientation must be fighting society, not improving it. Perhaps people who wanted to better society - have invented covid. And if not people, then let's say reality has invented covid in order to better society. Then the very desire to improve society is wrong and lead to bad outcomes. Think about it, what good society does for person, society only brainwashes person. So I guess its here not for us to improve it but for us to oppose it. If you improve it - you are helping it to increase its brainwashing power. Re-think your big picture.
  3. I'd like to provide analogy, you are not quite seeing the reality in front of you as it is, your perception is kinda dusty, its blurred, there are 'layers of dust' on the surface of reality, and it blocks your consciousness. Its a metaphor but accurate one. What you need to do is to penetrate right through this dust and meet reality, consciousness must meet reality, it must bump into reality, into the 'wall' in front of you. Once it is done, once consciousness meets reality - it (consciousness) then immediately starts to awaken and it kinda withdraws from chasing reality, it becomes kinda 'disappointed' with its emptiness, its a good thing actually because it is a starting point for consciousness to reach awakening, to meet itself, its a point when consciousness becomes a player. Its a point when consciousness starts to open up. Its a point where you will feel very subtle kind of love that will present itself as self-sacrificial kind of love which desires to 'renounce'. Or maybe you won't even recognise it, doesn't matter. You don't need to fake it, you only need to meet reality so consciousness can bump into apophatic and empty nature of reality, into the wall which is in front of you. Right now you don't know reality is apophatic and empty coz its all blurred and dusty. And again this bump, this meeting is a starting point for consciousness to awaken, to recognise itself, to turn from sleeper into an active player. Hope you getting metaphors. There are 6 main gestalts through which consciousness is blocked from reaching out to itself: Fear, Hope, Expectation (Waiting), Depression, Despair, Joy (Cheer). They all interlinked. No need in doing anything about ego, no need in destroying yourself, in disappearing, no need in solving a 'problem', no need in solving suffering dilemmas, no need in chasing triumph of awakening, no need in do-nothing and passivity, no need in chasing bliss or even truth. In fact, these things is unlikely to take you to consciousness. This whole thing is not about destroying ego or not-destroying it. Its not about ego at all. Only penetrate through dust to see that this thing in front of you is empty and apophatic. Let consciousness to become disappointed with it, BUT this disappointment is a starting point for consciousness to find real gem - itself.