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  1. @Average Investor thank you so much for the info
  2. @Bittu is ilyas dolliazal will discover God in this limited form ? and what This ego will be in future (work)?
  3. @Danioover9000 Hello no time no see how are you doing !! you and the girl with you any updates on mediation, integration ??
  4. i'v notice that in my state of consciousness sometimes when i watch a video of non dual teacher and they kept speak about awareness, illusion ect i enter this state of presence like no thought in my head silence but when i see someone in that state i came back to thought and cycle over and over again and keep wondering is that's it why exactly that's happening ?
  5. @Leo Gura I just watched this and it's amazing 5-MeO-DMT Trip on Camera | Navigating the Experience With Symmetry
  6. thank you that's exactly what i need to realize God.
  7. @Leo Gura i'v never done any meditation , just some inquiry here and there and watched all of your vid , and never done any Psychedelic before , what if i try 5-MeO-DMT what will happen ? do you have any idea
  8. @Leo Gura Hi I just want to say as an ego thank you so much for the work you put in your channel and helping people who Looking for The Truth thank you and also thank you God.