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  1. @MaxV Nah, a glimpse maybe, seem more like orange to me. This kind of channels suffer from severe mental masturbation. Claim to be open minded yet struggle to leave their materialistic worldview. Experience is king, and these people got none.
  2. Cool noise, zero emmisions, litterally runs on air Just wait until the technology becomes practical.
  3. @Aquarius Yes, your poems are very weird, the execution is even weirder. Pretty sure you are an alien.
  4. both of these games end at where the character started, looping the game once again.
  5. Guy: Why do i suffer so much ? The guru:
  6. ∆Vietnam ∆Population: ≈97000000 people (high density population, concentrated in coasts and rivers, gets thinner further into mountainous areas) Over half people still lives in rural areas (roughly 60000000 people) ∆Spiral dynamics: Beige (<1%): hobos, tribal people, ect Purple(≈4%): various tribes, shamans, that crazy market lady that keep praying in the middle of the road near my house, ect Red(5%): thugs, drugs dealers, rural people, corupt cops, illegal wood cutters, poachers, ect Blue(55%): teachers, parents, students, old people, monks, soldiers, some politicians, football watchers, homophobes, nationalists ect Orange(30%): the youngsters, gamers, youtubers, pick-up artists, start ups, body builders, corporations, anti-communists, ect Green (4%): lgbtq+ supporters/people, vegans (not because they want to go to heaven like the buddhists do), some rich people, progressive socialist, ect Yellow, turquoise (<1%): barely emerging but there some notable figures like: Thich Nhat Anh, danny haiphong, some guys that commented on Leo's video, ect ∆Economic: many people have left poverty, are provided with nationally funded or simply donation housing, food, clothes, ect Many small bussinesses are starting and growing Possibility of corrupt corporatism in the future Relatively low paying jobs but products are cheap Religion: most religious people are buddhist, some are christians, barely any islamists. Atheism is on the rise. ∆Education: teachers utillize verbal abuse (most consider physical abuse to be necessary), discrimination against low performing students, punishment and reward, nationalistic view, segregation between good students and bad students, half-ass art classes (might as well remove them), teachers often have diverse beliefs, designed so you could score high and go into prestigous schools/colleges, high intensity studying despite of risking one's health, and other unpleasant things. ∆notable quote: "Don't ask what your country has done for you, ask what you have done for your country" "You have to do well in class so you can get a good job, get rich, buy a big house and car, get a wife start a family so you could take care of me when i'm old" -mom/dad "Stop being so selfish, don't you realize how much your parents have sacrifised so you could sit in this classroom ?" -classmate "If any of you want to learn, then please sit and be quiet, if you want to go out and play so your brain can get smaller and stupid, then please do, i won't judge." -chemistry teacher "I hope God will smite and punish those who do not repect the school's curiculum" -my doki doki literature teacher "It's our duty to uphold and accellerate the economic growth of this country, to promote science and education..." -misquote from our curent president P.s: it's lonely going on this journey all alone, would be great if any other brothers and sisters lurking in the shadow could reach out to me.
  7. The ending of "In at enternity's gate"
  8. I couldn't find the video
  9. Now that is a hot witch girlfriend.
  10. Lots of "reptilian elite masterminds" conspiracy theorists in the comment section
  11. @mmKay Jesus fucking christ you made me choke on my saliva laughing.
  12. This is the stuff.
  13. @MsNobody Because heronin and psychedelic are the same thing, right ? You take them then you halucinate all sort of weird things, right ?
  14. 12 years old me would have loved this video.
  15. @Evil Raccoon Here, take my gun and go kill all of those evil porn makers.
  16. @jimwell Thank you for your kind words I'm basically doing the same thing too
  17. @Carl-Richard OMG HE IS STRANGLING THE PUPPY !!111!!!!!1
  18. So much pain, so much pain, so much pain. It hurts, it hurts so fucking bad. Why should i trust anybody anymore, all of them, all of them are assholes. I tried my best, i showed you that i cared and all you showed me is your big, fat sense of entitlement. How many times do you have to tell me how stupid i am or how ugly my body looks ? How many more time are you going to deny my own way of living ? Honestly, i lost all of my fucking faith in humanity, i got enough of your your bullshit. Why do woman even exist ? What kind of karma is this ? God, why can't you just tell me what is this all about. You come then you go again, you were there now you are gone. Please, stay with me, don't leave me here all alone. I want to taste your Love again, please.
  19. This where i express all of my emotional outbreaks. I feel like simply playing them out in my mind is not enough. I have to release these thoughts no matter how ugly or contradicting they are toward my conscious world view. Expect verbal bashing toward myself, God and other people. The "mes" expressed in this thread are some of my fragmented personalities, they feel oppressed, angry and have a need to break out. You have been warned
  20. For me, my awakening to love really did the trick. It showed me how real love looks like, put simply, complete infinite self-acceptance. For boosting ordinary everyday self-esteem, i recommend checking out Teal Swan. It's likely that your present crippling thoughts came from your childhood/past experiences. Repect the progress, no matter how little, cry, write down your negative thoughts so you can have a better look at it. Realize that you are suffering, have empathy for youself, fall in love with yourself. Treat yourself like how you would want to be treated. Hug other people (if possible). Go outside and breath in fresh air (assuming that you can go outside and the air is fresh). Good luck on the journey, you are not alone