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  1. Interesting how most of us here agree it's a good thing in some way. I haven't tripped since a stay in Peru 2013, but my contemplation on COVID-19 recently had me in tears of gratitude. I had a thought that if Gaia had put out a call for help, then this is the answer to her prayer, or at least a reprieve. I was so happy for her. I only hope that the economic slow down finally hits the Amazon and the burning and logging becomes pointless and it stops. @RestWithinTheHeart If only the rest of the world would do what the Netherlands has done with this situation. I would be doing some major 'problem solving doses' a la Mr Fadiman to come up with ideas that will get us through this long haul and into a global society that lives as a proper cooperative with each other and the planet. Actually, that would be a cool thread. @Globalcollective Keep us in the loop with what comes through, even if you just end up in the Void. @Nahm Thanks for your suggestions. So far I'm rolling with the covid-19 situation. Just curious what others are perceiving.
  2. Just wondering if, during a trip, anyone has had predictive messages come through about this covid-19 situation, or other messages or realisations recently regarding it.
  3. One of the commenters at this link, Lloyd, said the following: "...I was immersed in an ocean of consciousnness where there were no boundaries yet I retained a point of consciousness. That is also called the “white light” and during that state there is no thought or time just being. I had this indescribable feeling that this was home and a deep compassion for all those who suffer in this world due to the “fallen” nature of the human race. When I began to have thoughts again I realized that in non-dual state there can be no separation between subject and object and while that might not sound like a big thing, I realized that there can be no question without an answer. So I began to pitch questions into “The Universal Mind” much like you might toss pebbles into a still pond watching the ripples of thought that would result. “Why is the world as it is?” “Why is there evil” “Why am I the way I am?” “What about my family?” etc. There were no limits to the questions and each was followed by flashes or visions of images that explained the answer to my question. I can tell you some of it was very revealing and not for the faint at heart because vioence and evil were shown as they are. I saw myself at the end of a great number of lives some good and others not. I saw the pain that I had directly related to transgressions of my own in other lives. I understood why the New Testament makes a big issue for forgiveness. Its the only way we can go on." I'm wondering if others have had this same experience of "pitching" questions to an all-knowing consciousness and getting definitive answers. Also, which substance were you on and what size dose (for you) did you do eg, heroic, average, micro?
  4. Thanks for all the answers everybody. Kind of what I was expecting but wanted clarification. Especially appreciate the detailed insights from @serotonininluv. Interesting that there was a "reluctant answer" and then only a hint. Was daily use of 5-meo at micro levels? That sounds insanely bold to be taking it at full dose every day!
  5. I've seen a couple of 5-meo trip reports on Youtube where the trippers claimed to have had specific questions answered during the trip. They didn't elaborate on what the questions and answers were, but one girl said it wasn't like Ayahuasca where you are told generic stuff like "we are all one". It was very specific and personal to her. Just wondering if anyone else here has had very specific questions, pertinent to their own lives and circumstance, which were answered during a 5-meo or AL-LAD trip, and how did the answer reveal itself? I'm particularly curious about the point in the trip where it came about, considering with 5-meo, the ego dissolves and you lose touch with being a distinct personality with a body and a life, etc.
  6. If we are all Source, and all infinite, then all possibilities exist within, and are available to, us. Hence, freewill is one of those 'possibilities' available to choose or not choose. You either choose to have it or you don't choose and let outer events and others make decisions for you. Even letting others make decisions is your choice, so in actuality, you have freewill every step of the way. Freewill is Source delighting in "surprising" itself.