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  1. Glad you made it to the party! The party where it's one dude pretending to be and actually believing that he is everyone at the party. The magician believing its own trick. Crazy right?
  2. Lol bro I know you're not telling me anything new. Reality can be whatever we make it to be. I said I had an awakening that was exactly the same as what Leo described. I literally "I'm god?" and experienced godhood. Pure bliss and love. For eternity. That got boring. Look at my post history and you will see that I understand this truth very well. This whole forum is just god talking to itself.
  3. I had a non-dual awakening before. Very similar to how Leo described his 5-meo awakenings. However, I got the sense that God does this all out of boredom and exploring itself because there's nothing else to do. There is no end. There never could be. So a lot of what that guy said rang pretty true to me. Sorry if this sounds bleak but yeah.
  4. I'd say the fact that we can die is pretty good. Imagine how much worse things would be if you didn't have an expiration date. The fact that things are pleasant or pleasurable to us is pretty great. The concept of pain being a valuable teacher. The experience that pain can also be pleasurable ?. It's dope that we are mostly unaware and forgetful. all of this depends on your perspective.
  5. Salvia divinorum depending on what state you live in. Plenty of teas and herbs as well. Blue lotus for example.
  6. Often times, the most bitter medicine is most beneficial.
  7. It really is a total mindfuck but what's even crazy is that you forget just ask quickly as you remember. It's like this is a network of infinite nodes. Zoom in to the network and you see more nodes. Zoom out and it's all one big node. Keep zooming and once again you're where you started. Here is a picture to help those visualize what I mean by node network.
  8. It's just so weird to think about from an ego perspective. It's like the magician falling for its own trick.
  9. True but human nature will also always be satisfying. It all depends on how you view things. Ultimately it just is, independent of any label.
  10. When I speak of God I am not necessarily speaking of a singular entity. I am no God myself if we are talking about traditional conceptions of what a god is. There are levels to this stuff. Ultimately we are nothing but consciousness and consciousness is nothingness. That is what I am referring to when I speak of god. It really doesn't matter what you call it (Source, energy, consciouness, god, etc.). My point is that this is all just self-talk and that it's kind of funny.
  11. But go onto almost any other platform and Actualized.org seems like pretty good.
  12. Lol, trust me I know that there are a lot of dummies on here. Of course there would be a greater amount of low consciousness individuals on the dating section; sexuality and dating is generally a lower consciousness phenomenon imo. Horny mf'ers can't think straight. It's all love tho.
  13. How does that relate to your title ?? I think that framing existence as a Rorschach Test could mean a lot of different things. What do you think it means?