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  1. @Serotoninluv haha, thnx man, that's kind of sweet. Wish you weren't so delusional but i guess that's none of my business.
  2. @Serotoninluv Well you can't make that stuff up that's why it's impressive. On the other hand i must admit, you went through all the trouble of making yourself disabled the way you are and it would be unfair to strip you of whatever benefits that brings, it's because reality is just that accepting that you find such a thing good and beneficial. Enjoy your benefits, the outside doesn't exist, it just a bad bad delusion, it's all in your head, go back to your castle now, oh wait everything is your castle in your case.
  3. @Serotoninluv When you act like this it's like a rotten body speaking through a single living hair piece, just awful man, holy shit. You utterly have no idea what ego death is no idea, or you did it for all the wrong possible reasons there are and failed and left that tiny piece alive making this even more awful.
  4. @Serotoninluv You look like nothing more than a ball of sadness who could not handle reality, and now are unable to function anymore. All those words of there is no I or infinity this or that, are not your own they represent the delusion and weakness inside you, thats how you people shield yourself from reality and utterly depend on that worldview. Absolute hell you're living there. Yuck, how can someone be so miserable or emit such awful intent from mere comments, never seen this.
  5. @Serotoninluv You guys are in a for a terribly painful awakening and i think you know it.
  6. @Serotoninluv Everything is subjective with you guys, even a snap of the comment section is somehow via professional delusion skills converted so something subjective, let alone the original post i wrote, you are truly incapable of acting objective because of your massive ego who can't assume another perspective or lock into another persons perspective because it's fat and more massive than a black hole.
  7. @Nahm Glad you do and hope you always feel like that, but still your denial is out of this world and yet you are out of topic as always and making this about me.
  8. @Nahm Because i don't wont to make you feel bad for no reason or any reason, i mean you're a person and all, and seeing you react like that gave me the impression. Now the second admiral of delusion has joined @Serotoninluv with his artistic dodging skills of reality.
  9. @Nahm You such a sad case and watching you cling to your weakness is making me feel bad. Why are you like this? These are just the first 3 comments from total awakening, and the same goes for any deep video he has, do you think they are agreeing?
  10. @Nahm Now you are making me feel bad, are you happy? Do you want people to feel pity for you so that you get your way? Or do you want to make things go your way by "confusing" them or other any delusional tactic? Is this how you want to live?
  11. @Nahm Dude, dude, dude, dude! If you want to make a comment with any value and connection to this topic use something more universal something that is more widely accepted than just your personal feelings, they truly have value for you and anyone who has experience what you have, but here we are talking with common sense not personal feelings, do you get it?
  12. @Nahm If you want to stay in denial that is totally your thing, but you don't have to declare your denial in every comment, we get it, you are way out of touch with common sense, i get the concept, if you want to keep doing that and repeating that then you are just wasting space and time for everyone who isn't in denial.
  13. @Nahm You just love avoiding the topic don't you? Or making this about me, just stay on the topic please, how hard can this be?
  14. @Nahm Wow the denial is unreal holy cow my man. Look this is what people call common sense, you just don't get it. Go on and look at youtube, even his followers are against his "highest" teachings let alone normal folk. There is nothing complex about this, it's common sense. You need to be sober and stay with normal people to understand common sense and how it works, something you clearly lack or are in a disturbed way pretending to lack.