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  1. Thanks so much for all the wisdom guys. Helped me process this in a healthy way. Also cheers Leo for the new video. Couldn't be more timely. This is the best answer i've gotton so far and i'll just go with this for now. Sounds like more fun anyway
  2. love this forum. What a community. Much wisdom. Great sages. Wow! But really thanks guys, helps me drop worrying about the whole thing and just get back to enjoying life
  3. I recommend going back and giving it another shot. It helps if you can build up to the 10 days. i've done a few retreats to them and been tempted to quit many a time but stay for 10 days and the rewards you get are unspeakable
  4. Lotta people asking about this Leo. Meditating like a monk and going after enlightenment is a life long commitment. Mastering yourself and a career to the point where you can serve other people and make the world a better place is a life long commitment. I think in this video you'd cover points like 1) materialism 2) contribution to others through really serving them through a career path like in your video creative contribution 3) is life about growing, being, or contribution 4) Making a meaingful life through career and contribution vs realising everything is meaningless and aligning yourself to that 5) Is meditation and enlightenment a higher path? 6) Can you even achieve high states of awareness well seeking power even if it's mostly based around contribution 7) Is there a middle way and would it be more about contribution or more about enligtenment And maybe talk about coaching since i train up other people to be coaching 1) Can personal development distract people from enlightenment 2) Are coaches serving people or distracting them from being 3) What about someone in a slump and depressied, giving them a compelling future, personal development stuff, motivation and getting them on the hampster wheel seems helpful here coz they are depressied because overwhelmed, not taking action and not compelling future. 4) working on marketing, building a busniuss to reach and serve a lot of people requires a lot of time spent on marketing etc - is that a bad or good move? But yeah you've been answering some comments about this but it'd be cool to get a more indepth anaylsis of Can you balance growing and being The value of just being, easier when no future your striving for Creative contribution vs awarenes should we ENCOURAGE people to strive towards there life purpose or discourage them so they can focus on being? that kind of thing
  5. and in seriousness i agree. Meditation provides a sense of perspective that i thinks important when you are making decisions on a global level.
  7. Pretty much every advanced spiritual teacher I have come across alludes to multiple lives. david deida mentioned it in passing saying i'm sure most of you don't feel incarnation, or reincarnation as something you could feel after you got sensative enough. When I went on a vipassina retrat gonka qouted the buddha saying that on the moment of enlightenment buddha could see all his previous lives chasing his tail etc... For years I thought they were all just a bit crazy. Then I thought about something else I didn't even used to know one could be more present, then I read a spiritual teaching about that and went wooooah you can be more present - all this self not being real stuff, everything being conscious and reinacarnation stuff is stupid though. Then I read a book about the self not being real and had some direct experiances myself and went woooooah the self could be a concept. ook that's really cool, i like the presence stuff and the self being a concept but this everything being conscious stuff is rediciouslous. Then I had some experiances where I went wooooah everything might be conscious it sure feels like it. then my mind jumped too - woah every step of the way I listened to spiritual teaches and had an experiance of deeping my awarenss and thought this is cool but I doubted the steps further ahead. When i was focused on presence, i doubted the self being made up When i was focusing on the self being made up i doubted everything being conscious When I had an experience of everything being conscious i doubted the multiple lives stuff. But what if I'm wrong and they are right. What if the spiritual teaches that new all the other stuff before me also new something i didn't in this area. THAT REALLY FREAKS ME OUT COZ i have a lot of anxiety now about doing sinful or bad karma actions and so on like greed and glutony etc as if it's no big deal. What if i'm signing a contract with the universe that's setting me up for a shitty next life. Or I am just going on my own trip and I should stop judging actions as good or bad because they're isn't some supernatural force giong around judging everyones every move. I actually don't know anymore. I feel quite devided and don't know what to make of this
  8. Any map of various stages as well as the pros and cons of using maps
  9. Pros, cons, how does it compare to other methods, Anything to add to a vipassana practice, and does it have any limitations. Is it ok to mix practices during a peroid of vipassana, like conscious breathing or should you just be with shallow breaths. I dunno, if you've done a vipassana retreat it'd be awesome to have your take on it, because I have a lot of respect for your opinion, you tend to see things like this quite clearer and in a wider context than many. How does vipassana compare to other schools would be quite interesting. Also vipassana goenkas way seems to be different from the traditional teaching
  10. Have peak experience of unity - ego creeps back in. How do we spot that ego creeping in. Maybe talking about equanimity with the enlightenment experiances coming and going and not clinging to them. Does practice change at all after an awakening experiance and how to process what just happened Maybe a little about how society, family and friends almost encourage people to come back away from extreme practice and tend to try pull you back into life too
  11. title says it all really
  12. we are going to die. Society is a way of hiding that. Like you said in contemplating your own death, it's a very motivating thing to do. Most people hide death and trivilise there lives. Let's look at those mechanisms for hiding it and various coping mechanisms and avoidance strategies
  13. Romantic infatuation and picking the negative patterns of your parents. Could it be bad to pick someone who feels deeply familiar and like home to you because actually your picking up the same dynamic you had with your parents and you'll soon go through the same pain. If you buy into any of that, would love to know your take
  14. any NLP tools you find useful - would love to know your take beyond just matcher, mismatcher, big picture details stuff Or the rapport matching and mirroring. I'd like to get in deeper like ways to use timeline therapy. You take on weather stories or hypnoic language patterns could be useful in coaching Or explaining stuff like the 6 step reframe Or pointing out some other deep tools like them that is hard to come across
  15. Love to know more about erikson's stages of psychosocial development or pergies stages of development and how that might mix in with spiral dynamics or maslow