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  1. Tbh seems like you're just here to hate. Why tho?
  2. Explain as best as you can what enlightenment means for you personally, and don't get inspirations from the other comments first. The point of this is to see how many different conceptual versions of enlightenment there are
  3. You could say every inanimate object is already enlightened. As for the minds of animals, you cannot communicate with them, it would be unfair to assume that out of the unimaginably large amount of animals that have lived, not one has gotten enlightened before, although this could be the case.
  4. What we're all looking for is an experience which cannot be explained, and which is driven further from us the more we theorise about it. Then why do we have a forum like this? Shouldn't it be purely for discussing *experiences* instead of ideas about what consciousness/awakening is or what it should be? I feel like most of the time this is just a bit of a circle jerk (I'm not innocent, I participate in this myself sometimes)
  5. I agree with this, although I will tell you, whether this is a projection of myself onto you or not, you're giving off very strong ego vibes.
  6. I think you don't get the point. You could literally justify genocide and torture with this. Do you think that's okay? Don't use spirituality for the goal of justifying yourself. I get your point, but it doesn't work.
  7. Has it happened before that someone enlightened had to go to a mental hospital? Are there any of such cases anyone knows of?
  8. Would someone truly enlightened be able to endure for example years of intense torture? Does someone like this already exist or has anyone like this ever existed?
  9. I hear this phrase often with some gurus. What do they mean by this? It seems like they mean we are literally enlightened, but wouldn't it make more sense for them to say that our higher self does exists, but we are not actually enlightened AKA we don't realise it?
  10. Your theorising does not negate their suffering. No matter how badly you try to justify yourself.
  11. @sir meowski Gurus, teachings and forums are not the end, they're the means to an end. You can't realise this without having been through the teachings, but *in theory* the truth is indeed that you don't need any of it.
  12. This is not about him, it's about you. Why are you trying to look at things from his perspective and apply your logic to it? You see him describing things therefore you assume he is ''not enlightened'' according to your paradigm. He is simply teaching you (which you cannot do if it weren't for words) . He's not asking for you to teach him.
  13. Lower back muscle discomfort (my lower back is quite weak) and overthinking posture thus overcorrecting it and making my body very tired very fast