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  1. @purerogue @outlandish @Danioover9000 thanks!
  2. @purerogue I still get it. Just like you said, less disruptive but still there. @Member Yes but never this bad. Pyschedelics seem to pushing me much deeper with as a consequence is making this issue much worse. I will try using trip music and see if that works. If not I may need to move out...
  3. Any disruptive noise in my environment sends an shock that feels like an injection of cortisol, adrenaline and anger through my body. Worst time was during a recent 25 mg DPT trip, an ambulance drove by and instantly my body was flooded with intense anxiety, stress, anger. I had to take a cold shower to calm myself down and even then it lingered for an hour. My heart felt like it had a bruise the rest of the day. My sensitivity to noises persists days after tripping and especially during deep contemplation. I now fear these "shocks" and it is causing me to resist. Ear plugs don't seem to be enough since I still can hear sharp noises. I have not tried trip music yet. I live with roommate in a city. Is this something I need to work through or will I need to take drastic noise reduction measures (like moving out of the city/not having roommates)? Please share any advise for how you've overcome issues like this.
  4. Being in nature for a long time can help with raising consciousness. Have a plan for bugs if you will be sitting still for long periods. I did a retreat in the Utah mountains which is supposed to be bug free. Within 10 minutes of meditating, every bug from 10 miles around had found me.
  5. I've been following for almost 4 years now. I consider myself blessed to have found this content. I used to suffer from suicidal depression/anxiety. On the brink of giving up, I discovered Leo's video on how to solve any problem using awareness (Awareness is Curative). Something very deep within me clicked. Something about the way Leo communicated this video inspired me that I could heal. That inspiration set me on my spiritual path. When I look back at what I was, compared to who I am now, it brings tears to my eyes because I am so grateful. My father is not as lucky as me. He suffers from mental illness and has his whole life. Thus far on my path I have been able to dissolve my fears through raising my consciousness. But watching my father suffer feels different. I can't make him do what he needs to do to heal. I've tried to get him on a meditation practice, but he's not having the same epiphany of inspiration that I had. It seems like I am the only one in my family that truly feels his pain because only I've been that low before. Has anyone struggled with a similar issue? How can I reconcile my father's pain? God bless.
  6. @Leo Gura I'm curious. What'd you do in between trips during your retreat? I'd imagine there'd be some ego backlash. How'd you control it enough so that it did not interfere with the next trip?
  7. @Leo Gura I know I asked you this in the other forum but it seems more relevant here. Was tolerance an issue? I find that even after two days in a row of psychedelics I grow a tolerance. One more question. I'm curious why you decided to use 5 meo on your retreat and not dpt. I saw your video about how powerful dpt was for you. What made you decide to use 5 meo and not dpt?
  8. @Leo Gura Thank you for everything. I'm curious about how tolerance affected your 30 day 5 meo retreat. I find that even after doing 5 meo (or any pschedelic) just two days in a row, that it is less potent on the second day. Could it be something that varies from person to person? Do you have to increase the dosage a lot each time? How were you able to keep increasing the dosage over 30 days and not take a dangerously large amount?