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  1. "You are God giving yourself a colonoscopy, you are God looking up your own asshole to see what's there"
  2. Lots of heavy stage blue, with orange as well:
  3. For me personally; I find the strength for the discipline comes from the fact that I am unwilling to accept the consequence of NOT doing it. I just can't face the fact that I was too week to 'get up and run'. IDK, maybe a pride thing. I'm sure it's a flaw, but I also somehow gain strength from knowing that most other lack this strength. Somehow makes me feel better. I now feel this is a flaw in me as it means in some way Im thinking I'm better then others who lack this. NOT who I want to be now tho. Another paradox......
  4. There is a part 1 too, but this one is better IMO:
  5. THIS ^^^^^^^ If you get to bed early, and KEEP doing it, you will adjust. This is at least how it was for me.
  6. @PepperBlossoms Hi, in regards to your OP; I will add my 2 cents. This is coming from my life experience. Most on here are of the younger age, I'm 54, so I have few years under my belt. This is a good question, where I see things currently; I tend to try and say NOTHING. In the past I was the guy who always said something. I feel this has not served me well in my life. I have many regrets about these situations. Now I consciously try and shut my mouth. This has been a point of emphasis for me recently. I actually tell myself sometimes ahead of time to STFU (shut the fuck up). My big mouth has gotten ruined many a relationship for me. Granted I have such a long way to go with this personal development, only been at it for a bit over one year. Namaste
  7. @Ryan R Beautiful! I will be bookmarking this post. Lots of helpful insights in your post. Thank you! Sorry I have nothing to add to the OP.
  8. @Leo Gura I really appreciate your well said input here, this helps me. Im finding this work very difficult at times too. Im going thru major ego backlash now. After a bit over a year of PD work, this is a set back, and a major test. The other day I wished I never discovered But I know this is the path I must take.
  9. I understand you are a fan of ART, possibly an artist yourself? Can we see some of your Art? How is your health these days? Can you show us your new house? Congrats on the upcoming milestone!
  10. @FlowerNote I feel this sometimes....
  11. I use OneNote. I really like it. Some of my categories: ME -travel -Music _goals -Aspirations -values -strengths -weaknesses Words of Wisdom -quotes -core principals -longer quotes Yoga journal Thoughts -journal entries Books Vocabulary Psychedelics Images
  12. Coming up on 1 year now. I was searching Google for info on Karma, one site had Leo's video on Karma. I watched it, was impressed with his style and passion. I decided to check him out further. Down the rabbit hole I went. A life changing channel/site for sure. BTW; I'm 54 and feel like I am starting to wake up a bit from my very selfish life so far.