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  1. I am still letting content land. I am reading a series of books atm. Today started off rough. My alarm didn't go off. I was late to work. I hit every light there. I got opened by a cute girl. I was annoyed with everything before taking a step back. I got opened. Nothing was that bad. I just made it home and took it easy tonight. I didn't workout. I took a rest day. Back tomorrow hard. I'm starting to fast soon. I did wim hoof breathing techniques, some meditating both guided and strict. I took a Epsom salt bath to help sleep and heal muscle repair plus DOMs. I did Leo's mantra techniques as suggested from the prior video. I feel like a crazy person doing it lol but I recall ufc thug rose doing that at weigh ins before shocking the world to win her title. There's definitely nothing wrong with mantras and prayer.
  2. Respectfully, I disagree. It's closed due to feelers and biases but I digress. It's a great time to point out, the inability to engage and react. It's better to be at the cause then the effect. I rather approach and get a rejection then no reaction. You can't agree to disagree. You can't help but respond to me. These are my thoughts on the matter and topic. Anybody else reading, it's a classic example of game, of being low in agreeableness, and reactivity. There's a stark contrast in following the beaten path, whatever the culture pushes, and people follow. Culture is malleable. Whatever way the wind blows, people follow. Its like pissing in the wind. It is dumb. I agree with @Leo Gura that there's definitely higher levels of being and consciousness. I agree with him that there's value to be had in learning. Moreover, there is a huge difference in approaching and presuming to know what it is without having any such experience. Even then, in many cases, people rant at him for his own perspective and experience with people who don't approach but want to vent their feels. Do you approach guys? SrS?
  3. +1 Statements over question/interview mode. Be bold. Life favors the bold. The biggest misunderstanding of pickup is that it's cheesy lines. You break the ice and rapport by any means necessary. Legal obviously. That's opening. Questionaire is anti seductive. Statements are bold. Even bolder is INSTRUCTIONS. Compliance being King. There's nothing more telling in game then compliance. A lack thereof of means next set. There's no ambivalence here. Hard to get or any shenanigans is met with approaching more. It is a numbers game. Every coach or mpua says it for a reason. A miniscule amount of people you will have any sort of relationship. Sexual or other. All you need to do is vet your match which is the point of approaching and sifting through volumes of people. It's unmistakable when acquiring high interest, Sexual advances, and genuine desire. It is important to learn and become aware of IOIs (indicators of interest) and or choosing signals. Approach. Allocate the Currency of your time to girls who want to be with you.
  4. Busy yourself. Exercise. A lot of supplements are useless, costly, and not ideal. Get organic food. Eat healthy. Read way of the superior man by David Deida. Periods of lulls, contemplation, fork in the road are part of life. Busy yourself. Map out the life you want. Check out the purpose course.
  5. +1 Nobody cares. Read 48 laws of power by Robert Green. Keep that stuff close to your vest. Say less. Not more. It's nobody's business furthermore, you are giving reasons to not promote you or recognize your talents. You are best off not doing so and handling your stuff. If you must disclose, do so at your own peril. If you have to, exercise discretion, and as a last resort. Your employer and or boss isn't a friend. Never get it twisted.
  6. You're being ridiculous. You are a man. You want to smash as is your biology. Act as such. If you had low testosterone, you still got 18x the amount of a woman. There's case studies of female bodybuilders on gear posting how horny they are. Many begin to somewhat understand the plight ?
  7. Hold on a sec. Are you saying, a woman who puts out isn't quality? Now that's rude and sexist. Define quality lol! You are wrong and should know better after all this time. I posted about a BJ and getting ghosted. This is the era of time I live in lulz! I approached a really cute girl during ban camp. I will let it land however it may. It was great. She is smitten! ? The logistics were garbage. If not for game, it wouldn't be possible. It's why it's monumental.
  8. Do you even paragraph? The change is in pickup. Genuine interest or next set! There's MRAs who have virtually accomplished nothing. Threads like pickup are closed here. Reddit subs are shutdown. There's a lot of things a failed marriage teaches as does the trail of money. The solution is next set. There's a ton of these situations none of which are popularized as is pushing student debt, career, and the beaten path. It clearly is fools gold. Relationships are not pointless. The beaten path is as is following whatever the culture normalizes. A pastor recently tried pushing Poly. It is manipulation as is "free love." nothing is free. There's always a price.
  9. +1 Agreed. Have boundaries.
  10. Minimalist living. Don't date crazy or get divorced. Don't outspend what you make. Follow Dave Ramsey. Some guys lose kids in divorce and are forced to be a wage slave in a shitty job, long hours, and no good. Be smart. Save. Life a minimalist lifestyle. When dating, keeping expenses down. I was out today and a woman was going on about "matrimonial house." ^^^ avoid said situation. No car payments. Don't run up visas. Bank money. Avoid over use of tapping cards or student debt which you can't declare bankruptcy on. If dating and someone wants to keep up with the Jones, dump fast!
  11. No. You follow the trail of money. Ie richest woman on planet via divorce. Netflix and chill is free. Maybe. Maybe not. It's apparent that the top percentile of man is getting most of the girls. The tears follow at say 34 when a reality check hits. Again people are free to do whatever. The idea of no consequence is ridiculous. The vast majority of the pickup threads are locked because feelers are in a knot rather than actually using reason and evidence. (eg if I approach more I will get laid more). The outrage follows because men and women don't necessarily exercise the same sexual strategy.
  12. This. +1 Which is why my pragmatic approach is blow me or blow me out. Genuine desire or #nextSet! If there's ever a point, you feel like you are having to be pushing the convo, drop set and approach more or merge sets. Mix sets. I've pawned girls off on betas. It's self amusing. I posted a vlog by better bachelor breaking down a woman, age 34 seeking white picket fence after a series of past indiscretions. To each their own. She's free to do whatever whenever the same way you are OP. A ruthless question that comes to mind, is she giving you her best? Is it genuine desire?
  13. That's not a argument. The premise being, a outlier separate from the norm. The blank slate argument cracks me up. Let's say.. . I don't know. 80% of divorce initiated by women. So, 20% don't have a divorce lulz so, I'll sign right up? Or how about I do more pickup! That 20% doesn't measure the happiness of the marriage, sex life or a number of things. Tim Cast posted a vblog that male happiness actually goes down lololol.
  14. Lmfao what lol I assure you, the girl in the video is crying.
  15. There's a lot of social engineering. Sleep around. Don't need no man. Fish bicycle rhetoric. Any male grievance is met with censorship or screams of misogyny. If you have a prerequisite or a preference for a demographic for dating, women are furious and male feminists are attacking too. Again, a inability to compete. Dudes will attack DiCaprio but if they could pull like him, they sure as hell would. I suspect my journey will come full circle at some point. It is one thing to be able to do pickup and yet choose marriage and monogamy. A lot of guys will virtue signal and sump attempting to front their moral superiority. In actuality, they are incapable. RSD Tyler is spot on. Guys think they can pickup and fight until they actually got to go do it lulz. Good luck to the girl in the video. A lot are being sold this crap as if there's no fallout or consequences. You can have it all is the biggest lie. BS! It's all a sacrifice. Not sacrificing is a sacrifice. I have made a sacrifice to learn game. It's a price most men never pay. The outcome measures are telling. The girls I get on with best are into tripping.