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  1. The interviews Leo did with Peter Ralston have been very eye-opening since I'm fairly new to enlightenment work. I highly recommend people check out the video series on Youtube! This particular video has really stuck out to me especially since I'm doing self-inquiry each day: "The Substance of Enlightenment" video has made me wonder if pure consciousness needs to be accessed in the unenlightened state in order to make progress in this work. Because the mind can only deal with form, how is it possible to focus on formlessness/pure consciousness? Or, is formlessness only accessed once we have detached our identity from all form?
  2. @Chew211 I love the idea and think it would benefit introverts/shy individuals. Even prior to what you mentioned, I need to get out more. I feel like I'm so extreme on the introverted end of the introvert/extrovert continuum that just getting out more would be huge. Then, of course taking action using baby steps.
  3. @TrynaBeTurquoise I agree. There really is nothing to lose, yet the ego thinks otherwise. It's hard to find out why we take rejection so seriously.
  4. Being able to approach the opposite sex seems like a fantasy to me and many other introverted, shy individuals. Although there is no way to escape actually approaching women to get results, I do wonder if there are ways to "prime" the mind prior to actually doing it. Of course, I don't mean that anyone can be comfortable approaching women without actually doing it many, many times. But, what would happen if throughout our days we do emotionally difficult activities- like take ice showers, do long strong determination sits, and other uncomfortable things? I'm not saying this is transferable to making it eventually easy to approach, but do you believe that this can slowly build momentum to continue to do more emotional difficult things, such as approach the opposite sex? Leo's "One Simple Rule to Acing Life" video comes to mind when I consider this as a possibility.
  5. @Nahm Great question. Probably something to ponder.
  6. @Nahm It's not that I need anyone else. I am approaching my mid-20's and I feel like exploring this area of relationships would be good for me, especially since this was not much of a part of my life. In fact, if I approached someone and they rejected me, that's just fine since I'm perfectly okay being single. But, at the same time, even though I don't mind at all that I'm single, it still seems like it would be painful to face rejection. I think it's more of an embarrassment than anything else.
  7. The thought of facing rejection keeps many people like me from approaching attractive people. If I think about it deeper, I often wonder what we are really afraid of. What makes it so hard approach people, and why do we fear the worst happening (rejection)? Typically, if we plan to approach someone our heart may beat fast and we may start to sweat from nervousness. This seems like a survival method that our body is using, but what is really in danger? The idea of ourself (ego)? Honestly, it seems like it would be completely harmless whether someone accepts OR rejects us, but there is still an intense fear.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I just think it's a matter of putting myself out in public more instead of being confined within the walls of my workplace and apartment. Some sort of group would probably work best.
  9. I have always been an introvert in that I prefer to be in my own space much of my day. This is the reason I have very little experience with women. I've been pretty shy in the past, but I believe that if I "got out" more I'd be fine around people. But that's the thing. I'm not into bars (I dislike drinking), and I don't like the idea of being online. I feel like these are the only opportunities in today's world to put yourself out there and experience relationships. Also, since doing enlightenment work, dating/relationships had been less of a priority for me, but I still very much crave sexual intimacy and think experiencing relationships is important. This issue sometimes makes me feel depressed, ashamed, and embarrassed about the lack of experience I have. There have been several instances where women reached out to me because they think I'm "cute" or "attractive," so I know I'm not completely repulsive to women. Is there any advice you'd have for an introvert who dislikes the bar scene? I also plan on continuing enlightenment work, but putting emphasis in the basic personal development area of dating is something I think I need to take seriously too.
  10. As long as you are being observant, you are doing meditation correctly. Meditation is all about being aware of the present moment without judgement or control. Even when you ask "Am I doing this meditation right?", you can be aware of the voice asking that question. Whatever comes into your awareness, whether it's a thought, sensation, or emotion, all you need to do is place your awareness on it and do nothing about it. No control is necessary. Also, there is no such thing as a "past thought." What you realize through meditation is that each thought is a phenomenon happening in the present moment, even if it feels like you are actually living in the past. What you will also realize through enough practice is that thoughts are outside of your control. All you need to do during meditation is let you mind go wherever it wants and ONLY watch, do not control. Lastly, I would make sure to do meditation every single day. Absolutely no days should be skipped. If you only have 10 minutes one day, then there you go.
  11. I think using a few weeks to take your spiritual growth to a new level is the complete opposite of a waste of time. In fact, I'm sold that raising awareness/consciousness is the greatest use of time there is! I really think this is a great opportunity for you to supercharge your spiritual growth, so I'd say go all in with the two hours each day. As far as techniques go, I'd go with whatever you find most enjoyable. Two hours each day may really push you, like it would for me as well. I personally enjoy the Letting Go/Do Nothing technique since I find it simple and the most enjoyable. The aim of all meditation is to raise awareness, so go with what sounds most enjoyable for you.
  12. @LfcCharlie4 Good to know. I'm only 24 years-old and just starting my career. Can't believe this lack of motivation came so soon, but I'm excited to see what's available through consciousness work.
  13. @rNOW I've lost interest in many things, not just career. Exercise no longer intrigued me, although I force myself to exercise at least three days/week. I love the idea of being conscious throughout all daily activities. After all, each moment is a meditative experience. Therefore, awareness can be applied during each moment in life.
  14. @LfcCharlie4 I do health and wellness coaching. I believe this field is incredibly beneficial to the world. Trusting that things will come full circle makes me feel better.
  15. The more I do self-inquiry and meditation, the more I realize I have used my efforts in my career to strengthen the ego. Instead of studying and enhancing my career skills to "better the world," I have used it to improve the idea of myself ("I am smarter than other people in my career", or "I am better than others"). It's completely backwards. The self-image itself is a fiction that is slowly being realized through this enlightenment work.