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  1. Last year, after watching that documentary and reading the book "Earthing" (Ober, Sinatra, Zucker), I got myself a mat for under my desk and one for on my bed as well. My first experience was with the one under my desk, where I noticed pretty clearly a more relaxed feeling / deeper breaths, shortly after putting my feet on it. I probably had the same (noticeable) experience for a couple more times, but after some point I didn't really notice it anymore. With the one on my bed it was quite similar: when I lied down on bed I would feel more relaxed and noticed deeper breaths as well. After a couple of times I didn't notice it anymore either. Another observation was that around that time, I was experimenting with keto diet, and I would consistently get a rash shortly after I entered ketosis. When I was using the mats, this rash would appear more quickly after entering ketosis. Not sure what to make of that. I haven't used the mats now for a year or so. I did try the mat under my desk a few times this year, just to check if I would get the same effect, but it didn't come back (even after not using it for months). I know ~6 people who have tried it as well: 2-3 didn't notice anything, 3-4 noticed something in the beginning, but after that no noticeable effect anymore, just like me. Though I guess even if it's not noticeable there can be some benefits, but personally I tried quite a lot of things last year regarding biohacking etc, and at some point I decided to cut down on the never ending search of all the latest 'hacks'/tools/optimizations etc, and simplify my habits to only keep the more fundamental ones that don't necessarily need the newest tools and gadgets. Would be interested to hear your experiences after you've been using it for a month or so
  2. For these topics the book Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg is very powerful
  3. I thought it might be interesting to make a booklist for novels that give a lively idea how it is to live in and/or be part of a certain culture. I'm not sure what a more accurate title would be, but besides novels I think memoirs/biographies could fit here as well, as long as it's from a personal perspective/experience, rather than a more "objective and dry" outsider view. I'll start off with these two: The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini -> Afghanistan (before and during the presence of the Taliban, dynamics between different groups of people within Afghanistan) Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts -> India