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  1. Hello, my question is who are the highest beings that are now or have been. What comes to mind are Jesus, Meher Baba, Mahavatar Babaji. anybody else ppl would say? thank you
  2. Hello people, I am having trust issues with myself and i think consequently with others. Part of the source of this seems to be that sometimes I do and say things from a place of not knowing whether what I’m saying is true. It seems trust must be related to honesty and truthfulness. Does anybody have experience in developing this trust and how can I do it? thank you
  3. Hello I am looking for examples of people who embody love - people that come up for me are Jesus, Leo, neem Karoli baba, matt Kahn , ram dass. does anybody know any other people who have embodied love deeply ? thank you
  4. What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of this work