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  1. Thank you for the detailed reply! One of the reasons I asked this forum in particular is because the people who browse here would most likely be the clientele I would be looking to work for. I was curious to see if the forum would think it's a solid idea before I started looking for clients. I am probably not allowed to advertise here so I won't look for actual clients on Actualized itself, but it would give me a bit of an idea of what "market" wants. As for other developers working in this niche, I haven't seen it. It could either mean it's an untapped market, or it's not desirable. I am not sure which it is yet. I am new to business, so I appreciate the great advice.
  2. Creating the site didn't take 6 months, learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Frameworks, JS Frameworks, PHP, node.js, etc... That takes a bit to really get down, and it will take longer to get advanced.
  3. Perhaps sometime in the future. You are right, I could give it a go and test the waters for a while, the redirect as necessary. I don't have to be locked-in to any specific niche if it doesn't work out.
  4. Thanks for the reply! The idea behind the idea is if I do websites for that demographic in specific, I could have more direct experience in working with a niche clientele. I could re-use a lot of code if I am building similar apps, create custom themes, and understand their problems and how to solve them better than a developer who works in a broader sense. I suppose it could be the case that it may be TOO narrow, but I figured a yoga teacher or a motivational YouTube could learn to make their own site, but may not want to invest the time.
  5. Hey there everyone, I've been having some difficulty trying to discover a niche for my freelancing / business. I mulled over some ideas and I think I may have a viable idea but I wanted to hear your thoughts. I've started teaching myself website development about 6 months ago. I still have a lot to learn but I recently felt comfortable enough to create my website and start doing some cheap / free projects. The site is fine enough, though still needs a decent amount of tweaks and fixes. However, the way it's currently being marketed is far too broad. I was thinking that after I finish the small project (and it's only my second project) I am currently on, I re-brand and re-structure the site to focus on creating websites specifically for people in the self-help field. It seems self-help is still a very lucrative market, and I should specifically target teachers, gurus, and others in the area. Do you think website development specifically for self-help focused clientele is a good idea? Any thoughts appreciated, and thank you for reading.
  6. Wow, an interesting turn of events for sure. If figuring out if I should drink coffee or not is this difficult, I don't have much faith for more complex subjects like enlightenment!
  7. @Scholar I am aware, I just though since a cup of green tea is such a small amount of caffeine compared to coffee, it really wouldn't affect me much. Although, I could just be self-sabotaging myself.
  8. I enjoy black coffee just as a drink. Would decaf be alright or should I just stick to green tea?
  9. @LoveandPurpose My current path is computer science, focusing on programming. It is fun and very interesting, but the field is oversaturated and is extremely hard to break into with a new app or website. I was talking to some senior devs that I know and they all work for companies that either give them little freedom or little freetime. I didn't want to work for a company because I wanted creative freedom but even being a freelance dev is extremely difficult and I don't really feel THAT much passion for it. I know for a fact my Zone of Genius is deep thinking, and my Life Purpose is to understand and experience Reality, and share my wisdom and knowledge with others. So, my intuition brought me to wanting to study philosophy. ?
  10. @Leo GuraI wanted to go into the Philosophy field as well to get a broad understanding of the nature of everything from the ancient philosophers' perspectives. I also wanted to write books and teach people in the future once I had a solid grasp on the subject, which lead me to think getting a graduate degree in the subject was a good idea. Is it possible to get the academic knowledge in philosophy, then apply in it my own life, trying to obtain the truth? I wanted to pursue the higher education this Fall but if it's really not a good idea, I may have to do more searching...