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  1. Chillingly Gorgeous...
  2. Hi all, In spite of all the self-help I consume. I am a lazy millennial. I have no clear passion. I am depressed about my future. I am scared of what others will think of me. I am a perfectionist. I am hurt easily. And sometimes I just hate myself and my life. (Fantastic CV Collection I Know) All advice in self help for my case boils down to taking action. It's clear that's what I need to do. However, most of the time I just can't fucking take action. I have tried for years and years to motivate myself, to stop watching YouTube, to beat myself over the head, to start my work, to start a YouTube Channel, to stick to working out and nothing works. This has been fucking aggravating and I have felt hopeless, crippled and shit so many times before. I have felt so depressed and apathetic. Eventually, I gave up that fucking weight and shackle of anxious laziness. When I gave up, counter-intuitively, I found my way through. Here's what I want to share with you. You are crippled. You are fucking crippled and unable to take action. Why are you crippled? - Because you are doing something you hate. - Because you have huge expectations of yourself. - You are a perfectionist. - You don't feel safe to fail. - Pressure from parents. - Pressure from teachers. - Pressure from boss. - Pressure from yourself. - Fear of unworthiness. - Fear of identity being challenged. - Not living on purpose. - Upset. - Overwhelmed. Notice how this list can keep going? There is always a reason why you are crippled. Especially in these days. There is so much easy comfort. Anything remotely challenging will drive you straight back to comfort. Therefore, accept you are crippled. You are crippled and hopeless. If you weren't you would have taken action already. But fear not, acknowledging you are crippled and hopeless is the start of moving forward. I want to change your perception on crippled and hopeless completely. So listen in bucko... Crippled and hopeless means you have a high action threshold. An action threshold is your ability to take action. The higher your threshold the more difficult action is. The lower your threshold to action. The easier action becomes. The problem is you could never control your threshold to action. Therefore, you have no control over taking action. Well... You can lower your threshold to action. When you lower your threshold to action, life becomes blissful. You will feel free from your shackles. Through this you can get so much shit done and live in a peaceful state of productivity. So how do you lower your threshold to action? Four Words Motherfucker... Patience Focus. Reduction. Mine. Patience: Give up on short term freak outs. Give it all up. Say fuck off to the short term scurry. Fail. Fail slowly. Slowly start life. Do everything slowly. Say fuck off to everything and find peace and joy gardening. TAKE YOUR FUCKING TIME YOU SPEEDSTER. Focus: Choose the key priority, usually the most difficult and scary thing you need to do. Say fuck off to everything else you need to, other deadlines, other pressures, just commit to that one fucking thing nice and gently. Commit to one focus and accept all penalties for not completing anything else. Reduction: Do a shit job of that thing. Do the action slowly. Do it poorly. Do it gently. Do it for a short amount of time. Either way make it stupid and slow. Also take as many breaks and free time as you want. Do a real imperfect shit rushed job and then go have fun. Mine: Continually chip away at that. Make it easy, prioritize fun, living life, peace, hanging out with friends. Make work secondary and chip away at it. Why this works... Patience: just be it you son of a bitch. Focus: you are crippled because you fear committing to a task. Commit to an important task and you are half way there. Reduction: this is a direct reduction of the task and therefore the action threshold. It makes taking action better then not taking action. Mine: Chipping away at something like this builds momentum and lowers the action threshold. Mindset needed for this work: Fuck everyone who is pressuring me. I can only do what I can do. I give up I am crippled and depressed. Anything I do is better then nothing. I am going to be patient and take heaps of free time and breaks. I am going to prioritize my happiness and free time over work. Hey. This was all rushed. If you want a more detailed explanation let me know. If not lets have a chat and share what works for you.
  3. @OmniYoga Hey Omni, I am not sure @JosephKnecht meant anything bad about RSD. This was their progression. I think we can all agree RSD are developing and doing authentic and great things.
  4. @AlphaAbundance Hey bro. Hope you are doing well. Check out Leo's meditation videos they are gems.
  5. Hey dude, I feel you. With a hundred percent confidence I can say you aren't being open minded enough. You aren't questioning enough. You are lacking awareness. You are displaying behavior of escapism. What are you trying to run away from? Confront that, confront that fear. Your depressive and dejected behavior is running on a false assumption, a false belief that has snuck into your experience. You don't even believe it can be that simple, that goes back to lack of open mindedness. While you confront your fears and false beliefs burn the candle at both ends. Engage with and expand what you love. Feel into your love. Don't do a single fucking thing unless you love it. Get back in touch with yourself by going fucking simple. You are crippled and paralyzed. You are pathetic. Have those expectations of yourself. Fuck everyone else, give up! Now go to the hardest thing in your life. Identify it. Begin that with a tiny step, make that step shit. You have nothing else to focus on and do. Take all expectations away from yourself. Give into yourself. Much love man, life is tough, and sometimes we are just lost. I hope you find your way <3
  6. @JustThinkingAloud Thanks for your reply and for sharing your story. I think you are right, this question is a personal one that not many people can advise me on. I think I am still getting used to leading myself and thinking critically.
  7. Hey Alpha, If you haven't already, do Leo's Life Purpose course it addresses a lot of these points. More importantly I think you said it yourself, these doubts really are self delusion. Enlightenment is being used as a key out of emotional difficulty. Your mind is tricking you out of discomfort which is natural for the ego mind. In reality, enlightenment requires heaps of hard work and emotional difficulty perhaps more so then these goals. Additionally, there is no later... There is literally only ever now. Now is the only time and thing that exists. So if you can't do it now, you will never be able to do it. If you can't put your feet to the fire now you will continue to 'bitch it'. My advice is to first do the LP course. But secondly, make sure you are meditating at least 20 minutes a day. You need to learn to master emotional difficulty which requires mindfulness and presence. Eventually you can feel neutral about emotional difficulty and working hard. Keep experiencing the sensation of hard work and pain. Be present with that and get used to it like a cold bath. You will learn to love it and become addicted to it. That is an incredibly rewarding experience. First become good at experiencing difficulty through engaging in high consciousness activities. Secondly, those difficult things become habits. Thirdly, …. Profit. My suggestion is to watch Leo's video on the one simple skill for acing life. That episode is gold. Good luck Alpha. Go get it.
  8. For all my life, I have always had a sense of entitlement to Life Purpose and Success. When I was young I read heaps of self help and personal development. My young unaware mind eventually ventured down the path of The Secret and Abraham Hicks. I became hooked on consuming that content because it allowed me to avoid emotional difficulty. However, because I was young, I had no clue that I still had to actually face emotional difficulty to get anywhere worth getting in life. I just assumed being a self help junkie and mentally masturbating was the key to happiness. I fell into a deep depression due to my lack of self awareness and overall weakness and laziness. Now I am in the process of clawing my way out into reality and every shred of happiness I feel grateful for because I don't deserve anything I have in my life. I have been given awesome life circumstances and amazing opportunities and I know it's my moral obligation to pull my bootstraps up and raise consciousness for others. I feel shameful how much I complain. So in the past few months outside of high school, reality is starting to hit home. I realized I am not entitled to anything. Although I was a successful leader in high school and I was always told I was going to be great this does not actually equate to anything in the real world. The real world is full of people who just want to live their lives who won't usually give anything to you. They don't owe you anything. They are not your teachers patting you on the head saying good boy. Additionally, in the real world there is a lot more fear and uncertainty in starting things. This has hit home harder when I see small YouTube channels who are unremarkable copycats doing nothing. This hits home harder when I realise half-assing life will not get you anywhere and is quite childish. I realise I need to be profoundly practical, effective and courageous which is painful and hard work. I need to reactivate deep courage and push through the emotional difficulty. I have so bloody much to work on and I realise the Life Purpose course was the absolute best thing for me. Leo really says it how it is and sometimes it is scary and hurts but I am so grateful this random man on the internet is fucking generously providing all this education. It's really inspiring for a young man to see that there are people out there who are actually giving. Who are genuine loving leaders who really care and are ethical. (I know I am kissing ass a bit but Idgaf) If Leo wasn't courageous we wouldn't be here and right now and I would probably be lost in low consciousness. Finally, I have a question in and amongst this reflection. Last year I was accepted into an 'exclusive' Business Leadership course at my university (What a disillusionment this was). However, I have realised that I could easily educate myself better. I could read a book a week really hone down and focus on what I need to learn and hustle hard. But the thing is I don't know if that's my laziness and inability to face emotional difficulty speaking or somewhere I need to be courageous and drop out. Just because the course is 'exclusive' doesn't mean shit but at the same time dropping out could be a strategic blunder. Also my parents who are mostly stage blue are very much against me dropping out and I live under their roof. I have been searching through the forum for Leo's answers on University/College. However, I couldn't find anything I could sink my teeth into. I also realise this has to be ultimately my decision and my judgement. I am putting this out there and seeing what comes back. Thank you in advance. I don't expect anything ( but I am hoping really hard here dawg)
  9. Hey there Flower, It seems as though you are ignoring something emotionally difficult in your life and you are suffering because of it. Here's my advice. First things first, you need to release, perhaps go for a long walk, call up a friend or just lie down and cathartically cry <3. You need to let go of that pressure inside you and practice a bit of self love. This is life and we all die sooner or later so nothing really matters in the end, you can let go of all that insurmountable stress and just choose to be present. Secondly, you need to deeply introspect and start looking within for your answers. Getting advice from this forum and your parents or a teacher is great but now you are being called to the hero's journey which requires your inner voice. The answers are within and you need to prove that to yourself by asking those deep and lacerating questions. Go back and watch Leo's questions video I think it will help Finally, going back to my very first line, you are experiencing an avoidance of emotional difficulty. There is most likely something in your life right now you are avoiding. Because you are a sensitive and attuned person you can feel your heart eating itself inside out. That is ultimately a good thing. Follow the scent of that pain and fear and it will lead you to a particular action you need to take. I want you to know everyone feels this way and it can feel crippling and almost impossible. However, this is your only obstacle in life. Just getting over this emotional difficulty learning to work through it. You still trust your mind too much so continue meditating and you will realise all this turmoil is really a big lie. Be the adult to your childish mind and push through doing what you need to do. If you can do that, if you are strong enough which 99% of people aren't you will do amazing things <3 Sending heaps of love and compassion. I hope you find your way. Start asking those questions.