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  1. Bitcoin is as far from being corrupt as seemingly possible. It's a system that is solely controlled by its users and represents a transparency the world hasn't seen yet. You want to see how much a certain company makes on certain products or services? Or how much politicians get for certains decision they make - not to mention from whom they got that bribe money. Same goes for governments and taxes. Everyone who wants to know where their money goes to will get to know that. It's also impossible to devalue Bitcoin's worth once it is globally adapted - as it happens with leading world currencies right now. By the way: War has ALWAYS started with a devaluation of a nation's money otherwise it wouldn't be possible to finance war expenditures.
  2. I am convinced Bitcoin will play a massive role in future economics and will change all our lifes to the better. Leo stated several times that no discussion about get rich quick scheme are welcomed on this forum but that shows he really has no idea what Bitcoin is and what impact it will have on the evolution of our society. I highly recommend the book "The Bitcoin Standard" by Saifedean Ammous - it's about 80% history of monetary system (from the very beginning of human economics to our modern so called "Fiat-Money-System") and 20% about what Bitcoin is and how it works. Not too technically and overall good to understand when you aren't that much educated in monetary systems. In my opinion Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology is something Leo has missed on his radar. He talks so much about higher stages of Spiral Dynamics, society and politic and is asbolutely missing the impact our broken (and corrupt) monetary system has an all that topics. Bitcoin is stage turqoise and is the very first invention of manking to stabilize a global financial system.
  3. Hi, I am from Germany and am persuing a similar direction. The conventinal academic way would be studying medicine or psychology and after that specializing into becoming a therapist. There is also alternative, none-academic career possibily called "Heilpraktiker" which is also more free and "new age / esotherical / alternative" than classical school medicine and psychotherapie.
  4. I've been interested in the use of psychedelics since I discovered Leo's YT channel in early 2017. Here is my story: My journey of Self-Actualizing began 2012-2013 with good progress in serveral areas of life. In 2017 a huge backlash due to the loss of a loved one happened and manifestated in symptomes of depression. Low motivation, food and porn addiction and some kind of pessimistic view towards life are since then lowering the quality of my life. Being a prudent man I always thought of myself not being "ready" to start with psychedilcs yet. There has always been an excuse e.g. - my thoughts are filled with negativity - I have a bad day/week/time right now - I am too obligated in my work - There would be better times in the future I realized there will always be an excuse - so it's pointless to always delay my plans on starting with psychedelics. Want do I want to get out of that experience? - cure my addictions, or at least better understand them - strength my motivation - overcome that trauma of losing a loved one - being open to what ever is waiting for me in the realm of psychedelics What have I done so far to face my problems? - talked to a lot of people - psychotherapie - reading books and consuming related content online - mindfulness practice Any advice from you on how and what substance to take would be highly appreciated.