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  1. @Inliytened1 thats true, i dont even know what normal is anymore.... Well ill be! just read into lucid dreaming! seems quite interesting haha, might give it a go
  2. @Inliytened1 Thanks! yeah as soon as im aware of it i change my course of action, its pretty powerful, i feel like ive got some new sort of power haha . However ive also noticed my awareness is shifting over into my sleep, im becoming aware that im dreaming and waking up like 3 times a night where i used to sleep right through which is annoying. is this normal?
  3. @Nickyy I guess there is just love left and no attachment or a need for anything?
  4. I’ll throw my 2 pennies in here. I’ve got a lot of experience with online dating, serious amounts (not bragging, was a sex addict which made me depressed in the end)... slept with many girls from tinder and bumble. It’s an easy way to meet girls, however Leo is right that it is superficial and looks are up there compared to normal bar pickup. However this doesn’t mean to say that you can’t punch higher than your belt with girls on online dating, if your bio comes across funny (funny gets fanny) and confident then this will throw you in much better stead than a good looking guy with a mundane bio. Also you need really strong text game. And this is just the start really… you can charm them all you want online but you need to meet up in person and execute, where you need similar skills to bar pickup.
  5. Something I’ve been pondering over, as my awareness grows through psychonaught/meditation practises I’m becoming a lot more aware of my ego and my mechanical nature. When I become aware of my mechanical nature and how my ego reacts its changes what outcome I take, isn’t this a form of free will or is this just the ego talking here?
  6. @Nahm Erhmmm around Mid day, i was quite well rested too! didnt sleep for over 24 hours though haha
  7. @reves your right, I’m definitely going too fast, I am trying to run before I can walk. i just thought as LSD can’t do much damage that I’d take it and get a real taste of non duality... I got what I asked for I guess 😂 @Mel B yeah I really didn’t account for the 5 MeO before taking it, school boy error. hmm I think your right it was my ego hanging on, but honestly there isn’t a distinction between ego death and physical death. They are the same thing. My ego finds this the scariest thing of all. @Leo Gura yeah I was definately a scaredy-cat. I’m over it now but again as there isn’t a distinction between the ego dying and physical death. That’s the major head fuck that my ego couldn’t grasp. hmmm I don’t know how much deeper I can go? I was reality for what seemed like an eternity at the time. I had no idea of what I was, no memory... nothing.. I was just everything... then the ego came back and spoiled the show. but much to learn I still have... hmmm I understand that life and death are duels and are the same thing... but imaginary? It seems to be the realist thing I’ve been through haha 😂
  8. Ok so I decided to take a moderately-large dose of LSD on the weekend. i had been experimenting with vaping 5 MeO and got a taste of non duality. i had only done 100ug of lsd before this and that hit me hard... I think I’m abit of a lightweight on psychedelics. i took the LSD and within 2 hours I couldn’t distinguish myself from my room... there was no letting go... it felt like my ego was dragged and torn away from my body...I don’t know if the 5 MeO experiments I had been doing days before amplified the effects of the LSD... those 3 hours felt like an eternity... I lost the concept of time it seemed infinite... I was everything... forever... it was mind blowing... after 3 hours my ego started to come back, I started to remember My name, that I had kids, that I had a job etc... I started to freak out, as there was no distinguishing for my ego whether the ego was dying or the body was dying... they seemed like exactly the same thing... even now I don’t know whether my body was dying or not... I was really cold and got insanely tired towards the end of the trip... felt like fighting for my life when my ego came back... don’t know if the body was dying or not... I felt like if I went to sleep I would of died at the end... but I gathered myself and got up... ive read that barely any people die whilst on LSD but shittttt... it sure felt like the body was dying I felt exhausted... no energy the trip wiped me out and my heart was pounding so hard it hurt... looking back on it, it was infinitely beautiful being reality... but it was also infinitely lonely and terrifying... think my psychedelic days are on hold for now until I fully integrate what I’ve been through. And when I do take them again, I’m only going to take very small doses...
  9. Hellllllloooo my fellow off-roaders 😉 Just wondering what you more experienced people preferred for enlightenment work? I plan on using both to make my mind up for myself but just wondered what you guys liked more and for what reason?!
  10. @nowimhere Thanks, i actually bought i pipe and lighter for this reason, just was a little skeptical as i know it hits you like a truck when you smoke it and doesnt last that long! That method is really appreciated as i didnt have a clue how to smoke it! If plugging isnt for me then ill definately try it! Did you find that you freaked out more on lower doses than a higher dose?
  11. @EdC thanks for the advise :)! There is an ebook of this! Think I’ll buy it and listen whilst driving to work. @outlandish Thanks, great advise! i think my heart beating so much was part of the freak out so I’ll stay aware of this and accept it
  12. @Leo Gura Thanks Leo, researching and practising the Sedona method! Think a lot of it is fear of death itself which I need to overcome. going to have a go at plugging this weekend.
  13. Thanks I may try this method as well as it seems pretty easy! Yeah, I’m kind of worried that I won’t let go again but I’m pretty determined nether the less!
  14. Won’t freebase sting quite a lot?? I could try dissolve it in hot water or olive oil I guess. I just didn’t think it would be effective as the freebase version isn’t water soluble. nether the less I’ll give it a go! Cheers Leo!
  15. Thanks Leo, I’ve been looking at converting it to a salt using citric acid then plugging it. Think I’ll try this starting at 15mg then work my way up! Cheers