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  1. I don't know, man. Usually it doesn't mean that others are a distraction to you, but that YOU are distracted, in your mind, somehow. I'm in a position where I can't really say because I don't have direct access to your mind and I'm not really a wise man myself. But it's possible that it's not exactly her. Maybe how YOU view HER. Also don't ignore the disorientation quality of the dream, maybe you're feeling played by her because she's not upfront with you, and you could tell her that? I truly don't know, this is all speculation. Don't drive yourself insane with speculations either
  2. A video on immatury and how it manisfests in all aspects of life (including especially the misinterpretations of wisdom that an immature mind makes)
  3. I guess dream interpretation is supposed to be bullshit, as all interpretations tend to be. That doesn’t mean dreams aren’t communicating something. To really get the communication of a dream you have to simply experience the dream. What the dream is communicating is exactly what happened in the dream, the entire gestalt of the experience. Only you can tell, really. But be mindful of misguided interpretations, as there can be literally infinite ones. I recommend the book “Mindful Dreaming” by David Gordon. Dreaming mindfully has nothing to do with interpreting dreams, but experiencing them mindfully, and when you experience them mindfully you just KNOW what they’re communicating, without the trap of wrong interpretations. I think if a bunch of people came here with their creative interpretations this thread would quickly turn into a cesspool Your dream seems to belong to the category of “the Calling”. It has some aspects of disorientation and distraction. Usually dreams of this category tend to be slightly nightmarish (with you choking the cat for example). The book goes into depth on such kinds of dreams. Notice I’m not interpreting, just observing your description. Dreams of “the Calling” usually show you some ego stuff to work on, which I call ACID-Jug. (Attachment, Control, Impatience, Distraction, Judgment) Which are like acid that corrodes your being, that’s why they tend to be nightmarish. And like I said, with the mouse running around in circles and the disorientation as the cat wobbles off or whatever, and the apparent confusion of the whole thing, it reeks of Distraction to me
  4. There’s porn hypnosis that are supposed to turn you gay too?? They keep showing like a bunch of pics of dicks and ask you to repeat that you crave cock HAHAHA There’s also ones that turn you straight if you’re gay but I saw a comment under one of those of a dude who said “I got so brainwashed with the gay ones I can’t be straight anymore” Honestly the human mind is so fucked up? And I have heard accounts of people who just NATURALLY changed from gay to straight or straight to gay... I don’t know man, just tell yourself the truth, don’t try to change. You’d be better off learning communicating with women than changing your sexuality open your heart chakra so you can balance that “brave and manly yet caring and gentle” duality that seems impossible to be integrated
  5. hahahah yeah right, gay people's lives are very convenient (sarcasm)
  6. “ism” is a suffix that comes from Ancient Greek which means “excrement of a bull”
  7. Nothing with -ism at the end is true?
  8. .
  9. I’m feeling my feelings for you
  10. I'm watching Leo's two part series on survival and on part one he points out the fact that even though reality is infinite, forms still must feast off other forms and there's competition over limited resources. Why must it be this way? What is the metaphysical explanation for such a setup?
  11. I’m not bitching about it. I’m just merely suggesting an alternative way things could be. Reality has put me in a position where I can question these weird stuff that happen At the end the answer just seems to be “suck it up, cuz that’s how it is.” It’s just a leeching off shitshow nightmare. Even psychologically and emotionally we leech off each other. But I can see the beauty and intelligence in this dynamic, though, if I try really really hard, or if I stop trying and embrace the fuck out of it (but in that case I’m not understanding it, just accepting that it is so)
  12. Wasn’t talking about infinite energy. Was talking about producing enough self-sustaining energy to live out my 70 years on without bothering other beings
  13. Why kill an animal and eat it? It just seems like stupid drama and unecessary pain. Why can't I just be here, live for 70 years like it is, but without needing to kill for food? Why couldn't we just naturally produce energy from within without having to leech off other beings. Well, I guess no matter how much you explain it, it won't make sense And also if I was living in the middle of the jungle I wouldn't have time to ask such questions
  14. Brilliant. Very very well said
  15. When I was little and my mum would take me to the doctor and the doctor would ask me to describe how I was feeling, I’d always think “it would be so much easier if I could just make him first-hand experience what I’m feeling right now... Much more efficient!” I just think it’s hilarious and cute that I was thinking these stuff as a kid? I actually did a post here about all these metaphysical questions I’d ask myself as a kid but that I just brushed off as not worthy of thinking about
  16. Should I maybe keep myself from doing it? Do you like getting compliments on how you look? Do you compliment people on their looks?
  17. Also I hope people understand that “going meta” doesn’t mean detach yourself from reality
  18. ??????????????????????????????????? You just made my fucking day
  19. I've realized that I have no face :'D I'm imagining it 24/7 Now, what to do with this realization? I don't know lol
  20. Go to minute 43 in this video where he answers the question: “How to understand God is love? Is it similar to loving a person?” What do you guys think of his answer?