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  1. I mean you can die a horrible torturous physical death but with the proper spiritual maturity you can take it like a good boy (and I guess even love it maybe) Now u can get into this neat looking little machine and be such a dense devil that even though the physical body seems from the outside to be dying peacefully you will be screaming inside lol So the advertisement for the machine should be “die peacefully with our machine (assuming you don’t have a dense ego)” — which is what most suicidal people have. But yeah I guess they won’t give the machine to people that just wanna die for whatever reason? Well, at the end of the day... Do whatever the goddamn fuck “you” want. That seems to be our oh so wise guiding principle nowadays?
  2. The one who commits suicide isn’t thinking about reuniting with infinite love. He’s thinking of NONEXISTENCE (which can’t happen) we’re here forever man, it sucks? Don’t you understand the seriousness of the situation? Lol
  3. Well ok they can have their damn machine, just don’t promise it to be painless more freedom = more fear imo from a limited ego’s perspective Yeah god is basically a psychopath
  4. "There is no pain, no choking, no feeling." I mean, that's assuming you are the physical body. I'd say it isn't how the physical body dies that dictates how peaceful death is going to be
  5. He then just said "oh man I'm so sorry I forgot..." In a monotone voice. Like... wtf? The party is tomorrow, should I even fucking go? Edit: the way I found out about the party was because this other friend of mine asked me if I was gonna go. Then I asked her "what party are you talking about?" And she was like "oooooh, they didn't add you in the group?" Then she asked our friend why I wasn't in the group, then that's when he sent me an audio recording of him saying "oh i forgot sorry..." So I guess if it wasn't for her he wouldn't even have remembered to add me? Am I taking this too personally? Should I just go and stop making a big deal out of it? But at the same time it's really fucked up, because I was always at his most recent parties, and we used to hang out together a lot back in the days.
  6. ...when clearly there's something wrong, for example: THEY ARE LITERALLY CRYING IN FRONT OF YOU
  7. Nah I don't think a sage would embrace/include the idea that the body produces awareness of experiences
  8. @Terell Kirby I don't mean I'm jealous of their material possessions. I just "hate" them because of how sticky they are to the ideology. I mean you can have material posessions and chase them without having a materialist ideology. The idea that the brain produces consciousness etc etc But I like all of you guyses replies! Thankye
  9. I'm a former materialist. So basically I'm hating my past self
  10. go 40 days without food and then eat again and you'll naturally feel grateful for the food. or experience a hellish bad trip and then come out the other end and you will feel grateful for the relief
  11. Because English is the language of materialism, so it makes fun of God calling him a dog
  12. No. Release control
  13. lol as you should. Go despite the fear tho
  14. @Vynce Nah dreams aren't crazy non-logical stuff. There's method to the madness. I've recommended this book to many people on this forum called "Mindful Dreaming" by David Gordon. Go take a look if you're interested. I'm making it a goal of mine to learn how to navigate dreams better and get insights from them. And working with dreams is also an interesting way to deconstruct the materialist paradigm.
  15. Because of a bout of depression. Will try to get back to exercising soon, though. Yeah it's definitely too much haha. I just did it once just to see if I could and don't plan on doing it again. I think it was an ego thing :'D