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  1. lol as you should. Go despite the fear tho
  2. @Vynce Nah dreams aren't crazy non-logical stuff. There's method to the madness. I've recommended this book to many people on this forum called "Mindful Dreaming" by David Gordon. Go take a look if you're interested. I'm making it a goal of mine to learn how to navigate dreams better and get insights from them. And working with dreams is also an interesting way to deconstruct the materialist paradigm.
  3. Because of a bout of depression. Will try to get back to exercising soon, though. Yeah it's definitely too much haha. I just did it once just to see if I could and don't plan on doing it again. I think it was an ego thing :'D
  4. I go to bed at 11pm. Wake up at 5am. Stay up until 5:30am. Then I go back to bed and wake up again at 7am. This is the wake-back-to-bed technique for lucid dreaming. I've never tried polyphasic sleep. I wonder if there's something to it.
  5. Nice! I used to love running, my record was 20km?
  6. @BenG He probably didn’t understand what he was talking about either?
  7. Yeah I recommend you get the book Mindful Dreaming by David Gordon and study about “the grammar of co-creation” that is mentioned somewhere in the first half of the book. It’s basically about how your attitudes and intentions literally transform the circumstances around you. It’s very very subtle though, requires lots of mindful attention and making sure that the intentions you set are aligned with high values. For example an attitude of egotistical control will turn the dream into a nightmare, so that would be something that wouldn’t work. The attitudes gotta be high value and in the flow of what’s currently happening. Extremely subtle stuff. Practice with nightly dreams Basically it’s about how The next frame of the unfolding of your life will take the form of or be tainted by the attitude/intention you are acting out of right now. If you’re conscious of what your intention is right now then I guess you can tweak it with your WILL
  8. @Leo Gura cool. Make a video on these states
  9. I had a dream where I saw my mom as being the incarnation of love Edit: (Not sure about the dad though? Probably the same thing)
  10. thanks I'd love to see you articulate Uncertainty/Mysteriousness/Not-knowing for us
  11. emotions attachment distraction pain fear impatience
  12. Ok, scientists have found these correlates. So what?
  13. LOL

    This forum in a nutshell?
  14. I use a humidifier and crank it all the way up. I set it up close to me so the mist goes directly in my face
  15. I'm deconstucting the fuck out of materialism with the book "Why Materialism is Baloney". Would you recommend me a good one that does the same with MORALISM?
  16. ... @Leo Gura ?? Or the chair doesn't mind because it's living its purpose: to be sat on? I guess Leo might the open-minded one to take this question seriously lol
  17. Then pretend that you’re drunk
  18. What about these? I don't need to keep up with stories I don't need to explain my personal insights to others I don't need to put others or myself up in pedestals I don't need to be afraid of the consequences of reporting my truth I don't have to laugh at others' jokes I don't have to agree with what I don't want to do I don't have to be understanding or compassionate I don't have to make conversation I don't have to entertain others or be entertained by others Fighting what IS is insanity. You can try. See how that works out for you
  19. I've been stopping myself everytime I compulsively open Google and go "How to..."
  20. metaphysics is so important :((( no one cares about it lol
  21. Returning with proof ?????