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  1. Okaay, let me explain... Hahaha I don't frequently drink, maybe once every 2 months or something like that. After i started letting go and focusing on meditation "harder"(during the pandemic), the day after i drink alcohol i feel that i am way more aware, not when i am drunk tho, it's easier to let go because i can feel things better, i feel more confident, higher energy, even colors seems a little brighter. Any ideias on why does this happen ? Because the effect should be the opposite kkkkkk. Maybe brain chemistry, or some part of the mind gets more turned off ? If you have an ideia please drop down below, maybe i can replicate the effects naturally . Don't even enjoy getting drunk anymore...
  2. @PureRogueQ Like, reprogram my mind with good toughts you mean ?
  3. One thing is recurrent on my experience is that when i am on a "higher" state, maybe by meditation or psychedelics i feel more, i feel myself, an others, and love expressing it - this is something that make lifes really colorfull, at least for me! Music, art and everything becomes more fun. So how to feel more ? hahahaha
  4. When my cat died i had the most sad i have had in many time, but it teached me about mortality and how things end, and that's not bad. It tought me about how i gave value to non sense BS, and beeing aware of it makes life more awesome... But with time this "death awareness" goes away, and life is "normal" again, i am giving value to not worth shit again hahahah, like fame and wanting more money than i really need, hahaha. So how to be aware of death on everyday life ?
  5. @martins name Thank you, man!! I started reading "wheels of life" you recomended on the other topic
  6. No, my practices at this time are breath work and lot's of shadow work/meditation. If you could recomend energy practices i would be really thankfull. Going to read those two threads And thank you again for your time
  7. @martins name Hey, man! The breathing part really worked for me... i suck at visualization, so i can't really see the sun. But i attained to get in that state by the breathing + Trying to "remember" what that kind of energy feels like... Maybe music can help in my case! And a couple days of seminal retention really helps with the "anger" part of it! THANK YOU, MAN!! the visualization should really work for people who can do it... Do you have any advice on visualization ? Definetely gonna read the book!! Rock on
  8. @martins name Thank you so much, man!! Gonna try Thank you for the explanation and for your time and love, man!
  9. @martins name Yeah! Exactly But it's not agressive to a bad extent, it' s like this "yeahh let's fucking do it, grrr" hahahah
  10. So, the last two years were really awesome to me - great evolution, shadow work everyday, haha! In this time i have been in touch with so many "types" of energy... And i can´t really explain it, hhahaha (some of those i can actualy...). There is this amazing energy that feels like the sun, there is female/male energy, etc... But there is this energy that feels like eletricity and rock and roll kkkkkkk, that's the only way i can explain it. And i really love being in touch with it, any ideias of what could it be ? HAHAHAHAH I have been in touch with the energy of love, gratitude, etc... but this one is the one that i most like, and i can't figure it out... hahahahah For the ones in the path of the occult - do you guys now any deities with that kind of energy ? Thank you, guys Sorry for my bad english, not my first language
  11. Hey guys, what's up ? Hope you are all fine So, from this point in my life i have done a lot of inner work AKA Shadow work, so i feel really good and confident about myself, but there are days that i feel that i am more energetic than others. It feels that the "vessel" is finally clean from all that bad energy that i used to carry,hahaha. But it' s empty, haha. So how to feel more energetic and raise vibration ?
  12. @Matt8800 Hey man! Thanks for this amazing topic, almost finished it! So, i have started my occult practices couple weeks ago, doing daily the LBRP and middle pilar ritual. But what i want are rituals or practices to gather energy, prana, chi, whatever... hahahaha. Any recomendation ? And i have really bad visualization skills, any regards on that ? Is visualization a skill ? Can you recomend me some good practice books, i am not really interested in theory, haha! Thank you so much man, much love s2
  13. Fuck books! HAHAHAHAHA, go do the work :), learning is great, but sometimes we are just burienhg ourselfs in knowledge, so we don´t do the practice. Sorry for my bad english brother