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  1. 2021 presidential election tactics for Bernie?
    2021 presidential election tactics for Bernie?
    I was thinking about Cialdini (that man looks amazing for his age) influence principles:
    Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking Consensus Why not make the sentence known under the americans: all emotionally intelligint citizens vote for Bernie. 
    Something along the lines of that sentence. A condition that is mostly obviously true, and a trait which people want to have: being emotionally intelligent, being wise etc. Make it a hype. A group where they want to catagorize themselves in.
    Genius alert: You can also run ads and target people based their spiral stage. 
    For stage blue people: bring order back into the system!
    For stage orange people: compete fairly with big businessess. 
    For stage green people: Not me. Us.
    I am convinced that Bernies team can do marketing smarter if they knew about spiral marketing. Unfortunately I can't reach them. 
    Set up teams of college kids and let them go to each high school in America to win voters (there are money 17/18/19 year olds who don't vote). How wise trump/biden voters are is a serious issue we need new ways to attract more voters for Bernie (I see downsides in Warren). Town Hall meetings and the same sort of marketing as Trump does is not enough. 
    We need more genius thinking and plans in order to make Bernie appealing.