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  1. I've been listening to Aaron Doughty lately. He has tons of videos. In this he gives three things that all enlightened people know. This may be new information to some of you.
  2. In the Ra Material (Law of One) it states that magic is using the subconscious consciously.
  3. Can you feel energy? I would tune into pure love/light if you can align yourself to that. That's the best way I've found at removing blockages.
  4. When I try self-inquiry, I usually ask questions and feel for a response. Sometimes I will have an epiphany. I ask rhetorical questions like "who am I?" that don't really have an answer. Though I do wonder about myself in certain regards and ask specific questions. But I haven't gotten a response yet.
  5. Thank you for posting this. I felt such love for Sadhguru through this video, especially at the beginning before he spoke. I had never heard him speak before. I just found out about him recently, but hadn't looked into him.
  6. I just imagined hugging a real anthro and it gave me great joy and goosebumps. Is this attachment that can bring enlightenment for me? Or is it about not having an attachment to anything? Must I give up anthros and everything to become enlightened? Well, I kind of understand there is no I at all, but I don't understand why they bring me such great joy. I guess if I was transported to a world with them in it, eventually I may grow bored of it. I don't know. I've loved them seriously to tears. And I don't know if wanting to be one is out of ego.
  7. My Kundalini awakening has reached a new point. I am not trying now to release any more blockages. There is a vibration, possibly pure love/light that feels like a strong signal that I have “locked onto” now that I notice it. It pulls me in and gets a little stronger so I feel it with more of my body. I had the most profound meditation just now that I’ve ever had. I even started to trip a little, without psychedelics. I heard a hum resonating in both ears. It’s not the typical ringing, but a low-pitched pleasant hum that came for a few minutes. It sounded like the entry into a DMT trip. I haven’t opened up yet to the point where I can ask cosmic intelligence questions and get answers. But I finally don’t have to search anymore. I have found something to lock onto. Eventually I may let it go as I progress higher, so that I won’t have an attachment. But this feels natural for my current state. It answers clear about what I need to be focused on.
  8. If nn-DMT is the smokable DMT, I didn't experience love on that. Even drank in pharmahuasca I didn't experience love. It was bizarre, though I tried not to give into astonishment.
  9. I'm just starting to be able to maintain the feeling of being "there" without getting knocked out. Again it only lasts a few seconds, but I am consious the whole time. It feels amazing. My ego hasn't dissolved though, but I feel connected and euphoric. It's a thick bliss that's like swimming in it, but it's not overly profound. It's just amazing.
  10. It has happened for me naturally after 10-20 years of energy work and releasing blockages. The bliss in my body is euphoric. Sometimes there are pains as the Kundalini hits a blockage. No, I am not spiritually pure. I still think lustful. I still masturbate. I still eat meat. I may use DPT to gauge where I am at, but not as a crutch. I am not doing Kundalini Yoga. More like Bhakti Yoga, or the path of love. Is this a path towards enlightenment, doing what we love? I am not that good at meditation. The nonduality knocks me out like 30 times in a month. At least I think it's nonduality. I can't go into that state with my same awareness. Who else here is experiencing a Kundalini awakening? What are your experiences, and how can I allow the bliss without worrying that I will be overwhelmed by the bliss?
  11. I just intend it. When I want something, it's usually a shift in awareness. We shift ourselves to another reality/experience where what we need is already existing. Bashar talks a lot about parallel realities. Put it out there, and the Universe will respond.
  12. I've read that in certain species, the pineal gland (third eye) has actual rods and cones. It is in complete darkness, but when activated it actually "sees" other frequencies/dimensions.
  13. When I'm meditating, there will be a point where there's an increase in energy, and it knocks me out. On the other side it feels like I'm beside myself and not myself. There is a connection to other things that I can feel. It is euphoric. But I only stay in that state for a few seconds before I snap out of it. In that state, I am hypersensitive even to my dog's fur brushing up against me which can make me nearly jump. Is this a state of nonduality? I don't remember much when I come back from it, but it feels like home. I notice I have no thoughts of my own in that state. I am just observing.
  14. I ordered some DPT. Would it be effective to do this before doing 5meo? Yes, I've been in the flow, and I've been in love such that it made me cry and I felt expansive bliss out of my crown chakra.
  15. @Serotoninluv I did DMT and Ayahuasca about 15-20 times in the past. I smoked the DMT and drank the Ayahuasca. Never experienced nonduality I don't think. It didn't feel like love. It was bizarre and I was trying not to give into astonishment. I did go into hyperspace though, but I still didn't feel oneness or anything. I even took THH sublingually before smoking the DMT to amplify its effects, and still didn't have a nondual experience. Though it was powerful.